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Lawrence Norrington


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James Norrington (son)
Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III (nephew)



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Lawrence Norrington's ship


Attack on the Misty Lady


British Royal Navy

Behind the scenes
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Sins of the Father

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Sins of the Father


"Lawrence Norrington, commanding admiral of this fleet, I presume?"
"Well, well, it would appear even a dim-witted scoundrel like you is capable of being correct on occasion.
Edward Teague and Lawrence Norrington[src]

Lawrence Norrington was the father of James Norrington and an admiral in the British Royal Navy.


"You need to be brave, son. There are men out there who are savages, and they want to destroy your entire way of life. They are uncivilized, heathen, thieving, filthy pirates, and when I have gone to a final rest, it is you who will carry on the banner of civility and order, and help the Crown and our allies in the East India Trading Company eradicate their slime from the Seven Seas."
―Lawrence Norrington to James Norrington[src]

While on a mission to pursue Captain Edward Teague, with some help from his nephew Fitzwilliam, Lawrence Norrington took his young son James with him to help foster his development of a hatred of pirates. In the midst of a chaotic battle occurring when Teague's crew came to his and Jack Sparrow's rescue, James was knocked into the sea and rescued by Teague. Lawrence, as grateful as he was, was humiliated that his son was rescued by a pirate. He said he would rather James Norrington, his own son, die than be rescued by a pirate. This event would affect James for the rest of his life.



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