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"He was desirous to appoint himself magistrate of the island—a detail of grave concern to the man who a priori held the position."
Jack Sparrow[src]

This man served as the magistrate of Nassau during the 18th century.


The magistrate was a weak but kindly man who treated his citizens well. When Black Smoke James attacked Nassau, in hopes of taking his position, the Magistrate blockaded himself in his mansion.

However, it was not James who found him, but Captain Jack Sparrow and his associate Elizabeth Swann. The Magistrate begged for mercy, claiming he would give up his position if only he could take the citizens to safety, believing Sparrow was actually Black Smoke James. Sparrow agreed, and attempted to negotiate with James, but was turned down and had to escape hastily before escorting the Magistrate and his people to a small boat, which was summarily destroyed by cannon fire.

Behind the scenes[]