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"It was you who sent Bootstrap to the depths!"
―Mallot to Hector Barbossa[src]

Mallot served as a crew member aboard the Black Pearl under Captain Hector Barbossa. He often partnered with Grapple during raids.


Mallot cursed concept art.

Mallot was initially recruited by Jack Sparrow prior to the quest to find Isla de Muerta, though Mallot supported the mutiny that saw Barbossa taking command of the Black Pearl. The crew became cursed by the treasure at the island, and spent the following decade tracking down all 882 gold coins to lift the curse. When it was revealed that Elizabeth Swann was not of the Turner bloodline and so could not aid in lifting the curse, Mallot joined the near-mutiny against Barbossa, reminding him that it was his actions—such as sending William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner to the depths—that caused their predicament.[1]

Grapple and Mallot, shortly before Elizabeth sent a lifeboat swinging across the deck, toppling Grapple and Mallot into the ocean in pieces.

He later fought the crew of the commandeered HMS Interceptor, where he and Grapple dragged Elizabeth onboard the Black Pearl. When Jack's crew were captured, Mallot and Grapple were put in charge of guarding them. However, their attention turned to a table of food, which they were looking forward to eating once the curse was lifted. During an argument over what to eat first, Mallot and Grapple saw Jack the monkey fall off the ship, having been thrown overboard by Elizabeth. The pirates summarily ran on deck and peered over the rail, as Elizabeth and the crew pushed a longboat into them, knocking them overboard into the sea.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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