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Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren Court: The Turning Tide is the third in a series of novels for children.

Publishers Summary[]

Before the Black Pearl was cursed, there was a young captain named Jack Sparrow

An army of shadows has been amassed. This Shadow Army has one goal: to find and kill all the Pirate Lords who rule over the Seven Seas. But the soothsayer Tia Dalma has other plans for the Lords and cannot allow them to be destroyed. With few options at her disposal, she calls upon the one man who can turn the tide—Captain Jack Sparrow.

While searching for the elusive Shadow Gold, Jack finds himself an unwilling guest of the Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean, Sri Sumbhajee. But all is not right in the house of Sumbhajee. The family dynamic is odd, to say the least. To make matters worse, it seems someone is trying to poison Sumbhajee, and Jack's crew is caught up in the mystery. And if that weren't bad enough, the East India Trading Company is preparing to storm Sri's fortress...and kill every pirate inside.


The third book begins on the HMS Peacock and is noted it is the only ship with no pests but it noted it is not desirable ship to be on because of the strict Captain Benedict Huntington's iron fist, whips, pointed boots, and not a drop of rum. Huntington is talking to a East India Trading Company Agent about the location of Sri Sumbhajee who he knows Jack Sparrow is looking for, but he gets angry when the agent proves useless and throws the man overboard, the first mate rushes up to his captain but backs away quickly when he sees his captain is in a rage and the crew sees that too and quickens their pace. Huntington then feels his magical mirror beginning to get hot telling him his wife is contacting him (the couple has a pair of these to contact each other magically). After checking no one is near him he takes out the mirror and instead of his reflection he sees his beautiful wife in the mirror as she sees him through her mirror. They talk for a short time before Benedict finally guesses she's on the Black Pearl.

Meanwhile Jack Sparrow is with some of his crew including Barbossa, Carolina, Billy Turner, and Marcella looking over charts of India and determining the Pirate Lord Sri Sumbhajee's stronghold location to find the Fourth vial of Shadow Gold (the other ones Jack has already drank to cure his Shadow Sickness) when Catastrophe Shane falls in the cabin asking for some salt pork, Marcella mysteriously volunteers though she gets her cousin Jean to bring up the barrel of pork after she tells Barbara Huntington to hide as they are now friends (though Marcella is clueless of the womans' true identity), and Marcella gets the rum for Jack but Jean hears Barbara in the dark corner of the hold and asks Marcella why she helped a stowaway aboard and a argument ensues until Marcella threatens to tell Jean's mysterious secret to Jack in which Jean is forced to promise to keep quiet. Later Carolina and her close "friend" Diego de Leon are teasing and talking with each other when Jean (who is on the topmast) sights Sumbhajees' ship the Otter at which Jack seems happy until a moment later when he rushes into his cabin looking for something. When the Otter fires at them until Jean waves a white flag of parlay in which the ships stop close together and the crew of the Pearl begins to talk to Sumbhajee through his aides Askay and Pusasn at which point Jack emerges from a his cabin with a fist-sized ruby he had stolen a couple of years ago from Sumbhajee which gains the Black Pearl access to Sumbhajees' island fortress Suvarnadurg which was protected by illusionary rocks, colossal walls all the way around the island, and the curtain of moss hiding the entrance to the great fortress.

When they dock in the palace the crew is amazed by the beautiful palaces, gardens, and small jungles of the island (except Jack who insists all a pirate needs is his ship). There is a brief struggle for the ruby when Sumbhajee tries to take it because Jack did not want to let the gem go, but Jean pulls Jack away allowing Sumbhajee to claim the ruby. They were then welcomed to Sumbhajees' House and led into the palace where Jack notices women observing the visitors through slits in the wall until Jack winks at them. Sumbhajee then observes that Jack had two female pirates in his crew (Carolina and Marcella) which Marcella appears offended by. Sumbhajee than says they would be more comfortable in the womans' quarters to which Carolina didn't appear happy but went along with and Marcella seemed happy about it and she scowls at Carolina like usual before they are swept away by Sumbhajees' wife Parvati.

