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Character Box PR image Edit

What I meant was that we need an image more representative of Port Royal's looks. I knew that the image was from Armada of the Damned, but I was thinking that we'd probably put an image of the whole of Port Royal, from PotCo or something... I'll try getting you one. Oh and school has started for you? I hope you would be able to edit as much I have during these school days... School isn't so bad in the U.S compared to India right? There is an AIS here (American Internation School with U.S syllabus) with extremely high costs. I have a friend there who says that the School homework there is extremely heavy. Have you listened to Lord Beckett's theme yet? Did you like it? How many times have you heard it? - Lord Midhav 12:06, August 9, 2010 (UTC)

Wow... Sounds like a lot of work. Why don't you like Algebra? And why are they followed by "III" or "II"? Good luck with your home work though... And graduation. I'm glad you liked Beckett's theme... Did you hear it in the Maelstrom score? Look for some other evil themes... Let's see.. Imperial March (Star Wars) .... Introduce a Little Anarchy (the Dark Knight). How about the Inception theme eh? Jaws theme? Okay I've got something for you (listen to all mentioned evil themes and then this, if you want).... Just Good Business. So you're gonna go to see Pirates 4 over and over again at the theatres? I'll try my best to go on its premier. - Lord Midhav 10:48, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

Then I hope you do perfect this year mate. Yes that was the actual "Just Good Business" in the link. It is titled as Maelstrom Version 1 by the YouTube user who uploaded it, because the song was intended to be the initial Maelstrom battle song. I think it was removed because it had too much Beckett in it
(The song is wholely based on Lord Cutler Beckett's theme). How does the song sound? Oh and now I understand of your PotC4 plans.

The surprise has come NOW! It is the background for this wiki. I took an image from PotCo, and removed "Pirates of the Caribbean Online", replacing it with "Pirates of the Caribbean Encyclopedia". It wasn't made by me though... I took it from PotCo wiki's Background code and Obsidion helped me with it, somewhat. It was set up today with the help of Wikia Helper Wendy. I know it needs some trimming, but do you like it? Reply soon. - Lord Midhav 10:54, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

Okay listen to it and tell me soon. Thanks for your opinion on the Background. What do you mean similar to PotCo wiki's background? And what do you mean by "what is it supposed to be"? In the picture it shows Jack Sparrow with a torchlight. Now you see? lol :D. - Lord Midhav 10:25, August 12, 2010 (UTC)

Good to have ye back. I haven't been editing much here, though. I haven't been observing, but what is the latest from On Stranger Tides? I think I'll have to change the background slightly, as Jack Sparrow seems to be going off the picture.

Even I need to see Inception. My father doesn't want me to see it as he didn't like it. He said that he understood the story completely and felt that it was not as great as he expected.

Have you heard any metal/rock version of the Imperial March?

I didn't notice "Introduce..." in the final fight... I remember seeing that Joker in the cartoons (Justice League, etc.), before. That was the first Joker I saw, I think. Either way Heath Ledger did an awesome role as the Joker. Wait, Arkham Asylum isn't connected with Christopher Nolan's Batman series?

Aye but you do agree that "Just Good..." sounds good right? I mean, leaving away the fact that it was supposed to be a Pirates battle theme. I'm trying to imagine how it would have fitted into the Maelstrom battle. Maybe Hans intended it to have lots of Beckett in it because probably Gore Verbrinski asked him to do so, to highlight that Lord Cutler was the main villain?

- Lord Midhav 09:40, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry for the late reply but I diverted some of my time to the PotCo wiki, and for the rest, I was inactive.

The Metal/rock version (s) of the Imperial March can be found on YouTube. Most of them are fan-made and non-legit. I doubt that the Metallica one was even created by said band. I need to check up on that. Just look for Imperial March Metal on YouTube mate..

Can you give me a guide on the Star Wars prequel trilogy's main highlights of scores? What is the song at 1:23 onwards in this trailer : .....? Also, what is your relationship with the LotR series?

I've not been that a gamer, but I hope I will after a year or two. I want to check this Batman game among all the others. I mean like Assassin's Creed, Force Unleashed, Modern Warfare, Armada of the Damned, etc. I remember seeing a small review of Arkham Asylum with my cousin.... I remember also a cool pic of the Joker with a gun pointed to the Camera lol. Are you awaiting the third movie in Nolan's series of Batman films mate? Did you know that the Joker is not returning (cuz Ledger died) and that fans have been asking for either Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie to come in it?

The best parts in "Just Good" were definitely 2:10 and the last 34 seconds. The starting till 2:10 also was nice with an evil Imperialist march beat (I call this song the 2nd Imperial March). The main significance of PotC3 was that of Imperialism v.s freedom, did you notice that? Did you hear that the East India Co. started a few weeks/days/months ago in England? That's what I heard from the PotCo wiki... - Lord Midhav 14:42, August 19, 2010 (UTC)

Our Discussion Edit

I'm continuing our previous discussion, sorry for the delay.

Well I have heard the "Duel of the Fates" from Revenge of the Sith (I have seen the prequel trilogy a couple of times), but I don't think it sounded much like the one you provided me, from the Phantom Menace.

One more similarity I have found between Star Wars and PotC, as for the original trilogy (which I have not yet given a 100% watch)... The death of Jack Sparrow and the freezing of Han Solo was similar don't you think? That the villains strike back and destroy one of the main characters... In AWE if you discount Cutler Beckett from the equation, keeping Will as Luke, Jack as Han, Davy as Sidious and Bootstrap as Vader, the final fight was just as in RotJ. Darth Bootstrap is manipulated by Emperor Darth Davy Jones (LOL) against his son Will Skywalker... Davy Jones stands laughing at Will losing and then suddenly Bill attacks Jones... but actually none of them die because of that XD.

How come you haven't seen LotR? Maybe you should take a look at it... The villainy in it was portrayed well. It might start off a bit boringly but the action and the evil is epic. Sauron is the ultimate Darl Lord as shown by Peter Jackson. The Eye That Sees All. Have you seen his death scene in HD on YouTube?

It's good to see other users having connections with series' other than PotC. I wonder what Uskok has (with other franchises), but I know that inacitve admin Lord Kick A** Jedi definitely knew about Star Wars lol.

July 20th 2012? Late but nice. I wonder who the villain is this time, but Nolan commented that the villain is "definitely not Dr.Freeze." lol.

I've got a small task for you on the other wiki... are ye up for it?

And I've got some good news for you. Mercer among other characters is going to make an appearance in a mentioning sort of way... Well... There was a leak of game info from the files, which showed a HUGE list of unreleased weapons. Blades of Mercer, Norrington's spyglass, Beckett's pistol.... and even legendary GOD swords - of Calypso and Quetzacoatl. There was also a listing of the weapons of Jack Sparrow and Barbossa. A pistol of Sparrow is called Jack Sparrow's Revenge while a broadsword of Barbossa is called Barbossa's Edge. There also other weapons and items in their names. You can check here and see if it helps for the characters' weapon articles on this wiki...

Onthe right is an image of a loading screen from PotCo where they show Barbossa using his sword against the EITC. I don't know if it is his actual sword but I remember somewhere that you said that it is a cross between a broad and a scimy, and that is how it looks like.
Loadingscreen enterGame

Barbossa's sword

- Lord Midhav 11:24, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Discussion Again. Edit

Hey I'm back, and back to our discussion

That was the best moment with that song(I mean, come on, what better fight to put "Duel" in other than Yoda vs Sidious right?). But it is indeed the same(the one in "Revenge" was just a shortened version for the fight, if you get my drift), and I sorta like the one from "Phantom" better(music-wise), because it works with the fight with Darth Maul. But for it used for a fight scene(even though they sound equally awesome in both the fight with Maul AND the fight with Sidious), I definitely liked it better with Yoda vs Sidious(but that's just my opinion).

I just read somewhere sometime back that the Duel song was not used in the Yoda-Sidious fight, but in the duel with Maul.

Idk, I'm just not a huge fan of the films. I've only seen a few parts, but I was kinda interested in seeing Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee's character(Gandalf and Saruman). I was also interested that Orlando Bloom was in that also(as an elf, I believe)...but he seems better as Will(I mean really, what character is better than a pirate who is supposedly one of the best swordsmen?). And I've just watched that scene on Youtube(Sauron's death), kinda big and flashy like Beckett's death(lol).

Hmm.. Maybe you should spend some time seeing the films from start to end. I need to that myself someday too. I used to be a big fan of it when I was 8 years old, I think. I believe Orlando Bloom was better as Legolas than as Will Turner. Frankly I think that PotC:AWE Orlando did some bad acting as Will, compared to the others in the cast. Or maybe I haven't observed him lol...

Tell me about it. It's one day after my B-day(as shown on my infobox), and now I know I'm going to have to deal with crowds, which I'm not really fond of(but I'll do the Pirates 4 premiere anyway, lol). And I was wondering also, and yeah, "definitely not Mr. Freeze"(I don't think Nolan's willing to use Mr. Freeze in his Batman universe).

Aye "dealing with the crowds" lol. The premier of this film is then 12 days after my birthday? 2012... pretty far off. Especially since we have not information on the story. Nolan is trying to make his batman series realistic which is why I like it, and him. He will be heading a Superman reboot I read.

Have you heard the Inception trailer music? Mind Heist?

PotCo stuffEdit

Mercer's Blades
Loadingscreen exitGame
Here these are some of the stuff I was talking about. Mercer's Blades introduction into PotCo pays off yer hard work of making an article on Mercer (considering that he did end up appearing, in a way)

On the right you see another pic similar to that of the one with Hector Barbossa, the Pearl, his sword and others. These two are loading screens when you enter and exit the game (entering being the one with Barbossa). So yea, it can be considered to be concept art lol.

