"Gentlemen, I am Captain McGlue. Welcome aboard the Earl King. I dare say I have never seen such an odd pair of ship's officers in the Queen's service."
―McGlue to Jack Sparrow nad Will Turner[src]

McGlue was the captain of the Earl King, an British merchant vessel. Along with being an excellent swordsman, he was quite hard to trick.


While the HMS Interceptor was on the way to Isla de Muerta, Jack Sparrow and his crew stopped to attack the Earl King. Jack and William Turner attempted to trick McGlue into believing they were British officers, a ruse he saw through almost immediately when Jack failed to correctly identify James Norrington as a Commodore. McGlue fought Will Turner to a standstill, but fell into one of Jack's traps. The pirates threw him overboard and pillaged supplies from his vessel.


McGlue and William Turner Jr.


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