Jack then meets Mannajee, Sumbhajee's brother who had been sleeping on Sumbhajee's chair (the revered Lion Throne) which was made of Gold and black wood. The fact that his brother is sleeping in the throne causes Sumbhajee to be very angry and he makes Askay and Pusasn wake the brother with loud yelling at though Mannajee reacts quite relaxed to this and called his brother "Sum Sum", Jack watched all of this with glee as he enjoys seeing other Pirate Lords angry, it is also revealed Mannajee is Sumbhajee's heir to the title of Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean. After Mannajee left Jean asked when they could eat and Sumhajee's mood lighten to a sly smile and he promised a great feast and then the Pearls crew was taken to a corridor of bedrooms where Jack would share a room with Jean, Barbossa with Billy, and Diego with Catastrophe Shane. Jack then comments that there was no trust as even the rugs were nailed in the floor, Askay then brings in a small warrior (who has black scarf over his face) to "protect" Jack and after Askay left Jack tried to guess the warriors' name but then charged at the warrior with his sword but the warrior jumped out of the way and used a previously hidden weapon called a urumi with a sword handle and two steel gleaming steel ropes with razor sharp edges to whip Jacks' sword across the room landing near Jeans head, Jack however then tackled the small warrior making the long-range weapon useless and causing the warrior to drop it and knee Jack in the gut and then to kick him in the face which Jack caught and used to throw the warrior over to Jean who got tangled with the warrior and accidentally tore off the scarf of the warrior revealing it to be a beautiful woman "the most beautiful woman Jean had ever seen".

Meanwhile Carolina and Parvati are arguing about clothes while Marcella is being annoying as usual until Carolina notices Toolajee, Sumbhajee's 7-year-old brother and Marcella exclaims that there is a boy in the womens quarters and Parvati explains that all the children are raised in the women's quarters but the boys leave to the men's quarters when of age. The two young girls are then changed into their sari's though it took some cunning on Parvati's part to get Carolina into hers (she had hers wrapped so she could battle in it). Elsewhere the warrior women assigned to Jack is furious for them jeopardizing her job and snatches back her scarf from Jean as Jack begins to flirt with her and as the girl begins to put on the mask again Jean snatches her scarf back to get the woman's name and Jack begins to guess her name again before the girl kicks Jeans legs out from under him and grabs her scarf back. Jack then goes on to say his middle name is danger, freedom, treasure, and possibly Robert. He then says he is popular with the ladies. Jean then asks the girl her name again as they both ignore Jack, she tells him it is Lakshmi and almost smiles at him, and then they go down to the feast with Diego and Pusasn after Lakshmi and Jack retrieve their weapons. Diego is very happy to see Carolina in a red silk sari, and not happy at all to see Marcella also sitting beside him in a lime green one, when the food comes Jeans stomach grows and Lakshmi whispers to him she thought it was a tiger. Sumbhajee then gets a food taster to eat some food to see if the food is poisoned, the taster dies and Sumbhajee's aides proclaim that someone is trying to kill the Pirate Lord to which Jack immediately proclaims that he didn' t do it and then asks his first mate Barbossa if they did it in which Barbossa rolls his eyes and Pusasn proclaims that this is the fourth time in a row the food taster has died and the feast is cancelled which makes Jean even more hungry and the aides proclaim the poisoner will be caught, trampled by elephants and fed to the crocodiles at which time Jack steals a spoon while he makes fun of Sumbhaje'e' "supernatural powers" and Carolina tries to talk about the Shadow Lord with Sumbhajee but Sumbhajee leaves the pirates and also leave but Jack beckons to speak with Carolina, Diego, and Barbossa with Marcella close by, Jack then asks Carolina how to get into the womens quarters, but they then discuss how to catch the assassin, and how to get the Shadow Gold. Jack tells Carolina to watch Mannajee's wife Jhumpa, the girls then left with Parvati. Diego then goes to talk with Mannajee and got the man a mango and discovers Mannajee was happy he wasn't the Pirate Lord.