Interesting, but I don't really know that much about the game(other than the story and where all the film characters are), and I don't think I could be able to put the weapons from POTCO into here without messing up some type of info. And they list Jack and Barbossa's weapons(why list weapons for certain characters when you can't play as them)?

We can list these as one of their weapons. "Jack Sparrow's Revenge" may be a confirmation on the name of the pistol he used to kill Barbossa. Barbossa's Edge might just be the name of his Broadsword. It can be considered as weapons lost by them? Anyway, the article we have is "Barbossa's Swords" so why not just add this as one of them... or at least to be the name of one already mentioned?

So ye have been following the story of PotCo? You've come up till El Patron yet? The Abu Nar Clan? (I'm going to make an article on it along with others). Have you seen the Black Pearl Boss Battle? Here's a vid on it... the best I could find. Sadly in the vid the player is a cannoneer only. There are others with people sailing. But the music in it is great (hip lol). The Goliath you see in the vid is the old Frigate version, unlike it's current Ship of the line version. Oh and if you're interested in any more PotC music, there's one from the online game. Iy's the Goliath battle music. It's one of the best other than probably... Raven's Cove's music

Well, it depends on your request. What is it?

Hmmm... it's easy. Murtogg and Mullroy. They need articles there. Plus they DO appear in PotCo, making it mandatory for their articles to be there. Keep it as short as you want (If you're doing it)...

Oh btw, I will start working on the plots of the prequel books that I said I'd work on... I have a lot of things to catch up with (messages, helping out, etc.)

- Lord Midhav 09:08, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Discussion continuum Edit

Actually, "Duel" was used in both the fights and one scene in the second film of the Prequel Trilogy(but they're not all exactly the same, for they shorten "Duel" in the second and third film). It also says so in the article pertaining the score in Star Wars Wiki. And it is my FAVORITE Star Wars fight music, next to Battle of the Heroes, which is actually more of a(as Star Wars creator George Lucas said), a "tragedy" version of Duel.

Aye same here. I find it to be the best of all Star Wars music, just a bit above the Imperial March. Did you know that the Imperial March can be heard slightly only during the prequel trilogy? From what Wikipedia says, it appears in a innocent note in the Phantom Menace (which I need to see again, after a long time of not having done so). In Attack of the Clones, when the clones are marching in front of Palpatine the song can be heard as a foreshadowing to the Storm Troopers. In Revenge of the Sith it can be heard during Battle of the Heroes. Well you probably already know of this but I thought I'd state my observations.

As for Orlando Bloom, as I said, that was just my opinion.

Well same here. Me not liking him was also my opinion lol.

And yes, I've read about Nolan helming a Superman reboot. I really hope it will happen(because he did GREAT with Batman), but only time will tell.

It also says that this reboot's first film will focus on human emotions, as done in Batman Begins... and that they would need a villain that would trigger Superman's emotions to make him an angry god. Speaking of superhero films, aren't you looking forward to Thor which is coming in 2011? It's the latest in the series of Marvel's latest movies that have their setting in the same universe (it comes along with Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, etc.). Can you believe it? They're mixing mythology into Iron Man. If you haven't seen the film (disregarding the fact that neither have I) in Iron Man 2, after or before the credits, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D views a hammer in a crater and tells Nick Fury (played by Samuel L Jackson) that "we've found it". I'm not a fan of Marvel stories... but this is interesting. I was a fan of most mythology across the world because I played Age of Mythology which was really fun. I wonder how Loki's gonna be portrayed. Hey have you played a game called Ratchet and Clank?

Well, you see, the only problem with naming Jack's pistol "Jack Sparrow's Revenge", is that it would conflict on the information from the official POTC website, which is where I got official information about the names: Rumrunner's Isle(I know it was used in PotCo, but this is where we have official confirmation for the Wiki about the films), Farthest Gate, EITC armada and more. So, I think it's best(for this Wiki), that we go with the information from the website(at least with stuff that appears in the films), unless otherwise.

Ah okay. But maybe we could mention a bit about it ONCE it has released and we've gotten info on it

As for Barbossa's sword, on the other hand, I think we could name it "Barbossa's Edge"(if it is its real name), for Barbossa's sword was not in the official POTC website. And as for adding Barbossa's sword from PotCo into this wiki, I would say we should have a pic of the sword in the article and caption it "Barbossa's sword as seen in Pirates Online"(because I'd rather have Barbossa's film sword as the infobox image). But you are welcome to include a pic of Barbossa's sword from PotCo into the "Barbossa's swords" article.

But I say we should wait until the name "Barbossa's Edge" is confirmed before we change the name of the article, savvy?

Aye we should add the info only once it is introduced to the game. And yes I understand.

Because I don't know much about their roles in the game, unless if their appearance was minor.

Well they're appearances were only limited to the video I showed you...

Well, I've only seen a few of the battles, like the Black Pearl Boss battle(great battle, btw), but I don't know the WHOLE story in order. Is there an article in PotCo Wiki that explains the story in order? Because I'm not sure if I have time to watch all of the videos(you know, school and all that :P), and I don't want to waste your time in explaining all the MAIN points to me(because you have school too and all that). The music was GREAT(not as good as the films, of course, but great). But, yeah, if there are any more, I'd be interested into listening ;).

As I said I'll explain it from only what I can remember. I'll mostly give links if there are articles can mention the stories. So you can expect the pacing to vary from time to time. Oh and please read the links to understand the stories (Well mostly the lniks from THIS wiki) otherwise there's no pint of reading it (it ruins the suspense and adds certain plot holes)

It starts of with the War of Garcia and Pierre. Jolly Roger takes his armies from that of dead privateers. Consider that Chapter 1:Black Pearl occurs before this. Now Jolly Roger begins the Curse of the Muertos Moon. It gets foiled. Ummm... lets see. Ah yes. A guild of pirates led by a certain Captain Walter known as the Marceline was formed because of the aggressive acts of the East India Co. and Jolly Roger. Now, a mysterious Destruction of Port Royal occurs followed by that of Tortuga which was an open act of war towards pirates by the Trading Co. Lord Beckett gave the excuse that he wasn't aware of what happened and he sent his best workers to build the islands up (In Game Play, they redesigned Tortuga and Port Royal for improving game performance). EITC ships soon began increasing in massive numbers around Padres del Fuego. A huge sea battle occurred off the coast of Padres, where-in the Marceline and EITC fought till the end (this was a real event where the Marceline made players go on their ships and attack EITC ships). This is known as the Battle of Padres. The Destruction of Padres del Fuego occurred soon after. The EITC began taxing pirates heavily for their losses, and several of the Black Guard were sent to capture Captain Walter (also a real event).Walt managed to evade them. Now Jolly Roger began expanding his caves and breeding ground (again redesigning for game play). Now here is a plot turn that I believe you would have read in the previous links. Jolly Roger and Beckett were said to be in cahoots during the last phases of the destruction and even the Battle of Padres. A mysterious guild arrives then on the shores of Port Royal. They are the Casa de Muertos. (They were NPC's on the docks of Port Royal and played by GM's during events). They asked pirates to do several errands for them. Digging up for treasure in the Wildwoods or something like stealing the Royal Navy's defence plan for Port Royal in-case of foreign invasions. They left saying that their supernatural collector and dealer, would be pleased. Out of the blue, massive invasions of Port Royal began. At the same time many ghosts appeared : Read Ghost Stories of the Caribbean. The Casa truly removed the relics placed long ago by Tia Dalma to keep people like Jolly away from touching land. Well Invasions have become a regular feature now, so story wise the Invasion of Port Royal would have happened only once. JR wanted something under the Governor's Mansion so was said. The Invasion of Tortuga began for the search for Jack Sparrow. The EITC allowed Jolly access to land for invading. Now the Invasion of Padres del Fuego was for a DIFFERENT purpose, which you may read in the article....... The Invasions of Padres proved futile for Jolly in gaining what he wanted to. So he sent the Casa once again, and they found out (While actually backstabbing the EITC and Navy by drugging them, attacking them, etc.) that the weapons were located on an island called Raven's Cove (Don't read this link yet). A fissure was evident in the Jlly-EITC alliance. But Captain Ellison Shaw of the Guard openly came with the Casa to show their alliance. Immediately after the Casa found information on the location of the weapons (by encoding certain secret messages sent along ships), the EITC actually stole this info, and sent massive fleets of Ships of the line to the Cove. The Marceline incited pirates to prevent the Fleets from reaching the island. Now let me go into a side story that happened during all of this. Captain Ezekiel Rott and Walter were once friend. Ezekiel was an elder once in a place known as Minertown. Those peaceful people enjoyed the company of friendly pirates from time to time. Jolly approached Rott once offering him a place in his army if he made the citizens of the town join the army. Ezekiel agreed and betrayed all men, women and children of his town. But to oppose this, Sandra Tew of the Marceline prevented all undead from leaving the town to serve the army, and to stay in the area forever. The burning town became to be known as Rat's Nest. Angered by this, Jolly cursed Rott into enslavement into the army. The mortal Rott then was sent on a mission during the Battle of Padres. He led a huge army of undead into Los Padres to conquer it. As the Company and pirates fought at sea, Captain Walter and his brave friends in the Marceline led a huge strife against the advancing armies, and everyone, including Rott... were killed. Rott was made into an undead solider though his appearance was human. He was then sent to Port Royal to start the invasion. He and Walter bickered over the fact that Rott betrayed Minertown to Jolly, and over this they became enemies. Walter was a brave and affectionate man who stood up against injustice wherever it may be. He was a friend of Joshambee Gibbs when he became a pirate. In-game he even came for anniversaries of guilds... that would have been fun. Rott was exactly the opposite - cruel, cunning... But he was shown to be friendly during Invasions itself where he healed pirates who were knocked down. Once or twice Walter led groups of pirates into the caves to hunt down undead, only to find the Casa among them. They were then chased out for which they attacked the pirates lol (All of this happened. Some of my friends were knocked down). But then a very drasic twist occurred. Walter ported in Tortuga when he heard of another one of the Fleets heading to the Cove. Ezekiel Rott stowed on his ship during this time. After the Fleets were done with, Ezekiel came out of his hiding and battled with skillful Walter in a long duel. Captain Walter was murdered in cold blood. The Marceline chased Rott out of a tavern in Cuba (this really happened) and asked him why Walter's body was not found in an empty Magic (Walt's ship). Rott explained the entire story, but he was let off. Before this, as I have seen in pics, a spectral ghost of Walter appeared asking pirates to "find the truth". So he might have meant the thing about Ezekiel cheating and killing him. But this story arc is... for some reason.. not completed. Now coming back to the main story, one of the fleets managed to reach the Cove and this resulted in... the Battle of Raven's Cove (important like others, read!). El Patron's weapons were retrieved and were among the enemies. Now, the Cove has been revealed to all. The funny story behind it starts with this :Jolly Roger has gone too far this time by blocking the rum shipments into all the islands with taverns in order to lure his arch enemy Jack Sparrow into the open. Without rum Jack cannot remain in hiding.

