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Davy Jones' locket

Davy Jones and Tia Dalma both have a matching pair of lockets, two antique necklaces.


Rumor had it that the locket belonging to Tia Dalma once belonged to a Spanish heiress. speaking of a mysterious bond, a long-lost love or perhaps thievery.[1] Though in reality, the locket was one of two matching lockets owned by a sailor named Davy Jones and the sea goddess Calypso.[2]

For Tia, it became a symbol of everlasting love; but for Jones, it became a tormenting reminder of the one he most held dear. When William Turner was stealing the key to the Dead Man's Chest one slimy tentacle of Davy Jones' slipped off an old feather quill and accidentally hit a key on the organand made a loud boom through the room. Jones began to wake but the locket immediately put him back to sleep.

Jones also used it (after he destroyed many ships from the pirate fleet for the East India Trading Co.) as one of a two part harmony with his organ. Tia Dalma's locket first appeared when Jack Sparrow was "borrowing" a ring next to Dalma's locket. The last time it was seen was when Tia was in the brig of the Black Pearl. She closed it about half way through; and strangely, she heard the other half play. She looked around, and there, in the foggy mist, she saw Davy Jones.

Design and usageEdit

From a silver chain hung a curious pendant, a magic necklace. Though the crab-shaped pendant was tarnished and has dulled with age, a mysterious face was still visible. Chain made from the purest of silver.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

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