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"The power of the idol is flowing into me! I feel invincible!"

Legend of the Aztec Idol! is a comic short story published in the Winter 2004 Disney Adventures, set in the Pirates of the Caribbean world and published under the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl title.


Bo'sun, Ragetti, Pintel, and Koehler are in an Aztec temple in Mexico searching for a magical idol. Little do they know that Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner are also there, searching for the same idol. The pirates beat Will and Elizabeth to the idol, so they spring into action. Elizabeth goes after the idol while Will distracts the pirates. Unfortunately, Elizabeth gets caught by Ragetti and Pintel.

Ragetti tries to grab the idol, only to discover the idol is booby trapped. Any one who tries to grab it has their hand crushed. Will manages to figure out how the trap works and a way around it. Bo'sun grabs the idol and its power begins to work on him.

Just then, Jack Sparrow swings in and knocks over Bo'sun, who drops the idol. Jack catches the idol; Will and Elizabeth take advantage of the distraction to escape from their captors. They run, chased by the cursed pirates, until they find themselves surrounded by a canal. Luckily, a nearby wooden sculpture makes a fine boat. Unfortunately, there are two sculptures, so their chasers do the same. Eventually, they escape from the cursed pirates.

Jack, Will, and Elizabeth hurry onto the Black Pearl. The cursed pirates give chase in their own ship, but the Black Pearl damages their ship enough that it can't sail any more. When asked what he intends to do with the idol, Jack says that he'll melt it down into gold and spend it in as many different towns as possible.




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