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New Orleans

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The Age of Bronze

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City of Gold


Killed by Jack Sparrow


"Who wants bronze? Apparently, someone! And that someone was named Madame Minuit—a beautiful pirate and—like you, Miss Dalma—a practitioner of the mystical arts. Not quite as good, I dare say. Although she does have these creepy snakes that emerge from her arms as if out of nowhere—you should look into getting yourself some."
Jack Sparrow to Tia Dalma[src]

Madame Minuit was a powerful Creole witch who lived in New Orleans during the early 18th century. She was known to have a mystical power over snakes.


"Come to meet your fate, oui?"

Minuit, accompanied by her slave, Tim Hawk, stole the Sun-and-stars amulet from Tumen's village on the Yucatán Peninsula, and returned with it to New Orleans. There, Minuit was confronted by Captain Jack Sparrow and the crew of the Barnacle, who had been suspected of stealing the amulet. The crew fought Minuit for the artifact, but during the fight, Tim turned against his slavemaster, allowing Sparrow to escape with the amulet. Tim joined the crew, explaining the circumstances of his enslavement to Madame Minuit.

Madame Minuit

Jack's crew would confront Minuit once more, following a fight aboard the Fleur de la Mort. Left-Foot Louis and Silverback had by this point joined Minuit, who used her powers to merge with them to transform into a massive three-headed serpent. This monster was ultimately defeated by Jack Sparrow and Laura Smith.

Powers and abilities[]

"Who in the twelfth ring of Davy Jones's Locker was that?"
"That, was Madame Minuit.
Jack Sparrow and Jean Magliore[src]

Madame Minuit worked her magic in various ways. Her voodoo dolls had the ability to hurt someone or make them sick (like made Tumen's Great Great Grandfather sick), but they only worked in the hands of Minuit herself, or one of her slaves. These individuals were first enslaved when bitten by one of her snakes, and had to be bitten again on a regular basis in order to keep them controlled.

She also had other powers of Dark voodoo magic, such as turning into black smoke to move, and to use her snake powers to merge with Left Foot Louis and Silverback.

Behind the scenes[]

  • "Minuit" means "midnight" in French.