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Lesser Antilles

Puerto Rico and the Lesser Antilles.

The Lesser Antilles were a group of islands in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea.


The Carib Indians inhabited many of the islands at the time Europeans first arrived. Since the early times of Spanish colonization, beginning in the late 15th century, the north-south portion of the Lesser Antilles has been divided into two groups; the division was adopted by the French, Dutch, and British, who colonized the islands.

The young adventurer Jack Sparrow and his crew sailed through the Antilles in the quest for the legendary Sword of Cortés.[1] The Pirate Lord Esmeralda Maria Consuela Anna de Sevilla was known to have operated in the Antilles. The EITC merchant ship Wicked Wench sailed three times through the Antilles before she was burned.[2]

In November 1717, the pirate Blackbeard captured the French frigate La Concorde in the Antilles. He converted her into his flagship, increasing the number of her guns and giving her the new name, Queen Anne's Revenge. With his new ship, Blackbeard spent the next few months cruising in the Antilles, attacking and sacking some islands and plundering several merchant ships.[3]

In February 1720, the pirate Bartholomew Roberts cruised in the Antilles. When he was chased by the pirate hunters from the islands of Barbados and Martinique, he swore that he'll show no mercy to the inhabitants of these two islands. When he returned in September, he captured and plundered dozens of ships, becoming one of the greatest pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy. He sailed in the Antilles until the spring of 1721, when his fleet sailed for Africa.[3]


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