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The ship's log of the Santiago.

"I, Captain Jack Sparrow, being recently possessed of a ship, a crew and a hat, do take it upon me from this day forth to faithfully and truthfully recount our adventures on the high seas and lowly streets in this Captain's Log."
―Excerpt from Jack Sparrow's log[src]

A logbook, often called a ship's log or shorten as log, was a book or personal journal kept for recording of the ship's course, progress, and any events of navigational importance. It also recounts the crew's exploits and discoveries.


During his teenage adventures, Jack Sparrow kept a "Captain's Log" aboard the Barnacle.[1] Ponce de León kept a ship's log aboard the Santiago, which would later be used by The Spaniard's crew during the quest for the Fountain of Youth.[2][3]

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