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"Some priest! He won't stop making advances. Can you imagine? I complained to everyone, but no one believes me. He even wrote me love letters, if you please!"
―Nadine Jansen to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Nadine Jansen was a waitress who served in Greenford tavern in the South Caribbean Archipelago in the 1630s.


Nadine reported receiving love letters from Greenford's parish priest, Father Jerald. The news reached Redmond's head priest, Father Bernard, and the English captain Nathaniel Hawk offered to investigate the accusation. Nadine complained to him that she received the letters in Father Jerald's own handwriting. The tavern keeper, Simon Hanpool, suggested to Nathaniel that he should seek out Yedam Kinne, who lived in the town and whom he suspected of forging the letters.

Nathaniel discovered that Yedam wrote the letters, and Nadine confessed to Simon that the affair was a lie she told under Father Jerald's assistant Gilbert Ballester's request in an attempt to discredit the priest so he could rise to his rank.