Jack knows that the only way to defeat Jolly Roger is to use one of the infamous, "Cursed Blades of El Patron" on him. They're not only magical, but powerful and will bring Jolly to his knees. Trouble is, rumor has it that they are stowed away on Raven's Cove, a dark place that lily-livered-landlubbers should avoid at all costs.

Yes the Cove has been revealed. Read it's story on the Raven's Cove page. It's about El Patron. Players get to have even a boss battle with him for the blades! But the strangest thing is what happens after the boss battle. Listen... When a user types "/hand" he sees... he sees...something strange as written in text... He sees a Black Spot. This is not confirmed though.

Okay I have to go... sorry if haven't completed the part about the books. I HAVE to go! - Lord Midhav 10:42, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Actually, the Imperial March(which is also my favorite "character theme" music from Star Wars), has appeared a LOT in Revenge of the Sith(other than just Battle of the Heroes). It is so mostly heared because that is the Episode where Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader(which was brilliant to connect the end of the Prequel Trilogy and the beginning of the Original Trilogy "to the last dot").

Oh I see. But doesn't the March only come in the 5th movie, and not a "A New Hope"? Actually I need to see all of the Original Trilogy, because when I first saw it I fast forwarded through it... I mean to the last two movies lol. I don't remember much so that provides some moral support.

If I had to guess the "rebooted" Superman's villain, I would say Doomsday(because he actually killed Superman, temporarily), or Darkseid(I've seen how mad he makes Superman in the DC Animated universe).

Hmm.. Okay. Is Darkseid that Alien punkish guy with long hair and pale skin from the Superman Animated series?

Aye, once the pistol's released(and we have info about it), we can put information from there into Jack Sparrow's pistol(like put the name into the BTS section, as with all other PotCo information that conflicts with the Film information).

Aye... One strange thing.. When I asked PotCo, when they said that a new Legendary blade with "Silver Freeze" has been released, that belonged to the Abu Nar Clan, on whether Mercer's Blades was the same as this Legendary Abu Nar Clan dagger, they "congratulated" me for getting it (which I didn't) and said that it was the same... They even went on to say that Mercer might have been a member of the Clan, because this clan of assassins had some fierce fighters (intending that Mercer might have been one of them). I would have opted if they chose Mercer to have a background in the Knights Templar or something, but why a muslim clan of assassins? Or could have Mercer got these weapons from a former Abu Nar wielder?

Thanks, mate. The story was well put by far(I haven't read much, but it seems great...I'll read it, along with stuff from the links, starting tomorrow afternoon)

Tell me when you've read it fully (including this wiki's links, the ones to the other wiki are just Game Play info).

Don't worry, if you have to do something, you can do it. And yeah, you'd probably have to respond to me about the books ASAP. Oh, and tell me about what to put for the "Game Notes" section for Mullroy and Murtogg's pages in PotCo Wiki(so that way I'll know what to do when I make the article).

Aye the books are Sword of Cortes, Age of Bronze, Silver and City of Gold that I'm going to do. Here's what you can do for Mullroy and Murtogg. Par example - "Mullroy appears only in the starting cutscene of the Black Pearl Boss Battle" Then continue about what his role is in the cutscene (how they end up bickering as usual, only to allow the pirates entry into the Pearl)

Here are some more soundtracks from PotCo, tell me how they are: Raven's Cove at day (A sad theme to signify what happened to the Cove), Raven's Cove at night] (a dark creepy and sad theme to serve as a tone to Raven's Cove at night, when the Rage ghosts come out, howl, scream and kill), and Raven's Cove's battle music (a sort of cinematic theme to present a battle at the Cove). I'll try uploading the ambient El Patron's Mine theme later. - Lord Midhav 10:42, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

Ok, that's a simple question to answer(for me, lol). The March appears in all the Star Wars films(in any length or form), except for "A New Hope"(as you somewhat aid ;) ). And actually, it doesn't really matter if you watch the Original OR the Prequel Trilogy first(the only problem would be that Original reveals secrets that are revealed in the Prequel, ex. "Luke, I am your Father!", lol). Don't worry, if you have any questions and/or concerns about the SW films, let me know(I was a HUGE fan of the films before I came here). ;)

Ah okay, Now I have some questions. I was once skimming through Palpatine's article on the Wookiepedia, and the part where it talked about the scene where he was thrown into a long tube in RotJ was titled as "First Death". First Death? What happened, did he survive or something?

Ah, so Mercer was an assassin WAY before he became part of the EITC? That's interesting to know. ;) So, wait, are weapons similar or the exact same(or am I way off, lol)?

Well Mercer was also Beckett's personal assassin in the second and third movies. But this is just about what PotCo said. They said in the news release that a "Legendary Silver Freeze Dagger" was yet to be found, and it was once wielded by a member of The Clan and that it had a Gypsy's Curse on it which gave "Silver Freeze". The mentioning of The Clan reminds me a bit of Assassin's Creed... So I thought, "won't it make more sense if Mercer was in a christian order of fighters, such as either the Knights Templar or the Inquisiton". I didn't get the last part of your sentence though.

Ok, and my other helper(Angelica Teach), could do the rest, right? Because I'd like to get the plots in ASAP, since Pirates 4 is almost upon us in a few months, PLUS the newest installment of Legends of the Brethren Court will be released(Day of the Shadow). And I already mentioned to you about the Mullroy and Murtogg articles back in PotCo Wiki

I know about Angelica helping around with that. But I'd have preferred it if Angelica had started with completing LotBC instead of the Jack Sparrow novels. I made Legends had a more vivid story line. Or is she done with the Jack Sparrow books? (Having finished the Timekeeper and me doing the Sword of Cortes and Rare Jewels books). Is the Day of the Shadow the final book? And are you planning to get Armada of the Damned?

I don't have the time to listen to them tonight, but I will listen to them ASAP and get back to you. I'm looking forward to hearing them. Oh, btw, have you seen the new Port Royal image I added(into the infobox)? The other one seemed more about the Edinburgh Trader, while the current one shows more than the previous one didn't show(you can see Fort Charles more clearly in the current one).

Yes tell me about the songs, and whether you want some more (The only reason I have continued my uploading - which stopped a while back - is for you to listen to them, which actually is better as it gives me motive for uploading - in future we will song articles with Play buttons). Actually I did notice the Port Royal infobox image, but I didn't notice that it was changed... It was an E.Trader image, you say? - Lord Midhav 14:33, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Ah, Palpatine's "first death". Ok, as I said, I am a fan of the films and I hardly look at information outside of the films, video games and TV series(but I will try to explain this). Ok, if you just get into the films, TV series and video games by themselves, then Palpatine permanently died in RotJ(mostly because Lucas only wanted to make 6 Star Wars films, at least for the MAIN story: Anakin Skywalker). This is just me, but I just deal with ALL the information between the beginning of Episode 1-6 only(unless if I wanted to see the character's origins or something). But if you'd prefer the ENTIRE Star Wars universe, by the look of what I've found on Star Wars Wiki(I'm sorry, I'm just used to calling it that, lol), Palpatine used "spirit transference" to get into a series of clones that he has in order to do it. But, as I said, I only go with information shown in the films, video games and TV series(so I may be wrong about this).

Fine... I'll ask you in-case of any queries on the Star Wars items that you deal with. But I have some doubts on another series ----- Pirates of the Caribbean LOL. I was just wondering a few things... Let me think... Ah! Was the Farthest Gate located somewhere in the Antarctic or something, and did it lead people to another dimension? And... I don't get the one thing about the climax. Calypso summoned a maelstrom for the battle... evidently from her anger. But what ends was the maelstrom made for achieving? I understand that she was angry but all she did was summon a whirlpool for both ships to battle on.. How does it help any one of the sides? It just made the battle look epic! lol!

I mean are "Mercer's Blades" and the "Legendary Abu Nar Clan dagger" really the same weapons?

Yes they are. I mean that's what PotCo told me when I sent them a mail asking them the same question. They congratulated me for getting it (which I didn't) and said that both of them are indeed the same weapon,and that Mercer MIGHT have been a member of the Clan, because "they had some fierce fighters in it". Do you want to know all the other Legendary Weapons that are yet to come? I have list of them leaked from a friend in the Forums. Actually you DO know some of the weapons that are legendary but haven't been released (I told you about those weapons of Jack and Barbossa), but those are just the beginning ;)

Well, last she told me, she was looking over a Jack Sparrow prequel(don't worry, it wasn't one of the ones that you are reading). But I'll ask her that AFTER she's done with the plot of the book she's currently looking over, to start with the LotBC books(because I don't want her looking it over go to waste, eh?). What say you?

That sounds rational enough. Let her get done with the Jack Sparrow book she's looking through and then start on one of the Legends books. The Jack Sparrow books are extremely short, and I'd say that listening to a plot of Legends is any day more interesting and longer...

