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"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"Ditch him, darling. Come away with me."
"Darling, there's nothing I'd like better, but I knows ye, Jacky, ye know I does. And a workin' girl's gotta eat and pay the rent. Let me see the color of your coin, Jacky.
Jack Sparrow and Melinda[src]

Melinda was a prostitute who lived in Shipwreck City on Shipwreck Island in the late 1720s.


"Let's go somewhere quieter, Jacky"
"My very thought.
―Melinda and Jack Sparrow[src]

At some point in her life, Melinda became a prostitute on Shipwreck Island. She worked for Granny Martha. She was a close friend with the young pirate Jack Sparrow. More then once Jack enjoyed in her "intimate company".

One night, Melinda was in the Parrot's Perch tavern, where a short pirate named Pintel was trying to convince her to come with him to a more intimate place. But when Jack Sparrow came with the same proposal, she chose Jack, and kicked Pintel between his legs when he refused to leave her.

A few minutes later, when Jack and Melinda came to a dark place at the docks to conduct their business, Melinda discovered the corpse of a pirate One Tooth Tommy in Shipwreck Cove. Jack immediately sent her to the Troubadour to alarm Captain Teague and his men.

She was later called as a witness to the meeting of the Pirate Lords who assembled at the Pirate Hall to find out if Boris Palachnik was the leader of rogue pirates. She was present when Teague summoned Davy Jones on the Troubadour and she fainted when she saw Jones' monstrous appearance.



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