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This vessel was the flagship of the Spanish governor and officer, Admiral Maldonado.


It is unknown when or how Maldonado obtained this ship, but it served as the flagship of his armada. One day, while sailing in the Caribbean, Maldonado's ship encountered a merchant vessel from England. Maldonado decided to attack a poorly armed ship, and the merchantman was quickly captured. After the battle, one of the passengers of the merchant ship, the young Englishman James Sterling, was tied to the anchor and thrown overboard by Maldonado himself.

Design and appearanceEdit

This ship was larger than most ships of her kind and supported twice as many cannons. It was a frightening sight to the many pirates that came across it. The vessel itself was very ornate and decorated with many lavish objects. It was described to be "A floating palace in its own right", by the pirate known as Penny.


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