As far as we know, it is the final book in the LotBC series(I've not heard any official word). But we'll know sometime around November 17, 2010, when it is released(at least that's what is said in And yes, I am currently planning on getting Armada of the Damned. It seems like a great game from all that is said here AND in all video interviews and BTS stuff, involving the game's information, from this Youtube channel. Plus, unlike other video games(POTC games in PS and Xbox systems in particular), you can control your own big ship(I mean, what's not to love about that). Basically, a LOT about the game has me excited about it(but of course, I'm WAY more excited for OST, considering I'm a Captain Jack Sparrow Fan, lol).

Aye and Day of the Shadow does sound interesting, especially from it's title. What, the Fourth Estate? That must be an interesting twist.... See, in France, the society consisted, for over 200 years till before the French Revolution of 1789, of groups known as Estates based on their standards of living. 1st Estate- Royal family, Nobles; 2nd Estate- Landlords, Govt. Officials, general middle class; 3rd estate - merchants, vendors, brokers, etc. Now what can you imagine this Fourth Estate to be? And I'd like hear how Legends continues, leave alone end. So which console are you getting AotD for?

Alright, I should be able to tell you about the songs either tonight or tomorrow(depending on how much I get done). Either way, I'll tell you soon.

Take your time...

So, I take it that you like the current image, then? Oh, and btw, did you know we now have OFFICIAL confirmation about Keith Richards as Teague in Pirates 4 now(because now, it's you know...offical, lol)?

Ah yes that image looks nice... But here's one from PotCo if you need it for anything.
Loadingscreen portroyal
Be sure to see it in Full size. Keith is there, but what of his friend Mick Jagger?

Lord Midhav 09:25, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Sure, if it involve the SW films(the 6 live-action films and The Clone Wars), SW video games(mainly The Force Unleashed and The Forced Unleashed II), and the tv series(mainly these 2 VERY different series, as you can see: Clone Wars and The Clone Wars). Other than those things I've mentioned, I know nothing, lol.

I've played my cousin's Force Unleashed on my PS2, it was nice I think. Of the tv series, I've only seen The Clone Wars. Again from other media, the only thing else I've done is read was Clones which was a little creepy.

As for your questions about POTC, here are my responses for each:

*The Farthest Gate(as shown in this part of the official POTC website), the Pearl 's crew sailed through frigid icy waters(I would say the Antarctic, by the look of the area). And I would consider Davy Jones' Locker(the only place Farthest Gate lead the Pearl 's crew to), another dimension, but it would probably be a dimension between the living world(Earth), and the dead world(Heaven or Hell). But that's just how I view it, by the look of the details in the story.

*Well, this is what I know for certain, but I forgot exactly where I found it at(it may have been here, but I may be wrong). Ok, Calypso found out Davy Jones was her betrayer, hence the growing in size and NOT killing the Brethren right when she was released(because she knows that the Brethren wants the kill the EITC, which you obviously can't do without killing Jones). Now this is the main point here: she didn't take any sides(meaning she's not on the Brethren's side or Jones' side). So, Calypso gave enough wind for the Pearl(because the Pearl has the advantage if there is enough wind power), so they can have a chance at killing Jones(who she is REAL mad with at that point). But she's not going to let the Brethren get away with it either, so she made the maelstrom(a BIG humongous whirlpool), to battle the Dutchman. Because, as you could see around the end of the fight, the Pearl almost got sunk into the maelstrom(if not for the crewmen setting the ship free by breaking the Dutchman's mast, and Barbossa's skills on the helm)

Ok.. Ah so this dimensional portal was placed in a hidden location near the Antarctic.. Just what I thought. But what of the water going down? LOL. I'd say that it would be evaporated to come back up when it falls down with such a speed, or that there is consistent exchange of H2O between the two realms or what? If I do remember, in my AWE game, I had to go as Jack Sparrow down into some caverns filled with lava flows and some sort of demon looking creatures or blind folded fighters to fight. I assumed this to be a gateway to Hades' realm. So when people died at sea, their souls are taken down to the Locker to be ferried to the other side by those ethereal creatures in the water (which we do not have an article on)... and the men/women on the boats are meant to signify the souls travelling the seas, in the minds of mortals who viewed it? Because according to the Davy Jones' Locker article, the desert, or the Locker itself, is meant to appear as hell respective to the minds of people trapped in it... Now with this, the Dead Man's Chest and the heart in it, among other things, I wonder how they're going to add sci-fi in the new trilogy lol... Lets see what they conjure up.

On the Maelstrom. I understand.. Calypso gave the pirates a favourable wind against the Dutchman...

I may have a look at it(just out of curiosity). And yes, you have mentioned Jack and Barbossa's weapons. Speaking of which, do you know when we'll know about if "Barbossa's Edge" is the true name of Barbossa's sword(since the official POTC site doesn't mention anything about his sword)?

So you know where the Spoilers are? And on Barbossa's edge... They haven't released it yet. It's a Broadsword, and with MOST of this class of swords having already been released, the fate of the weapon in question is, as of now uncertain. Plus, from the spoilers, PotCo needs to add the following classes : Rapiers, Epees, Boarding Axes, Spyglasses, Dark Blades (Scimitars) and Carronades (iron cast cannons). And on the live game right now, there are only two legendary weapons the Lost Sword of El Patron and Mercer's Blades. But on the Test game, with the Raven's Cove update, they released a new class of weapons called Cursed Blades (which have the appearance of swords of Davy Jones, and are listed as "Davy Jones' Swords" in PotCo's game files. The release of Cursed Blades was highly unexpected, and these weapons have skills of Fire, Ice and Thunder, or powerful combinations of skills from the main classes of swords. Now, coming to the point of this, on the Testgame PotCo has, according to the release notes, released FIVE legendary Cursed Blades. Now with this, it's unpredictable when weapons like Jack Sparrow's Revenge, Barbossa's Edge, Lost Blade of Calypso, Sword of Quetzecoatl and Beckett's pistol, among the MANY others of legendary class, are going to be released. Normally the classification of weapons is Crude, Common and Rare... Rare is good. Then came Famed or Lost Relic. which is an upped version of Rare. And you can expect what legendary would be...

Yeah, I can think of a LOT of things about the Fourth Estate(if you get my drift, lol). I'm not going to buy the book, but I'm excited into seeing the plot on the article here. And in case you're curious on why I'm not getting the book, it's because I'm not much of a book reader. It's like every time I read a book, whenever I have time to, I fall asleep while reading it(which was quite annoying while I was reading Tim Power's On Stranger Tides). But I do want to know what happens, though. And if this is the last book, I would imagine that it would end(and I mean END), either with Jack and Barbossa beginning their search for Isla de Muerta(before the mutiny on the Pearl), OR right after the mutiny. But that's just what I'm thinking how it would end(mostly because I only know the plot for The Caribbean).

Same here, I just want to see the plot on the article. And as I said Legends 's books are better than the Jack Sparrow novels. Unfortunately I don't think Legends is available in India. My reading is only average, but right now I've started reading more books, from the Inheritance cycle and Artemis Fowl series. But how was OST (book)? No but I would like to imagine the role of the Shadow Lord towards the end and what will be revealed about him. Frankly I'm interested in his roles in books about China, India and the Atlantic, as well. And The Caribbean 's plot seemed exciting enough for a start, especially with Villuenelva being the villain.

And as for which console I'm getting Armada on, I'm currently going to get it for PS3. I hear that the X-Box 360 is better(from my cousin who owns one), but I'm just a PS-type of person(plus on "Batman: Arkham Asylum", you can play as the Joker on the PS3 version, lol).

Oh. I have a PS2 and a Wii. The PS3 is better than Xbox 360 in certain ways, but I wouldn't want to go back into that whole cloud again. And what your cousin said is definitely just opinion. Oh in Arkham Asylum you can do the Joker? What, do you get to impale a pencil into an enemy's eye? lol.

Ok, I've just listened to all 3(while I was working on everything else, lol).

*Raven's Cove Day- I thought it was kinda sad-ish, in a way(like you have said), I may not have to say more than that. *Raven's Cove Night- You were right, it did sound kinda creepy. But it sora fits the area at night.

  • Raven's Cove battle-That is the best of this group of music, mostly because it's a battle(and it wasn't too mourning or creepy).

Ah do you want anything more? Thanks, mate. And I think we can add the PotCo image of Port Royal into the article. The only trouble is to where to put it, considering we have an image from the films(the infobox image AND the E.Trader image), and we have one from Armada([one here]). But I'll try and fit the image in there somewhere(since PotCo is part of the POTC universe). Tell me what you think of my placement once I put it up. And as for Keith and Mick, Keith(as I said), is in there. As for Mick Jagger, I haven't heard anything official, so for now, his appearance is only a possibility(at least until something hopefully comes up) No, there's no need to add it to the article. As I said a month or two ago, this image could be used in the Character Box on the Main page... Placing it in the article might add some confusion between the two wikis... But do you have any other ideas? I saw the AotD pic of Port Royal before, but I didn't zoom into see what it looked like fully. It does look epicly detailed and it could use a nice appearance in the PR article. But I felt that it was focussed too much on the crowd and the ship. Mick Jagger might just have a cameo appearance just as Richards did in the 3rd movie. Yea, we'll just have to wait. Speaking of these Rolling Stones do you happen to like Rock or Metal? Or do you vouch for Pop and Justin Bieber? lol. Or a mixture? Because I have a friend who likes both Metallica and Justin Bieber... And where does Rap fit into your equation? - Lord Midhav 07:58, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

You should see the Force Unleashed on the PS3 and/or XBox 360, because it seemed a LOT more "Star Wars"-y rather than the PS2 version(plus, the graphics are GREAT :D). In case you want to see what the cutscenes from the PS3 version are like, here is the best quality video I can find(and there's more than one, so if you want to see the story, which believe me LOOKS better than the PS2 version, you may want to look through that Youtube channel). Hmm... I just skimmed through it.. but as I know, the game is great, and better on the PS3. I hope I do get this game some day with my ps3 (if I get it).

