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LaSchafe was a Jumbee who commanded the Queen Anne's Revenge during the War of Jolly Roger.


Nothing is known about LaSchafe's early life. It is known, however, that he was turned into a jumbee by Blackbeard. He served on the Queen Anne's Revenge as a First Mate.

Soon, Blackbeard would put LaSchafe in charge of the Queen Anne's Revenge. But, during the War of Jolly Roger, the undead pirate Jolly Roger managed to take control of LaSchafe and his soulless crew.[1] Controled by Jolly Roger's voodoo powers, and always thirsty for battle and fresh victims, LaSchafe and his men started to attack pirate ships in the Caribbean.

For many months, the Queen Anne's Revenge sailed around wild islands like Isla Cangrejos, Isla Perdida, and Isla Tormenta, attacking ships of the Brethren Court.[2] But, through unknown circumstances, Blackbeard eventually managed to retake the Revenge from Jolly Roger. His further fate is unknown.

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Female LaSchafe

  • During the Ship Customization update of POTCO, a glitch of female LaSchafe appeared.


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