Cortes vs Montezuma
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29 June 1520



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Montecuhzoma II

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Swords of Light


Aztec Empire

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The Sword of Cortés

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The Sword of Cortés

"Cortés, you disgraced me and my empire. Because of you I was stoned by my own subjects. Know now that I am here to retreive the power you stole."
―Montecuhzoma's spirit to Hernán Cortés' spirit[src]

Montecuhzoma[1], also known as Montezuma[2], was an Aztec emperor[3] during the time of Hernán Cortés' conquest of the Aztec Empire. He was known as a philosopher and a sage, and took the throne with reluctance.


Montecuhzoma served as Cortés' subordinate, believing him to be the god Quetzalcoatl in human form. His faith was such that Montecuhzoma remained loyal to Cortés even when the conquistador began to dominate the Aztec empire and massacre its people. It was believed the Sword of Cortés may have forced Montecuhzoma's loyalty. He was stoned to death by his own people for urging them to retreat rather than fight Cortés' armies.

He was said to have died loyal to Cortés, though it was known that his spirit, locked within the eye of Stone-Eyed Sam, held a grudge against his former leader. When Captain Jack Sparrow released Montecuhzoma's spirit from the eye, Montecuhzoma challenged the spirit of Cortés, forming two Swords of Light to battle Cortés' Sword. Montecuhzoma disarmed his foe, and bodily carried Cortés into the air, before plunging into the sea, defeating Cortés.

Before departing, Montecuhzoma's spirit resurrected the recently deceased Tumen, then flew off to the north-west.

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