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"Do you recall Saint Dominique?"
"La Martinique. I tried to kill you in Saint Dominique.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src]

Martinique, also known as La Martinique,[1] was an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea.


"We made port in Martinique, and we were unloading the cargo. Precious stuff, those spices."
Jean Magliore[src]

Martinique was originally inhabited by Arawak and Carib peoples. Christopher Columbus came across the island in 1493, making the region known to European interests. In 1635, Pierre Belain d'Esnambuc landed with a hundred French settlers from Saint Kitts, settling in the northwest part of the island.

The French settlers systematically fought the fiercly resisting Caribs for territorial control, a battle that increased in brutality as the French settlers desired increased territory to grow sugar cane on the island. Between 1640 and 1660, those Caribs who had survived the fighting were forcibly removed from the island. Many were killed in a brutal massacre in the area of Fort-Royal. The city later become a major port for ships following the trade winds from Europe.

By the middle of the 17th century, France was the dominant European power on the island. Although labor intenstive, sugar was a lucrative product to trade, and cultivation on Martinique soon focused only on growing and trading sugar. In 1642, King Louis XIII authorised an action referred to as "La Traite des Noirs" that allowed for black people to be seized from Africa and forcibly brought to work as slaves on the French sugar plantations.

In 1717, the infamous pirate Blackbeard spotted La Concorde de Nantes, a French slave ship, off the coast of Martinique. She was captured after a brief fight and turned into a pirate ship under the new name, the Queen Anne's Revenge.[2] In April 1721, the French Governor of Martinique was captured and hanged by the notorious pirate Bartholomew Roberts.

Before serving as members of young Jack Sparrow's crew, Tumen, Constance Magliore and Jean Magliore once visited the island when they worked aboard the Seraph. During their stay, the infamous pirate Left-Foot Louis and his crew attempted to steal the Seraph's cargo, but their attempt was a failure.[3]

When the merchant ship Wicked Wench, on her maiden voyage as an EITC ship, approached the Caribbean, the ship's commander, Captain Jack Sparrow, saw Martinique in the distance through his spyglass.[4] Some time later, after Jack became a pirate, he and his love interest Angelica visited the island.[1]

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