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Multiple global locations were used for filming locations during the production of the Pirates of the Caribbean films to provide the setting for the Pirates of the Caribbean world. Most locations were used to shoot principal photography with actors; more recently as digital filmmaking has become more common, some locations were shot with no actors present and digitally composited into the films to provide a backdrop of a story setting.

Listed below are locations used for filming of the following Pirates of the Caribbean films:

In addition to filming locations, a list of film studios is also included for reference.


Location filming[]

Image Location Country Film Setting Notes

St. Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1, 2, 3 Port Royal, Tortuga [1]

Dominica Commonwealth of Dominica 2 Isla de Pelegostos, Isla Cruces The sequences from the escape from Cannibal Island and the jungle segment of the battle on Isla Cruces.[2]
GoreJDKKOnSet.jpg White Cay The Bahamas 2 Isla Cruces beaches Used for the beginning and end of the battle of Isla Cruces.[3]

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah USA 3 Davy Jones' Locker Jack Sparrow stranded in the Locker.[4]

OSTFirstDayFilmingPromo.jpg Honopu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii USA 4 Whitecap Bay Jack Sparrow discovering the Santiago, shot on the first day of filming On Stranger Tides.[5]
StJamesPalaceCourtyardPromo.jpg Hampton Court Palace, London England 4 St. James's Palace Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs arrested by the Royal Guards.[6]

Whale chapel.jpg Hastings Point, New South Wales Australia 5 Hangman's Bay Jack Sparrow is forced to marry Beatrice


Image Location Country Film Setting Notes
Walt Disney Studios Burbank, California 1, 2, 3 Isla de Muerta, Shipwreck Cove Several sets were made, including the pirate cave where Barbossa's cursed crew stashed the many riches they plundered,[1] and the interior scenes on the Black Pearl and the Edinburgh Trader.[2] The set used for Shipwreck Cove in At World's End was also used for Tales of the Code: Wedlocked before the set was destroyed.[7]
Pinewood Studios UK 4 London, England; the Fountain of Youth The Blackbeard's Cabin on B Stage, the Captain's Daughter pub on E Stage, exterior of the longboat at Whitecap Bay on H stage, the interior of St. James's Palace on R Stage, and the Fountain of Youth on 007 Stage. Just behind the 007 Stage on the Pinewood backlot was a remarkably atmospheric recreation of a mid-18th century London dockyard street.[8]

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