Well it could go to Hades' realm OR Heaven(because remember what happened to Gov. Swann). And yeah, Davy Jones' Locker did seem like a Hell, now that I think about it. Come to think of it, Johnny Depp did say that in an interview for Pirates 3, so you may be right about it being a Hell of some sort. ;) Aye. Yeah, you just gave me the link about the weapons, didn't you? I did? I must have given it to you long ago. Ok, I just told AT about that, and she agreed that she'll do it after she finishes Dance of the Hours(the JS book she's currently working on). And about OST, I've finished it sometime around May or June 2010, and I thought it was a pretty great book. The only problem I had with the book, was that some parts of the book are SO confusing(which is one of the reasons I thought it was a great idea of it being a POTC film, lol). Although, by the look of what's been revealed about Pirates 4, not everything in the book is going to be in the film. Because right now, the only the Fountain of Youth, Blackbeard, QAR, and Florida were in the book AND the film(at least that's from what I see right now). That sounds great. I'm keen on knowing what happens in Rising in the East. And yes, I knew about the similarity between the 4th one and this book. Well, if you plan on getting Armada, you'd probably need to plan on getting a PS3 or Xbox 360(because that's where the game's available at, other than PC). And yes, you can play as the Joker in Arkham Asylum(at least in "Combat challenges" from the game), but ONLY in the PS3 version. Pencil in an enemy's eye. LOL...if only that were so(it was one of the greatest gags in The Dark Knight). PS3 looks like a distant dream for me. If anything, I'll try getting it on my PC. Or if I get the VAIO from the other house (which supports better graphics). I haven't been following much with Batman 3. What all have you found out mate? What music do ye possess? ;) Since I have all the music, I'm going to pick and choose... Oh uploading some of the music doesn't seem to be working... so I currently cannot provide you with any of the music I possess :(

Sorry, mate, I just put the in the PR article yesterday. But I think as long as we have the pic labeled "Port Royal in POTCO", then I think we're ok(just like how Gov. Swann's mansion and Rumrunner's Isle are set up). I don't think that the image should be used in the Character Box because 
* The current PR infobox pic is already in the character box.
   * This wiki is mostly about the films, therefore, we must use an image from the FILMS(with the exception of Jolly Roger, James Sterling, and any pics that we can't find of anything for the Character box). 

Fine, then this pic is suited for Port Royal. But I think we should wait until we get some nice pics from AotD, considering it's graphic quality. We can look at screenshots when they come out (either of loading screens or outer looks) or take a dig at the concept art that would be provided. Most likely. I hope he makes a cameo, since it was Johnny Depp's idea(and if it's JD's idea, I'm going with it, like how how JD portrayed JS). And yes, I like Rock and Metal(hence, me being a fan of the Rolling Stones). But I'm not a HUGE fan of Pop or Rap. But I HATE Justin Bieber(I'm not too big for "pretty boys" or "boy bands", savvy?) Ah you like metal. So other than the Rolling Stones do you like Iron Maiden and/or Metallica? Have you heard Fear of the Dark or Dance of Death from the Irons? Or One from Metallica? Yes Pop and rap are not my favourites, but these days they definitely are converging (biggest being Eminem feat. Rihanna). I once had Rap as my favourite stream of music, but now I only tend to listen to Eminem IF it comes around. Otherwise the old rap songs I used to listen to also stick with me, slightly. But Rock, Metal and of course game or cinematic Instrumental are also of what I like. Have you heard the song "I'm a Goofy Goober (Rock)" from the Spongebob Squarepants movie? Moreover have you been following with Spongebob (or at least when you were little). Okay, here is a song from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie GAME. It's a rock song. It's the song for the final battle: . Tell me how it is :) - Lord Midhav 14:25, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

For now, from an interview with Micheal Caine(the guy who played Alfred), I think they're planning to start filming on May 2011(of all times to start, lol).

Oh... that's far off. Hopefully we'll get our mystery villain revealed by then.

It's ok, you can just let me know ASAP when you can get the music for me.

Okay... I'll try getting the music for you when I can. But there are already some which have been uploaded by other users. Check over here, for any song that I haven't given you : . Tell me how they sound mate.

I like Metallica. But for some reasons, I always forget the names of the songs lol. And I'm right there with ya on that: Rock, Metal, Game and Cinematic music are my ABSOLUTE favorite. Yeah, I have watched Spongebob for the past 10 years and it's ongoing(I know, awkward, isn't it?). And yes,I've heard the Goofy Goober Rock(real catchy song for a Spongebob movie). And I'll tell you about that song from the SSM game ASAP, I haven't found the time to listen to it(editing, hw, etc)

Aye I was only recently introduced to Metallica. Of their old songs, the ones I know are One and Welcome Home(Sanitarium), or at least these two I have found a connection with. One of their recent songs I heard was Unforgiven 2. It sounded quite nice, but it's video was as good (it was made in 1997, and it was about the Pearl Harbour attack from what I saw). As for Spongebob... I like it, but unfortunately here in India, stupid ol' Nick is only showing SBSP uptil Season 3 of all things! And right now I believe 10 seasons have come in America... So I don't watch it anymore, but I did like the movie. I would obviously continue seeing it if they introduce new seasons (but I even gave up on Nick, who have started only showing very old Japanese anime cartoons with either Hindi, or awkward English translations). And yes tell me about the songs (I mean the PotCo songs as well) soon. - Lord Midhav 11:46, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry... school has started. Here's my reply, though I wanted to include a LOT more in it...

As far as we know, it might be the Riddler(although it might be a rumor, since it's WAY too early to tell). But who knows what is in the great Christopher Nolan's mind, right? I'm sure we'll know sooner or later(at least once it involves the words "confirmed to be in Batman 3 as&mdash" insert villain's name, lol).

Riddler... What can they make of the Riddler anyway, after the character of the Joker being portrayed? I mean, I'm not too in the know of characters in the Batman series, and this is definitely one Idk about. And yes, Christopher Nolan might come up with something brilliant... What about the Penguin? Could he appear?

About the PotCo songs, I apologize for making you wait, but I'll have to check them out later(sorry, but I have a HUGE Alg III test, and it's kicking me booty lol).

Tell me then.

Really? Only the first 3 seasons of SBSP(that must be awful). And yes, there are 10 seasons of SBSP in the US, one episode I recommend that you should see is "Spongebob vs the Big One"(which has Johnny Depp guest starring as JKL, aka "Jack Kahuna Laguna"). But, since you guys go only up to Season 3(while "the Big One" is sometime in the later seasons), you might have to wait a while(sorry mate). And I think I've heard Unforgiven and One and Welcome Home(as I said, I forget the names for some reason lol). Anyway, about the Spongebob song, it seems great for a "final battle" of a SBSP related material.

Yes beause of them showing the first 3 seasons only, we've stopped watching SBSP... But I think we got some respite from this alienation from Spongebob, when we went to Malaysia and got a CD with a few episodes from the new seasons. I heard of JD appearing in SBSP as Jack Kahuna (from wikipedia)... is he a villain? Have you heard fear of the Dark and Dance of Death by Iron Maiden?

Ah one thing I wanted to ask you on PotC3! Barbossa made a deal to remove Calypso from her human form, but why did he lock up Tia inside the brig of the ship? This of course provoked her to get angry with the pirates right?

Oh and, PotCo renamed Mercer's Blades, simply calling it Silver Freeze right now. Strange right? Anyway, a weapon called Mercer's Pistol is on the list.

- Lord Midhav 11:35, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry if I misunderstood, but I thought you said that your school was over already.

No no. My school was closed for 15 days (from Sept 22nd to Oct 4th) because my first term got over...

Well, from what I've known of the Riddler(at least from most of the B-man material such as the cartoon series and the Arkham Asylum video game), I would think that the Riddler would a REAL mastermind(because he seemed so smart with the high-tech like communications and all that). And yes, I do believe Nolan will come up with something brilliant. And about the Penguin, he ruled out the Penguin along with Joker and Mr. Freeze(as shown in this article). Nolan also mentioned somewhere(I can't find the article), that the Penguin would be very hard to portray into his Batman series(he didn't give any details how, though).

Oh. So he's not a sadistic joking invurnarable-to-pain type of mastermind (which was what the Joker was). And the Riddler uses high tech communications. I remember seeing Batman Forever, in which he was portrayed by Jim Carrey, and was a scientist at Wayne Industries... but I didn't watch it fully. So tell me, what is the Penguin about anyway?

No, Jack Kahuna Laguna is not a villain. He is a "surfing guru" and teaches Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward on how to surf back to Bikini Bottom from the island where he lives(which is an island that only has one way out: "surfing"). It was a good episode and a GREAT cameo for Johnny Depp. And yes, I've heard of "Fear of the Dark" and "Dance of Death" by Iron Maiden, they were ok songs.

Oh well... I'll see it when it comes. So how does JD speak in the episode? Like CJS? So which is your fav Iron Maiden song? Frankly which is your fav rock/metal song?

Yes, Barbossa did indeed make a deal with Calypso(aka Tia Dalma). If Tia resurrected Barbossa, then Barbossa would ensure Calypso's release from her human bonds. As to why he lock up Tia in the brig, I don't know the exact reason, but I think it's just so no one(either Davy Jones or one of the Pirate Lords), would kill her before he got to release her(idk, that's just why I think Barbossa did it). And yes, that most likely is one of the things that provoked her to be angry with the Pirates(other than the bounding her in human form, lol).

No, it looked like Barbossa and Tia were having a small scuffle outside Shipwreck Island if you see, and that Barbossa got angry and asked Pintel and Ragetti to lock her up. I think Tia threatened to return him back to his cursed form, or something...

