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"Captain, so long as your target still lives, we have nothing to talk about."
―Mateus Santos and Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Mateus Santos was a mercenary and assassin who lived in Isla Muelle in the Caribbean archipelago. In 1630, he encountered the English captain Nathaniel Hawk, and offered him a job as a full-time assassin.


Mateus Santos was part of an unnamed guild of assassins that operated in the Caribbean archipelago in 1630. Two years prior, he killed the leader of the guild's local branch and took his place. Unwilling to share the profits of his enterprise with the rest of the gang, Mateus was wanted dead by his associates, who hired local mercenaries to assassinate him, to no avail.

Mateus settled in a house in the Isla Muelle colony, well-guarded by three armed thugs. One of his enemies, Ambroz Bricenos, hired English captain Nathaniel Hawk to kill him. Deciding that Mateus was too difficult a target, Nathaniel instead accepted a job as Mateus' personal hitman, with Ambroz as the first target.

Nathaniel succeeded in multiple consecutive hits until an encounter with Vito Leone, one of his targets. Leone informed him of Santos' history as an imposter who had no initial link to the organisation, killing a local leader of the guild and taking his place without the gang's approval.

Nathaniel was warned that Santos would eventually grow paranoid of him and decide to kill him as well. Convinced by Leone, Nathaniel ambushed Santos in the Isla Muelle tavern room under the pretext of negotiations. After killing Santos, Nathaniel received 10,000 gold from Leone and was promised he could contact the guild in the future with a discount if he so wished.