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"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"And do ye know what the name of his mighty ship was?"
"It were a fine ship..."
Laura Smith and Captain Torrents[src]

The Monkeebutt was a pirate ship captained by Captain Torrents.


"That must be Torrents's ship. I suppose his crew mutinied."
Jean Magliore[src]

It was said that under Torrents' incompetent command, the Monkeebutt was captured more times than it actually set sail. As a result, the greatest haul the ship ever got to make was a boatload of bananas on their way to Jamaica. The Monkeebutt was ultimately captured by the British Royal Navy when Captain Laura Smith tipped them off to the location of one of Torrents' planned attacks.

Through unknown circumstances, Torrents recaptured the ship. One day, the ship docked in Tortuga, where Torrents decided to have a drink in the notorious Faithful Bride tavern. During his visit, the young adventurer Jack Sparrow stole the Scabbard of the Sword of Cortés from Torrents.

The Monkeebutt followed Jack's boat, the Barnacle, to Isla Esquelética, where Torrents attempted to kill Jack and his friends. However, Torrents was made unconscious, and his crew raised a mutiny, leaving him on the island.



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