Carolina is eating mangoes and drinking tea with Parvati and Jhumpa with Marcella whining as usual until a monkey jumps on her head causing her to scream and Carolina to laugh, the monkey then leaps into a tree with Marcella's borrowed jewels and Parvati calls down Toolajee (the boy from the women's quarters) from a tree and tells him to tell his monkey to give back the jewels or no more sweets for a month but when he gets the jewels and when Marcella tries to grab them he throws them in a fountain and then runs away with his monkey at which Marcella jumps into the fountain to get the jewels and Jhumpa says she will raise her unborn child better then Toolajee as he hasn't had much guidance as his mother Nisha hides in her room all the time and that the child will become a great and noble Pirate Lord which Marcella says is impossible, Parvati then says the child will only be Lord if she and Sumbhajee don't have a baby. Which causes Carolina to think Jhumpa might be the assassin. In another part of the palace Jean is moaning with hunger and when he notices Lakshmi is gone Jack runs off to search the palace of valuables and directly after he leaves Lakshmi appears beside Jean laughing with food for him, he asks where she got it and she says even though the kitchens are heavily guarded she can get anything she wants because the head cook is her cousin and after Jean eats a bite asks Lakshmi to marry him and she says "All right, but I have to work off my debt to Sri Sumbhajee first" shocking Jean and causing Laksmi to laugh though Jean says he would absolutely marry her and asks her what debt and when it will it be repaid. Lakshmi then goes quiet but after some urging she tells the story of how she became Sumbhajee's fighter in exchange for her parents lives and that the debt will be paid if she serves for 10 years(3 years are already up)or two large battles. Jean then tells her about the Shadow Lord and that there are battles coming for her, he also tells her of the Shadow Gold and asks if she's seen any, she hasn't but says if it's important Sumbhajee probably keeps it with him at all times. Jean then says that he doesn' t want anyone to get angry at Lakshmi if Jack is caught alone but the girl says she doesn't care what Jack takes as she only agreed to fight for the Pirate Lord and not to protect his belongings. Meanwhile Jack is lost in the overly-large court and runs into three of Sumbhajee's biggest pirate guards but confuses the guards long enough for him to get away and runs straight into the throne room and tries to pull off one of the lion heads of the throne until the guards catch up with him and recognizing where he is Jack runs out the main entrance across the courtyard and over the wall landing in some flowers where he wonders if he could leave now on his beloved Pearl until a shadow comes to life a jumps at him revealing the sickness has returned, Jack then is even more determined to get the Shadow Gold.

Elsewhere on the island Diego leaves his room and Shane's mumblings to see Carolina at the main entrance, along the way he sees Jean and Lakshmi sleeping side-by-side and hears that Jack is running around from two guards on patrol while he hides from them. They have given up and are not going to tell Sumbhajee because if anyone who wakes him, he kills them and goes back to sleep, plus they think he already knows because of his powers. They then go to get rum though they say it will probably all be gone with Jack Sparrow around, when Diego gets to the main courtyard where he meets Carolina she is still wearing her red sari and now wearing a Moonstone borrowed from Parvati. When Diego asks what it is as they go down to the gardens she tells him and says if they discover who the assassin is Parvati will let her keep it, they then begin to talk about the assassin and possible suspects which they occasionally flirt with each other and about how the poisoner is getting in the kitchens and they eventually start to discuss Lakshmi because she can get into the kitchens because of the Head Chef being her cousin and because she must serve Sumbhajee 7 more years, but then they hear a snapping twig and begin to head back to the palace when Carolina kisses Diego and Diego kisses her back but then they are interrupted by a stampedeing elephant which they escape from by running into a temple where a tall statue mostly covered in shadow is and after a few seconds they have to hide behind the statue's back on the altar as the altar is against the wall from Barbara Huntington who is talking to her husband using her mirror though the two teenagers don' t know that it is Barbara while she gives Benedict instructions how to get in Suvarndurg. When she leaves the teenage couple hear a voice above them say "Well, that can' t be good", which the couple instantly recognize as their Captain.