Weird. So let me get this straight: they're not calling the weapon "Mercer's Blades", but "Silver Breeze"(basically, Mercer's Blades doesn't exist anymore). And they're going to bring a weapon called "Mercer's Pistol". Did I get it right?

The renaming was probably done to minimize the confusion about Silver Freeze, as the new release said that the weapon belonged to the Abu Nar... I need to ask PotCo what the story is behind this, and whether Mercer actually even owned it at one point. And yes it looks like Mercer's Pistol (along with Beckett's Pistol and Jack Sparrow' Pistol) are coming. But really... what powers can they put for these weapons that belonged to mortals.. Mercer's Blades was partially understandable, because he was sort of a mysterious assassin in the dark. But pistols? What, Beckett can summon a tsunami? LOL. But that actually may be coming for the Lost Blade of Calypso... Tsunami and all. But what about those Aztecs? Sword of Quetzecoatl... the Aztec god? Monchtezuma (Last Aztec emperor)'s Blade? Lost Sword of El Dorado? What will they do with these?

1. About the Main Page Character box, do you know how to change the colors(since you said we should change the color to brown or something to fit the background)? Because I have absolutely no idea of how they work. And because of school(bleh), I can't research it to where it would be correct.

2. Has your bro agreed to do that favor I asked(concerning that Main Page image for this wiki)?

I can do it, but if you want a reference on how to do it check : wikipedia:Web colours. And yes Harshul started working on it and it's coming out great. Except that working on it for 1 whole hour got him to complete only half of the "O" in Online. How much have you finished of the PotCo plot anyway? And I'm sorry that I hadn't posted the prequel plots... I'll try doing it between now and January start. What is the latest on the carriage scene anyway? I hope it's not too much of a spoiler...

Lord Midhav 10:51, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Hello Again! Edit

Hello again mate! Long time it has been for my reply... My access to the internet was mellowed down due to my exams and such. I need to make it short to fit in my allotted time limit.

Well, the only Riddler I know(that was close enough to the comics that I've seen), was the one from the Animated series in the DC Universe(here's a clip of his capture and the ending to that episode, just to show the madness of his character).

But if I had to guess what they'll do to the Riddler's look in the Nolan films, I would say they'll keep the coat, tie and all that(kinda like what they did to Joker's costume, but with Riddler's style). And I'd imagine they'll go somewhat close to the Riddler from "The Batman"(here's another clip), except he won't have the long hair. But I would imagine that he will have the various connections with high tech. And don't get me wrong, I like Jim Carrey in many of his comedy films, but his portrayal of the Riddler in Batman Forever didn't seem like the Riddler to me(mostly because I pictured Jim as Joker, consider what he does). But I'm not saying I didn't like the film, I just didn't like how the Riddler's joking personality was portrayed(the Riddler never laughed as much as Carrey's Riddler). And about the Penguin, he was basically a "bird loving" villain. He wasn't one of my favorites, but I didn't mind watching him in Batman episodes, so I don't know too much about him other than what is see in the tv series and film Batman Returns(but I think it might be a little different than what the Penguin was intended to be). But I completely understand why Nolan wouldn't want Penguin to be in Batman 3(since I don't really imagine a villain in Nolan's Bman universe that loves birds so much, lol).

Well now I know what the Riddler is about. And as if you wouldn't be knowing about the following news: Nolan has confirmed that the Riddler ISN'T the villain. He has also announced the name of the 3rd Batman film : "The Dark Knight Rises". Sounds.... like it could have had a better title XD. But who's our mystery villain then?

He basically sounded as heard in this commercial of the episode(sorry, it was the ONLY one I could find with Johnny's voice). And my favorite Iron Maiden song is Deja-vu, and my favorite rock/metal song would either be Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day or Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones(idk, it's hard to choose between those 2). Those are my picks, mate. ;)

The commercial was perverted lol. It was intended to appease teenagers with the knowledge that Spongebob was intended for both them and adults... But I got that point long before hehe. I'm not sure I liked Deja-vu much. But I did find out that a new album of Iron Maiden has been released. Or had, somewhere early in 2010. I'll just hand you over a sample of their album: . It's called "When the Wild Wind Blows", and it seems to be based on the mass confusion related to 2012. You must follow the lyrics to like the song (here) -

Ok, I've only gotten a short time after the Pearl boss battle, but I will try and read more of it this weekend(I've been WAY busy with Midterm exams this week). I promise, I'll try and read some of it tomorrow afternoon.

Well Pearl was the starting of the story I handed to you. How much have you finished reading anyway? And you haven't replied on what the El Patron Boss Battle was like. (from the vid I gave you earlier in the shoutbox)

And no worries about the prequel, you take as long as you need(mostly because I'd like the information to be as accurate as possible).

More time, more time ;) I don't seem to be having any time for editing on any of the wikis....

A lot has happened with this scene, considering the chase scene started filming since the VERY beginning of October(although nothing BIG has been spoiled). Ok, this is the order of pics/vids of the BTS of the Carriage chase scene filming(as far as I know, we don't know much "plot-wise", but "scene-wise", we know a LOT of what swashbuckling stunts Jack will do in the scene). Look, if you dare, at these links(at least if you're interested into seeing these):


  • First pics of CJS and the Carriage here and here(one of these galleries is where I got my infobox pic, as you can see, lol)
  • Pics of one of CJS's stunts here and here(this is where it got REAL interesting).
  • Pic of Johnny on top of the carriage here.

Here are a few vids from my research

  • Video of the same pics with possible extra pics here(it's basically the same as the some of the pics above, but it's just in case if it included pics you haven't seen)
  • Video of the ACTUAL chase being filmed here(but I can't tell if it's really Johnny or if it's his stunt double, but it's Jack anyway, lol)
  • It's not a vid, but it's a slideshow of the filming of Jack on the carriage here.

And one more thing(this might be a spoiler, in a way, we just don't know how it is so): in this scene, Jack will ride a carriage that goes on FIRE(apologies if this is spoiler-ish to you). Oh, and a little birdie told me that the scene will most likely take place sometime in the beginning of P4.

OK got this. What new news, other than Mr. Griffith and the new skull logo?

Lord Midhav 13:15, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Ummm... you busy mate. If so, take as much time as ye want to reply - no hurry.

Hey Mid,

First, I would like to apologize for my lateness in replying(I've just got back from a week without internet, lol). Secondly, I would like to apologize for moving your response, but I made it clear that all the "Free Discussion" material should go to [this talk page](sorry, but I'm just that organized, lol).

My apologies. I completely forgot about that.

Don't worry, I'm the same as well. As I said, Algebra III is kicking my butt, and is continuing to do so. But this complication will go as Captain Jack said:"arose, ensued, overcome"(yeah, I'm that nerdy over this universe, lol). But on the bright side, I've only have to deal with about 3 more weeks of it...mostly because the last day of school before the X-Mas holidays will be on December 17th(curious, isn't it? lol). Actually, while Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed the teaser premiering during Tron: Legacy, a little birdy told me it may appear on the internet around the 13th. ;)

I wonder why Algebra is tough for you... lol... Even I get too engrossed sometimes in my mind, in thinking of scientific expalanations for phenomena in PotC - the nerdy side of me on this universe. I have my exams starting on Dec 7th, which will be my last school-conducted exams (all portions, can you believe it?) for THIS year, after which I have the epic showdown of the 10th standard (grade as you'd call it) exams in Feb - the board exams. Anyway the Dec. 7th exams will go all the way till the 23rd. But I'll try finding a way of getting into the internet to see the trailer... (I might even be given free internet access if I come home saying I'm tired)... And I don't know what to expect of the trailer.

It does seem a shame that the Riddler wouldn't be the new villain(but then, I don't think we would need a knack to show villains that have already been shown from previous B-man films in new B-man films, unless if necessary). Oh yeah, I've heard about them confirming the title. And yeah, it does seem like they could have had a better title(like The Caped Crusader, lol). And I've read some sources of the villain possibly being "Hugo Strange", one of B-man's villains who actually found out B-man's "secret identity". I think that it might work(since we never saw his character on the BIG screen).

Yep he ain't the villain. And maybe we might be seeing some unimportant villains (never heard of this "Strange" Hugo - lol) being brought up for the films, with some new unique characteristics from the mind of Chris Nolan. Have you ever watched Winnie the Pooh before? And I've heard that Tim Burton is taking over the Maleficent film project...

LOL XD. Spongebob has slowly became too idiotic for the past decade(the first 3-4 seasons were probably classic SB STs episodes), and yet I get into them every time.

Hey you didn't tell me about the songs I gave you with the SBSP message.

Sorry, mate, but I haven't had the time with reading much(with editing here at the Wiki, Algebra III, etc). But I promise I will have it read in the next few weeks, but I'm afraid that it may be around when I get off of school before I can get caught up with what you've given me(again, sorry about that). And I may have forgotten about what the El Patron Boss Battle vid was about, could you get me the link again(since the shoutbox is no more). And I promise, I will reply to you on that vid(because El Patron was like one of the main baddies, right?).

Just do a quick read through what I've given. You can probably avoid the Casa de Muertos and Walter parts, because they're more like side-stories to the plot. Okay premise to the following El Patron battle video. After collecting the journals in El Patron's Mine to two ghostly explorers, the pirates finally get access to a chamber containing a ship, landlocked from all sides. It is night, so the haunting tune of Rage Ghosts far away down below in the Cove's desolate and deserted town can be heard. The pirates explore the ship of El Patron... Once Patron is defeated, just skip through the video to the cool part when the pirate chooses the Cursed Blade of his choice. I mean the video of him holding the blade and tossing it in the air - a cutscene. Just an update or two on the story lines. Walter is indeed dead for good. The Evil Curse of Doom thing that is mentioned after defeating Patron hasn't come on any pirates' hands yet, and they continuously check it with an emote. People are speculating that it MIGHT be the Black Spot when it comes... just maybe...

