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Leborio Drago was a pirate who served in Nathaniel Hawk's crew during the 1630s.


Leborio was born in Africa in the early 1600s. At one point, he was kidnapped from his village on the western coast of Africa, and transported to Greenford, a colony located on the island of Oxbay. Leborio was bought by the owners of the local mines, who occasionally forced Leborio to pilot one of their convoy ships under supervision. At one point on his search for the clay tablets that lead to the island of Khael Roa, Nathaniel was ambushed by slave drivers in Oxbay Canyon. When he awoke in the mines, he found that he was made a slave as well. Leborio helped him and the other slaves (a mixture of black Africans and English convicts) escape the mines and make a break to the lighthouse cliff, where Nathaniel's ship was waiting. Nathaniel then took Leborio on as his helmsman because of his past experience.


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