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"Wildcats! I bid 200 for the pair!"
"Offering them as a lot!
―The Marquis d'Avis, a pirate and the Auctioneer[src]

The Marquis d'Avis was a pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. He was known to be one of the richest pirates in Shipwreck Cove.



"As owner of the property disposed, in fact I can."
"No one owns me."
"We're not property."
"Are they for sale or not?
Auctioneer, Scarlett, Giselle, and the Marquis d'Avis[src]

Not much is known of the Marquis d'Avis's life, but it is known that he would still live in Shipwreck Cove by the mid-1720s. One night, he would join a group of pirates as the Auctioneer led an auction on two wenches, Scarlett and Giselle. Throughout the bidding, the Marquis d'Avis and some others would bid for Scarlett, whom they would refer to as the "redhead". After a while, the bidding would end with the Marquis d'Avis winning the bid with seven hundred and two goats.[2]

There was soon an argument, where the Marquis d'Avis asked whether the wenches were for sale or not, in which the Auctioneer quoted what was in the Pirate Code. It was then that Mungard would interfere and, after Giselle slapped him, caused another stir. The madness would end with Mungard firing his pistol, causing the bullet to hit the Code. The Auctioneer, still holding the Code, fell backwards to the ground. Everyone, including the Marquis d'Avis, stared in shock of what just happened.[2]

The Marquis d'Avis and the other pirates whisper among themselves about Mungard shooting the Code. It was then that Mungard ordered the Code to be locked up and warned the crowd of pirates that if any of them spoke a word of what occurred, that he would have their tongues.[2] His further fate is unknown.

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