Jack who they realize is trying to trying to steal back the ruby Sumbhajee has already replaced to it's place in the statue's forehead with his knife. When Carolina realizes this she protests but Jack merely says he is waiting for the ruby to fall in his pocket and that it should happen soon at which Carolina says to Jack they must warn Sumbhajee and with that the EITC is on the way and knows how to get in, but Jack says nobody wakes Sri Sumbhajee and Diego says he heard the same thing, Carolina asks about emergencies and Jack says even pirates need their sleep, Diego then promises that they will tell Sumbhajee first thing in the morning, Carolina then leaves the temple with some resentment and Jack bumps the head and whirls his coat and opens his pocket but when the ruby doesn't even inch Jack shoves the head again and again but to no avail and then Diego suggests they get some rest. In their beds Diego replays his kiss with Carolina over and over again, while Carolina worries about the EITC, and Jack falls asleep instantly but his sleep is interrupted by the Shadow Lord who use his sorcery to enter Jack's dreams and extract information from him and after becoming enraged at Jack for drinking Shadow Gold he leaves, Jack then faints in his own dream.

In the morning Carolina is pondering on the coming invasion of the EITC and the assassin when a nut hits her in the head and she turns to see Toolajee in a tree and compliments him on his aim but Toolajee says his monkey did it, and they begin to talk about what Toolajee wants to be which is of course a pirate, Carolina then asks him where the kitchens are and Toolajee points her in the right direction but mentions the kitchen guards wouldn't let her in which is true as they say they were chosen for the task as they care for nothing as one eyes her attractive figure which causes Carolina to wrap her sari tighter but learns from one of the guards after bluffing Toolajee asked her to get sweets for him, one of the guards says that Toolajee's mother will be getting her meal soon and Toolajee can get his sweet's from her, Carolina then goes a little ways away to wait for Nisha's server and follows the women covered who is covered in sky blue robes to Nisha's door but when the women comes out Carolina is caught and asks for the robes and to her surprise the women who is called Sara and who also might be Parvati's sister gives them to her because they are too hot and tells Carolina has several minutes if she wants to get in the kitchens before Sara needs the robes back. Carolina then walks back to the kitchens, walks right past the guards into the kitchens and stands in the corner to watch the cooks and hopefully catch the assassin. Meanwhile Jack and Diego are trying to convince Sumbajee that the EITC is coming and knows how to get in, but Sumbhajee is more interested in catching the poisoner but when Jack says he already knows who is trying to kill Sri the entire court goes quite and Sri demands Jack through his aides that Jack explain himself. Meanwhile in the kitchens Carolina hasn't seen any thing that might hint of the poisoner. Outside Jack says he can think of dozens of better ways to kill a Pirate Lord than poisoning food and says only a stupid person would try it again and again and turns to the assassin.

In the kitchens the food is about to be brought to the outside feasting pavilion when Carolina notices Toolajee's monkey with a vial of poison pouring on the first breakfast plate.

"I'm not stupid", is the instant response of Toolajee, the entire court gasps at the revelation and Parvati faints, Toolajee goes on to say it would have worked eventually, that it took months to train his monkey, and that he would kill Sumbhajee and then Mannajee to become Pirate Lord, Carolina then rushes in her red sari and says Toolajee is the assassin but Jack calmly says everyone already knows to which Carolina is surprised at, Sumbhajee then whispers to Askay to announce that Mannajee is no longer his heir but Toolajee is instead as a reward for trying to kill him instead of the punishment he promised earlier for the assassin. At this Mannajee and Jhumpa are relieved, Parvati wakes and Toolajee's eye's shine, Askay and Pusasn then announce that his training will begin immediately and he must stop trying to kill the Pirate Lord until he is 18 and Toolajee agrees and at these dramatic turn of events Carolina exclaims she can' t believe it but Jack says he can, Jean then asks if they can eat and Carolina reports that only the first plate was poisoned and as the people start to sit down to eat a guard yells from the wall the EITC has attacked.

