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"Now, it's high time I board the Misty Lady and make us all scarce. Mind terribly giving me a lift?"
Edward Teague to Jack Sparrow[src]

The Misty Lady was a pirate ship captained by Edward Teague, Pirate Lord of Madagascar and Keeper of the Code of the Brethren Court. It was used by Teague during his quest to find his teenage son, Jack Sparrow.


After the incident with the Timekeeper, Jack Sparrow and Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III spotted the Misty Lady being chased by a fleet of British Royal Navy and East India Trading Company ships in their direction. By the time Jack managed to throw the treacherous Fitz overboard, the Lady had managed to catch up with the Barnacle, and Teague insisted on bringing his unwilling son aboard his ship for rescue. Shortly afterwards, the ship came under attack from the enemy fleet, and as Teague's crew returned it in kind, the Misty Lady was engaged in a full-out battle the likes of which Sparrow had never seen before.[1]

During the fight, the Misty Lady was invaded by Admiral Lawrence Norrington and his officers, who had all the crewmen onboard bound and brought back to his ship. After the crew managed to free themselves with the help of double-dealing officer Joshamee Gibbs, the majority of the crewmen returned to the Lady, with the exception of Teague and Jack. Another massive cannon fight ensued between the Lady and Norrington's vessel, during which Teague's crew managed to batter Norrington's ship, rendering it defenseless. With Norrington's crew defeated, Teague and Jack made their way back to the Misty Lady, and Teague sailed his son to an extremely beautiful island near Poseidon's Peak so he could procure himself a new boat.[1]

It is unknown about what ever happened to the Misty Lady.

Design and appearance[]

The Misty Lady was a huge ship with a reddish exterior. Its Jolly Roger was a skeleton holding a speared heart in its hand. The figurehead of a mermaid decorated its bow.

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