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"Aye, the Nemesis! Toughest brig to ever sail these waters. But weren't always that way. When he found it, it was nothing but a wreck. Even so, he knew it weren't no regular ship."

The Nemesis was a legendary pirate ship during the Age of Piracy. Her last and best known captain was James Sterling.


It is unknown who was the original captain of the Nemesis, but some time after his resurrection, captain Sterling has found the wreck of the Nemesis on some beach[2]. He decided to save the craft and turn it into his own pirate ship[3]. Pieces of the Nemesis were scattered all around the Caribbean, and Sterling spent many months in search of them. The vessel's figurehead had washed ashore on Opawy Wato, a volcanic isle populated by cannibals. He found the steering wheel in the palace of Admiral Maldonado, his sworn enemy[1]. After she was repaired, Sterling used the Nemesis to search for the imprisoned spirit of Calypso.

Design and appearanceEdit

The Nemesis was a very large brig, larger than most brigs. The rigging of the Nemesis had three masts: the Fore, the the Main, and the Mizzen. The fore and main masts were rigged with a topsail, a course, and a topgallant while the mizzen only had a topsail and a spanker.

Originally, the Nemesis was armed with 24 guns, like some light frigate, but Sterling has increased the number of her guns to 42. Also, Sterling added a naval ram at the bow of the Nemesis, so that she can ram into enemy ships in order to puncture their hulls and sink them, or at least disable them.

The hull of the Nemesis is coloured in red and gold colours. Her figurehead resembles a female warrior with sword and shield, dressed in antique clothes that resembles Roman or Greek armor. While under its curse, the Nemesis' figurehead resembles an undead skeleton with its sword drawn.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Dependently of what the player chooses, the number of the ship's cannons can range from 28 to 42.
  • A ship identical to the Nemesis appears in the non-canon video game Disney Infinity. The ship is captained by Hector Barbossa.
  • It is possible that the Nemesis was named after Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution.
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