"The Sultan would be proud of this once lowly soldier...the now great...Mordillah!"

Mordillah was the warden of the Turkish prison during the time Jack Sparrow served his sentence. He was previously a guard to the Sultan of distant Arabia but was stationed at the prison as one of the guards, but eventually became the warden.


"Where precisely do you think you're going, gentlemen? This is a prison, not an inn."
―Mordillah to Jack Sparrow and Edward Teague[src]

When Jack Sparrow escaped his fate, Mordillah was waiting for him outside with two henchmen. Jack Sparrow dueled and defeated the first enemy on the bridge after a quick fight launching him into the sea. As Sparrow approached the warden, Mordillah proved his ruthless nature and (being unarmed) took the sword from his remaining ally before shoving him off into the edge of the bridge as well. The following fight showed that Mordillah was a skilled swordsman, but not up to par with Jack Sparrow's antics. During the fight he was shoved into the doors of a nearby building before being butted in the head with the hilt of Jack's cutlass and suffering the same fate as both his henchmen. It is unknown as to whether or not he survived the fall, but it is likely that he died as a result of this duel.

Behind the scenesEdit



  • Mordillah is voiced by Brian George, who also provided the voice of Hector Barbossa.
  • Mordillah's past history is revealed when he is unlocked as a playable character.
  • Mordillah does not appear on all versions of the game. Nintendo DS completely omits the character and his duel, while in the PS2 version he is available as a dueling skin yet for some reason does not appear in the actual story mode.
  • Mordillah appears to have been invented exclusively for the video games, having no appearances in the movies.