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The Mortician was a prison guard at the Turkish Prison.


The Mortician was one of the guards employed at the Turkish Prison. He was one of many who attempted to stop Jack Sparrow escaping with the drawing of the key to the Dead Man's Chest.

Physical appearance, equipment and Skills[]

The Mortician was a thin man. He wore black robes, and had long, stringy grey hair.

The Mortician was armed with a cleaver, which he used to great effect. He attacks with an upward slash, followed by side swipes and downward chops. He was particularly tricky to get rid of and could inflict a huge amount of damage.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Mortician's only appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe was in the Nintendo DS version of the Dead Man's Chest video game.
  • In addition to being an NPC enemy encountered during the Dead Man's Chest game, the Mortician is also available as a playable character once his character statue is found within the prison fortress.
  • While playing as the Mortician, it is advisable to keep your distance from enemies and not charge in to a group of more than two. The best strategy is to begin your attacks by standing just out of reach of an enemy. As the NPC moves forward, begin your attack so that the upward chop of the Mortician's combo is executed at a time when the enemy is still unable to reach him. Continue pressing the attack button while holding down on the D-pad in the direction of your enemy. This will allow the Mortician to move forward while hacking away with his cleaver, and can make short work of your opponents if timed correctly.