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"There's a woman with him in the vault."
"Never mind about that trollop!"
"Sir, I believe that's your wife.
―A soldier, Mayor Dix, and Krill[src]

Krill was a bank manager who lived on the island of Saint Martin during the early 1750s.


During the opening of the Royal Bank of Saint Martin, he sat next to Mayor Dix. He was the one who later unlocked the vault inside the bank. However, the notorious pirate Jack Sparrow was sleeping in the vault. Krill ran to stand behind Dix upon seeing the pirate. A group of Royal Marines arrived to shoot the pirate, but stopped when they saw that there was a woman in the vault with him. Mayor Dix ordered them to shoot anyway, but Krill informed him that it was the Mayor's wife, Frances. The woman quickly ran off.[1]

Later on, Dix, Krill and a group of Marines found Jack in a street outside a bar, and promptly arrested him. Krill sat near Dix, Frances and Scarfield during the execution of Jack Sparrow and Carina Smyth.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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