Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"It's Lakshmi. My name is Lakshmi."
―Lakshmi to Jean Magliore[src]

Lakshmi was a guard at Sri Sumbhajee's palace during the Quest for the Shadow Gold.


"Will you marry me?"
"All right.
Jean Magliore and Lakshmi[src]

Lakshmi was taken by Sri Sumbhajee and brought to his palace on Suvarnadurg when she was young. She was trained to use a urumi and as she later said it took a lot of practice to use. She was the guard of Jack Sparrow and Jean Magliore when they were visting Sri Sumbhajee's palace for Shadow Gold. Jack and Jean didn't know she was a girl when she was with them. Jean asked for her name but she did not answer. Then Jack drew his sword and tried to attack her but she whipped out the urumi and lashed Jack's sword out of his hand sending in flying directly over Jean's head. Then Jack dived on her and pinned her to the ground. He realized the urumi doesn't work very well at close range. He threw her on top of Jean and she got tangled up. When they were free Jean noticed he had torn off her mask revealing her face. Jack and Jean were stunned but when she tried to put the mask back on Jean grabbed it away. She kicked him in the shins and he fell to the ground. Jack tried to talk with her but she refused to speak with him.

After Jean convinced her to tell him her name she took them down to the feast Sri Sumbhajee's cooks have made for them. Later that day after the food was taken away because it could be poisoned, Jean was very hungry so Lakshmi brought him some food from her cousin who was the head cook. After tasting the food Jean closed his eyes and asked her to marry him. She said yes but not until her debt to Sri Sumbhajee is repaid. He blinked and she laughed at him and he admitted that of course he would marry her. Then he asked her about the debt she has to Sri Sumbhajee and she told him that she can only leave after two big battles she fights in but she hasn't done any yet because Sri Sumbhajee just likes to have a fighter girl. Later Jean said goodbye to Lakshmi after the battle with the East India Trading Company and sailed off on the Black Pearl.


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