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"The Sultan would be proud of this once lowly soldier... the now great... Mordillah!"

Mordillah was the warden of the Turkish prison during the East India Trading Company's War Against Piracy in 1729. He was previously a soldier to the Sultan of distant Arabia.


Early life[]

At some point of his life, Mordillah served as a soldier under the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. By the 1720s, however, Mordillah had become the warden of the brutal Turkish Prison.

Prison Escape[]

"Where precisely do you think you're going, gentlemen? This is a prison, not an inn."
―Mordillah to Jack Sparrow and Edward Teague[src]

In 1729 during the East India Trading Company's War Against Piracy, infamous pirates Captain Edward Teague and his son Captain Jack Sparrow were captured and incarcerated at the Turkish Prison. However, one night, Sparrow was able to break out of his cell, and used a crowbar to free Teague and two other prisoners from their cells. Sparrow and Teague then began to fight their way through the prison, with Mordillah sending everything he had including the Prison Guard Elite only for the two pirates to defeat every guard they came across. Eventually, Mordillah himself confronted the two pirates along with two guards atop a bridge high above the ocean. Mordillah had one of his guards take care of the trouble-makers, but Sparrow managed to defeat the man and throw him over the edge of the bridge before challenging Mordillah himself. The warden took the other guard's cutlass and hurled him over the bridge himself before attacking Jack, but Sparrow was promptly able to dispose of Mordillah and throw him over the bridge as well.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


  • Mordillah was voiced by Brian George in the At World's End video game. George also provided the voice of Hector Barbossa.
  • Mordillah's past history is revealed when he is unlocked as a playable character.
  • Mordillah does not appear on all versions of the game. The Nintendo DS version completely omits the character and his duel, while in the PS2, PC and Wii versions he is available as a dueling skin yet does not appear in the actual story mode.


Notes and references[]