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"The world's still the same. There's just...less in it."
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The moonlight.

"The moonlight shows us for what we really are. We are not among the living, and so we cannot die. But neither are we dead."
Hector Barbossa concerning his crew[src]

The moon was the natural satellite of the planet Earth. A ray of light reflects from the moon known as moonlight, an illumination made by the light from the moon.


Muertos Moon

The consequences of Jolly Roger's curse over the Moon.

"Mr. Sparrow, it's kill or be killed!"
"Aye. I knew this was to be happenin' today! Last night I dreamed of the moon, wi' blood on it. Rogue pirates they be! They'll kill every man jack of us.
Bates and Bartholomew Weaver to Jack Sparrow[src]

According to Pirate Lore, the Aztec curse that lied upon the Treasure of Cortés caused any man who took a single piece to be revealed as a skeletal form in the moonlight.[1] Legends also tell that a mermaid's radiant appearance, their greatest weapon, can be noticed while the light of the moon illuminated her skin.[2] During his attempt to conquer the Caribbean, Jolly Roger made a curse that caused any pirate caught in the rays of the moonlight to turn into Roger's undead servant.[3] There was also a phenomenon known as old moon in the new moon's arms.[4]

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  • On Stranger Tides had some moonlit settings which never made it to the final cut of the film, some that was only written in the screenplay. One scene that was thought of but never filmed was a gentle and eerie scene of Jack Sparrow waking up in transit, coming out of his drug-induced sleep, swaying in the hammock, not knowing where he is. He would be surrounded by strangers and being watched over by zombies in the moonlight.[5] And while the dance scene between Jack and Angelica aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge was filmed, the moonlight setting was never shown even though the scene took place at night.



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