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"The whole town speaks of you. The only survivor of the Monarch."
John Scarfield to Henry Turner[src]

The Monarch was a British Royal Navy warship active in the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy.


It is unknown when the Monarch was built, but by 1751[4] she was under the command of Captain Toms. As a warship of the British Royal Navy, the Monarch was occasionally engaged in hunting and destroying pirates in the Caribbean.[5] During one of these pirate hunts, the Monarch entered the Devil's Triangle, falling prey of the Silent Mary and her cursed crew. The whole crew was slaughtered by the Spanish and only Henry Turner was left alive in order to tell the tale. The Monarch was then completely destroyed.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the Monarch is a war galleon which can be found in the waters around Padres Del Fuego.
  • In Terry Rossio's original script for Dead Men Tell No Tales, one of the ships owned by the Spanish Royal Navy was the Monarca (which means Monarch in Spanish), a thousand ton Spanish galleon.[6] Whether this ship inspired the Monarch or this was taken as a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean Online is unknown.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the Monarch was portrayed by the same prop that portrayed the Silent Mary and the Essex.
  • As a warship of the British Royal Navy, the Monarch should be called the HMS Monarch. However, the prefix HMS (His Majesty's Ship) was never mentioned neither in Pirates of the Caribbean Online nor in Dead Men Tell No Tales and its related material.
  • In the film the Monarch does not fly any flag of the British Royal Navy nor any symbol of the Kingdom of Great Britain. However, Helen O'Loan's artwork shows the ship flying the Union Jack and the Red Ensign, a flag which was historically used by Royal Navy's red squadron which patrolled the waters of the Caribbean and the North Atlantic.
  • Historically, the Royal Navy had a warship named the HMS Monarch in 1751, a year in which Dead Men Tell No Tales is set. Unlike the POTC ship, the real Monarch was sold for breaking up in 1760.


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Notes and references[]

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