The video:

Yeah, I've had GREAT ideas for some of the articles here, but it takes me about 2-3 weeks to make the ideas come alive(I know, I'm that bad, lol).

Ideas for all the articles, or the novels' ones only?

Lord Midhav 08:18, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

Extreme apologies mate for placing this here, despite you telling me about putting it in Free Discussion. Something is wrong with my connection, and because of cookies or something, that page isn't loading (I tried leaving the message there and then the connection went off, and I had to put it back on). I have to make this really quick, because I don't have time. I wanted to include the thing about Star Wars: the Old Republic and stuff in this but I'll try next time. I think the reply on your message in the other wiki can wait for a while, aye?

I'm just not a huge "Math-wiz", but I'm a HUGE history geek(hence, my passion for this universe, lol). I'll be done with Science, Spanish II, Business and Algebra III by December 17th, and then I'll be on break until the beginning of January where I start a bunch of new classes until May 2011(Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Literature...these classes, not as hard lol).

Why do you have Psychology and Sociology? Don't you get to chose the groups you're in for, in the U.S?
:And yes, I've watched Winnie the Pooh before...I was, and am still a "Disney loving" guy. Although I hate most of the things they're doing with it now, with the new TV shows that doesn't seem like Disney...kinda like my dislike for the new Winnie the Pooh TV series that uses "cpu animation" rather than "hand drawn animation"(which is why I'm looking forward to the new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out next year that is the REAL way to make Winnie the Pooh..."hand drawn animation"). Sorry for bringing that up, I just had to say it(I get nutty over most of what Disney has come to lol).
:From what I've read in this article, this is what's said about the new Maleficent movie:
:MTV: I spoke to Angelina Jolie recently, and she said she's a huge fan of yours and is anxious to make "Maleficent" with you.
Burton: I'd love to work with her. We're working on a script for that. It's hard to know when that script will be ready. But I'm a huge fan, I'd love to work with her -- so, yeah, that would be a good one.
:So, it looks as if Tim Burton will indeed take over. ;)
:I used to have Winnie the Pooh episodes, the very earliest ones, in VCRs when I was small. I even had some books on him apart from many other connections to that series. And you're referring to the 3d animated WtP episodes aye? And the Maleficent stuff sounds like great news. Hopefully we'll be seeing it in 2013. But I wonder how it'll be, especially since it's focussed on HER character. How will she be portrayed as a (anti)hero? She's too much of a villain for the story to be told from her view. Perhaps something like her origins would suffice. I want this series to be historical, dark and realistic like PotC. Like set during the Crusades? idk. (Sleeping Beauty is set in the 14th century)

I'll try and do a quick read through in the next few days(because I am currently on Thanksgiving break for the rest of this week). And as for the El Patron Boss Battle, it looks pretty great. A shame that Walter's is dead(because he did seem like a decent baddie). And the Black Spot may be appearing in Pirates Online, ye say? Well keep me posted on if it's really true or not.
:Read it fast mate! I bet you won't understand the backstory of El Patron UNLESS you read... and you know why? Because you got confused silly! LOL! Captain Walter is the GOOD GUY! The leader of the Marceline guild, the most honest and trustworthy of pirates EVER seen. A very nobel character for a pirate. He was killed by his old friend and worker for Jolly (Ezekiel Rott) whilst sailing away after battling a treasure fleet of the Trading Co. In other words, the best of the goody-goodies, was killed in cold blood by his old friend. XD. Really, read through it properly, it isn't THAT big. And the nature of the Evil Curse of Doom cannot be confirmed, for now... because there is nothing about it that we know - except that the chatbox says "It doesn't look like your hand contains an Evil Curse of Doom", when you type /hand in chat.
ah, all of the articles. I'm letting you and Angelica Teach handle the novel articles, since I don't really own any of the JS or LotBC novels(but I could help in making corrections to the summaries like grammar and italicizes and all that). Oh, and in case you haven't found it yet, I've created a new gallery a few days ago: Gallery of Cutler Beckett images. It doesn't have many images, but I'm working on getting it fully ready since we're bound to be busy next year lol. And I also have added some of the "concept art" images of some POTC locations and added a concept art of Teague in his page. Just thought I should tell you of some interesting ideas I came up with that I thought might work. ;) CJSFanBlack Pearl, HMS Interceptor, Queen Anne's Revenge 09:12, November 24, 2010 (UTC)
:**Ok, in case you haven't read the "Batman" part of our discussion, here's the article about Hugo Strange(I don't know if he's appearing in The Dark Knight Rises, but I know he'll appear in Batman: Arkham City)**

    • Maybe then you should plan to get the full-fledged adult novel called Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom:The Price of Freedom. Being so long, it seems to be going into every missing detail of the series. Beckett is one of the villains, set during Jack's tenure at the Co. The Brethren Court is detail alot in one excerpt of a chapter... okay just adding some info like on predecessors of the present lords in the Brethren Court, it did add. The Fountain of Youth and Angelica Teach also seem to be in it. But there may be more for such a long book. I'm going to ask the author if she can include at least the mention of Jolly ol' Roger (he was a member of the court, though not a lord), because she came into one of the main forums sites of PotCo. I'll tell her on Facebook where she's active. I saw the Gallery, at least from the wiki activity - glad you made it ;) I need to see the concept art of Teague and locatuons. But right now I'm heading to watch the trailers of Green Lantern and Thor before I log off. And now I know who Strange is. I can even picture him based on the professor who comes in the starting of Iron Man. Maybe Hugh Jackman or Hugo Weaving can go for his role? XD. - Lord Midhav 12:01, November 26, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry phore ze lattenesssss...... I have my exams right now but I've come on to reply to you, since I have the time ;)

Yeah, I remember the old Winnie the Pooh(although it's been a LONG time since I've seen it). Unfortunately, I've never read any of the books(I dunno, but I've read they've recently made a new WtP book). And yes, I mean I don't like "My Friends Tigger and Pooh". I just don't think the way they made it seems like a "Disney made" show, which to me is either animated or a puppet show(like other well-known WtP series)...which is why I am looking forward to next year's WtP movie lol.

As for the Maleficent, I cannot tell(because we haven't see too many films based on the villain's point of view). And I would imagine they would try and make it like PotC(except it being set in the 14th century). I'm kinda interested in seeing what they'll come up with...hopefully with OFFICIAL confirmation of who will play Maleficent(I hope they'll make Angelina Jolie do it, she seems that type of woman). xD

Same here... Winnie the Pooh and all those Disney films were viewed by me when I had a working VCR, which is something prior to VCDs itself. My Friends Tigger and Pooh used to come often on Disney channel... Or maybe it still comes now.... idk... I've stopped watching all cartoon channels after they put all those really crappy shows (and like I said, what happened to SBSP here is one of the reasons). Back in 2005 I started watching news, LIKE MAD. BBC news actually. EVERY hour's news - I was so obsessed with knowing what was going on, here and there. Then my News viewing changed to some of the Indian national news channels back in '07 or '08. Watching everything that goes on in Politics (it's so entertaining - all the fights, literal and figurative, in Politics - XD). And yes Angelina Jolie is probably the best choice for M because she looks so evil herself!

Bugger, I thought I messed up somewhere(Captain Walter is a good guy). I'll be sure to read as much as possible(thoroughly this time lol). So, if there are any more updates for the Evil Curse of Doom, give me a head's up(I am quite curious if it will become a BIG thing or not).

Done/Started? Just reminding you lol...

I'll try and get it, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get most of it right(I'm not much of a "book-reader"), I barely made it through "On Stranger Tides" lol. Even if I was able to read it through my time, I usually skim through some parts. But I am interested into knowing what happens, though(since it will most likely go into parts we don't know yet in the PotC universe). And take all the time you'll need to find the concept art for Teague(found it...well, Teague lol) and locations(I've added Devil's Throat, Shipwreck Island, and World's End aka Farthest Gate). I've also added the official logo for [Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret Files of the East India Trading Company|Secret Files of the EITC](although it's not the book cover, I added it to the page). I'm having a HUGE breakthrough of ideas with images I'm getting right now(amazing what thinking of these type of things can do to you lol).

And I've seen the Green Lantern trailer(seems like it'll be good...although I'm shocked that Ryan Renolds is now an action hero after doing the comedy "Just Friends"), and I've yet to see Thor's trailer(I'll take a look ASAP). And as for Strange, I would probably say Hugo Weaving could play him(I don't imagine Hugh Jackman being THAT bad, especially after X-Men lol).

I've seen all the concept art mate... It looks interesting. Just a few confirmations from the author. There is no Angelica or Fountain in this one. The girl Esmeralda is completely different from Angelica though both are... Spanish-ish. I left the link to the excerpt on Angelica (the user)'s talk page, so see it if you want to.... And the author made the story starting 3 years ago, so she can't make any inclusions on the characters I've suggested (and she also told me that she wants to refrain from making additions from the elements of the series aimed at kids - books and games). I saw the exclusive on OST, it seems exciting to see all the first images from the film, though it will be MUCH better in the trailer. Also, in the video you gave me, I saw all those comments by you and your friends LOL. And did you find Thor's trailer? I don't think it's on YouTube. I really don't see why all the DC comic fan-boys are complaining about the character of Green Lantern being white and not the afro-american John Stewart.... I remember seeing the latter in Justic League when it used to come on Cartoon Network but I have no problems with it being "Hal Jordan".