Suddenly every one in the courtyard has weapons in their hands and Pusasn accuses Jack of betrayal but Jack points out thet they were trying to tell them of the EITC. The pirates then rush to battle as Jean complains about missing breakfast again but stops instantly when Lakshmi asks him to fight beside her, Diego is looking for Carolina but runs into Marcella instead and after a while of wailing Diego scoops her up because of her ankle jewelry much to Marcella's pleasure and takes her back to the women quarters but when there Diego sees Carolina and calls her name and as she turns to smile at him Marcella grabs his face with her hands and kisses him when she lets him go Diego sees Carolina with sadness and hurt in her eyes before she runs away, Diego then dumps Marcella on the lawn in the women's quarters and runs all the way to the docks trying to find Carolina but runs into Billy instead and they stop in horror when they see the amount of Royal Navy Marines and EITC Agents they are facing led by Benedict Huntington, they then notice Jack is nowhere to be seen.

Jack who is elsewhere on the island walks into the kitchens and gets some amazingly spicy phaal from the cooks and sets out to find the elephants that had startled him as well as interrupted Carolina and Diego's passionate kiss.Not far away in the temple were the ruby is Marcella is talking with Barbara Huntinton as they are friends and Marcella thinks she actually has a chance with Diego and Barbara gives Marcella her magic mirror not telling her how to use it magically. At the battle Diego is trying to get into the fight to find Carolina but is pushed to the very back were he spots Jack running across the gardens and follows his captain to an elephant stall where Jack had him cut all the ropes holding the dozen elephants as Jack fills the elephant troughs with the phaal and then he tested the food on Diego which caused the teen to feel like his his eyeballs almost leaped out of his head. Jack then explained his plan and Diego runs to warn the pirates in the way and makes it just before the elephants taste Jack's p'haal and charge to the docks as Jack uses his abilities to easily get out of harms way, and as the pirates retreat Diego runs down the steps in search of Carolina and sees her in a duel with Benedict Huntington and rushed to help her but was blocked for a moment by Barbara Huntington until she sees the elephants rampaging toward them and she and her husband have to escape in a longboat while Carolina and Diego take refuge on the Pearl until it was safe. After the EITC ships have left under threat of being drowned, burned, or flattened. Diego tries to hug Carolina but she flees below decks.

Jack was sitting in the Lion Throne when the pirates start to gather in the main courtyard and Jack takes the credit for saving the day with the elephants to which his first mate thanks him sarcastically for, as quick-witted as ever Jack makes a statement about Barbossa's giant blue feathered hat looking flatter then usual. This caused Barbossa to sweep of his hat and carefully examine it from every angle until Jack says it has always looked that ridiculous at which Barbossa storms away and Carolina and Diego plus Sri Sumbhajee, Askay, and Pusasn enter. Then the latter two start yelling at Jack to get of their masters' throne and then tell Jack to leave the Court and never return. Sumbhajee then leaves without his aides in a foul mood, at which Jack distracts the aides and follows Sumbhajee into a dark corridor and through a hidden door and up to Sumbhajees' secret room in the tallest tower of Sri's mansion where he spies on everyone in his court and used a telescope to spy on ships from a distance, upon discovering this and making himself known he also discovers Sri's squeeky voice and he uses his new knowledge to blackmail the rival Pirate Lord into giving Jack the Shadow Gold in his possession and after Sri tried to push Jack out a window Jack left Suvarnadurg after Jean said goodbye for now to his love Lakshmi and promised to come back for her. Jack did not drink the fourth vial though despite the return of the Shadow Sickness.



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  • Crocodiles (Mentioned only)
  • Elephants (First appearance)
  • Monkey
  • Horses (Mentioned only)
  • Tigers (First mentioned)
  • Zombie

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