I could have spoken alot with you now but I HAVE to go (ONCE again XD). Just tell Angelica that I'll reply to her later, and Uskok that Sterling can't come for Price of Freedom (with the reasons) - Lord Midhav 10:10, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

New Pictures from OST!! Edit

I found some new pictures from the next movie. at this link.I figured you would like to upload some of them to the wiki. Johnny Deep doesn't own a cell phone? Weird, I thought he would have a cell phone. Johnny says that "We have internet and stuff like that because I think that's the safest form, well, most interesting form of communication. I just don't like phones, I just don't like them. Being reachable all the time... (If you want to contact me,) you'd have to know how to just buzz me on the internet or something." I will work on the logo tonight.My internet was really slow yesterday, so I couldn't reply to you. KatBlueDog Hiya! 17:56, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

Online Edit

If you're online now, come on chat. I can reply to your message - my exams are over. - Lord Midhav 07:36, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

When you're online why don't you keep a chat window open? - Lord Midhav 12:18, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

You know what I'm going to say. - Lord Midhav 08:56, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

Now Edit

Come on chat now mate. - Lord Midhav 19:30, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

Actually forget it. But come online whenever you're editing savvy? - Lord Midhav 19:39, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

Lol no I told you to forget about chatting after some time. I don't have much time on the comp now because this laptop overheats quickly. I can only tell you - check POTCO wiki immediately. Something from On Stranger Tides HAS COME to the game! (a certain... weapon, whose full power has yet to be unleashed)- Lord Midhav 12:08, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

So, we'll see Blackbeard's sword in Pirates Online, maybe even Blackbeard himself. UskokViceroy of the Indies, Nemesis 15:30, April 19, 2011 (UTC)
That would be nice. Does the Sword appear in the game now, or is it just a promotion until after OST hits theaters? --J Fan SigBlack Pearl, HMS Interceptor, Queen Anne's Revenge 00:04, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
It IS in the game, except that it is a REALLY weak broadsword ( In-fact, the developers allowed every user to get the sword, which I find to be extremely stupid. There are four ways to classify weapons in PotCo - Crude, Common, Rare, Famed and Legendary. Now, the Sword of Triton, which is supposed to be Legendary, like the Lost Sword of El Patron (or at least famed) is just a Rare sword! It has a slightly common power called Hurricane Slash... But I have all reason to believe that there is much much more to come. The last news post said something about a sword being unearthed, that has powers to control the enemy... And this news post on the weapon says :
"A riddle scrawled on parchment and found buried alongside the sword remains our only clue:

"This sword holds far more power than meets the eye, for when a royal bow breaks water, ye shall know her name and that of her enslaved crew." "

Any guesses? The sword's full power is yet to be unleashed. But I'd hate the idea of everyone having the sword... such a powerful sword... really stupid. The riddle there hints at Blackbeard coming I suppose. I wonder if PotCo ditched the Davy Jones / Kraken idea. - Lord Midhav 07:50, April 20, 2011 (UTC)

Now I think that Blackbeard will kill Jolly Roger, or at least do him some great damage, like stealing his voodoo powers, which could explain why Roger doesn't appear in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.-UskokViceroy of the Indies, Nemesis 12:07, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
So, if the Sword appears in the game NOW...then shouldn't we write that the Sword's first appearance is in Pirates Online?
As for what the Sword's full power is, well, we do know the Sword controls the QAR in OST, and that it controls the rigging of other ships(as per what Barbossa said of the Pearl's fate). So, I'm guessing on this, but I think the sword may have the power one needs to kill least, killing without having to stab others(kinda like killing 12 guys all at once, or something). lol xD --J Fan SigBlack Pearl, HMS Interceptor, Queen Anne's Revenge 21:16, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
The earlier post said that the Marceline were looking for a weapon (just as the Navy/EITC and Undead increased their activity, in an obvious search for the weapon) that was said to have powers of controlling the enemy. So I doubt it'd be about killing enemies without touching them... there are Voodoo Staffs for that purpose. What's more significant about the sword is that it has some connection with an upcoming storyline, and from the riddle given, one can only deduce that the QAR and its "enslaved crew" are coming to the game. I still wonder if they've ditched the Kraken :/ - Lord Midhav 13:43, April 22, 2011 (UTC)

Belated Greetings of the Day Edit

If I do remember correctly, May 20th was your birthday? Well then Happy Birthday! Sorry I haven't been around and wasn't around, but I spent the last 20 days or so travelling the whole of the US. Now I'm back in India. Sadly since I left on Ma 20th, I missed the premier of OST. I have to book for it too. I'm REALLY surprised at the critical reaction to the movie, but it seems that two days into the film's release has already fetched it 127mil. worldwide? I hope the rate doesn't dumb down over time. The film's box office score needs to beat Avatar! What did you think of the film anyway? I'll need to spend the next few days getting off my jet-lagged. It's hard to stay active on the wiki even during the holidays, when for SO LONG (exams) I wasn't editing at all! I've more-or-less become just a silent observor now... - Lord Midhav 01:28, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

Oh well I remembering you saying something about appeasing "the crowds" for your birthday... Some movie? The Dark Knight Rises? I finally saw the movie... I found it to be awesome... though not the best. The best for me is still At World's End. The film critics are really getting on my nerves. But maybe they're right about a few things? Like the plot of On Stranger Tides being a bit disjoint? I saw Kermonde's review of OST... He seems to be pointing out that AWE was misjudged? I hope people like it too. 69% of the audience on Rotton Tomatoes liked the movie, compared to the 75% for AWE. So I guess some people didn't like this film either. From audience reviews, some of them found it boring. That's possibly influenced by the views of critics... Yes it doesn't seem like it's going for 2 billion.. lol. I thought it was going fast but it seems to be slowing down (which could further happen with more blockbusters such as Kungfu Panda 2 and The Hangover II releasing next week). Just one thing. Do you have any idea if The Spaniard may be coming back? He seemed to be an interesting character to me (how he stood up against the already pretty much really evil Blackbeard). - Lord Midhav 11:50, May 26, 2011 (UTC)

Those fans who dissed off OST... Did they do so because of Liz/Will not being there? I actually was expecting good reviews from critics, considering that OST was supposed to be a straightforward plot unlike AWE. So Rotton Tomatoes did indeed shock me. Actually a lot of reviews were mixed. Even here. So it does seem that the critics influenced the opinion of the audiences. Like you, I'm always "easily entertained", so almost any movie that comes out seems to be fine with me... That is unless I have some sense of anticipation for it.

The rate of OST's gross is supposedly similar to At World's End... But I hope that it crosses up to the Dead Man's Chest mark. Anyhow, the series seems to be in a positions for a fifth one. One thing I want them to change about the fifth one would be the director. I didn't have ANY problems with Rob Marshall... but I really think they should alternate directors (ever since the departure of Verbrinski) to just try out a different way of looking at the series each time. Without doubt, I really think they should try Peter Jackson. That man is amazing, considering the justice he did to The Lord of the Rings. Every film of his seems to have rave reviews from both sides of viewership. So since he's apt with a fantasy series, it would be good. Other contenders I'd go for would be Quenton Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Maybe some more, but these are the people who'd bring some hype into a fifth one (and possibly new fan-bases). You're right about the Spaniard. What I'd like to see of characters like him and Philip (devout Catholics) in P5, would be a complete loss of faith in life and God, when (if this happens) they face someone godly like Triton (whom I think JB referred to as the "man who wants to rule more than just the Ocean"). Well I just want them to explore the idea of faith since we've already seen gods and all. I also want them to bring in some science fiction along with Atlantis... But that again is just my opinion - Lord Midhav 08:44, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

If you were telling me about how late you were, consider that I'm replying only after 3 months!! That's how busy I've been. Now that my 1st term holidays have started, I've decided to try to come back to editing.

Honestly, Blackbeard, although a very evil character, was one who went along with Sparrow almost as a protagonist. Especially in the end, when the Spanish seemed to take the role of the final "antagonists". Alot was cut from paper? I had a feeling. Any idea how long the deleted/extended scenes will be? xD

Coming back to directors. Oddly enough, just as I gave you my favourite choices for the directors, the next day Star Movies India posted a status on FB asking whom would people prefer for a new director for P5. And EVEN strangely, everyone individually said the SAME choices I told you!! Anyway, I've heard talk of them choosing Tim Burton? Well for me it seems right if Disney takes up different directors to bring different aspects into the series.

WHAT'S THE LATEST SINCE I'VE GONE???? - Lord Midhav 09:57, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

I swear. Well, I'm sure you can manage the wiki pretty well. I'm not sure I could haha.

Thanks for compiling all of that, CJS! Anyway, we can wait for the DVD/Blu-ray to come out. I did see the extended tango scene. I felt the movie was TOO short anyway in theatres.

Yea even I doubt that they'd take the helm. I'm not such a fan of Marshall's directing. Like I said earlier, Gore made the series look very mysterious. This was just so... in your face. And critics found it as just a lot of plot-lines randomly thrown into it at different points. Not much of Gore's form of directing. I found the plot to be really good though. Maybe a bit shallow. Maybe it missed something big like sea battles.

TDKR? Cool. I've completely lost touch with the latest from PotC so thanks. But it's the same with TDKR. What's the latest there?

I don't think that I'm even given enough time in the holidays to come on the wikia. And when I come I really dunno what to do other than discuss with you. Can you compile a to-do list on what I can do? xD That would be much needed. Just leave it for me to do, and I'll try. I want to make use of my position to help as much as I can. Should I still work on those three books and all that? - Lord Midhav 03:08, October 7, 2011 (UTC)

Well Tango is deleted, so I really don't see how the tie-in impacts the story as a whole, in any way. (I mean, it could've been extended rather)

I can attritbute the success of this film to the extensive marketting done by Disney, especially considering the time elapsed since their last movie. It's really great that the overall was a billion in total! I hope that people in geeral did like it (i've heard loads of people complaining about the movie) so that the series can go on for another few millenia :P

The Batwing inclusion is great. I guess it takes the series to a whole new level... of technology. I'm curious about Bane and Catwoman... Also rumours about Taila Al Ghul, but I wouldn't want any spoilers as for now (as much as I got for P4 - a little too much), savvy?

Not much to say on the last part, but I'll have to work on that tomorrow lol ;) - Lord Midhav 22:00, October 7, 2011 (UTC)

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