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New Orleans

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"Ah! Nouvelle-Orleans! How I have missed you!"
Jean Magliore[src]

New Orleans, also known as Nouvelle-Orleans[1], was a port located at the mouth of the Mississippi River in southern Louisiana. The city was founded by the French in the early 18th century and soon became a prosperous port. Even though New Orleans was officially under French administration, it would be known for its charitable and practical leaning towards piracy by being home to many pirates and a large number of mystics.


"Last glittering city I saw was New Orleans."
Jack Sparrow[src]

Soon after its foundation, New Orleans attracted many visitors, the British and the Spanish among them.[2] The city was protected by a French police unit.[3] Due to its non-stop activities, New Orleans became know as the glittering city.[4] The city's population was a mix of a merchants, tradesmen, sailors, businessmen, dockworkers, pesky French officials, priests, street-corner magicians, mystics, and tea-leaf readers.[5]

By the early 1700s, New Orleans became a port known for its charitable and practical leaning towards piracy.[6] Even if they openly flew the Jolly Roger, pirate ships could safely dock in New Orleans.

Jack Sparrow at the Masquerade ball in New Orleans.

Jean Magliore and Constance Magliore have visited the city several times before they joined the crew of the Barnacle under Captain Jack Sparrow, a young adventurer not much older than them. Around the 1710s, the mystic known as Madame Minuit settled in New Orleans. From there she started her quest to procure the legendary Sun-and-stars amulet. At the same time, Jack and his crew, who were searching for the amulet as well, visited the city, and had to fight against a horde of Minuit's zombie-like servants. However, they managed to escape, and rescued Tim Hawk from slavery.

After the failure of their mutiny on the La Fleur de la Mort, the infamous pirates Left-Foot Louis and Silverback went to New Orleans, which was, thanks to the combined power of the Sun-and-stars amulet and the Silver Bullet, turned into silver. They made an alliance with Madame Minuit, organized their private police force called the Pirate Guard, and took control of the city. With the entire New Orleans turned into precious metal, they intended to tear the city apart and sell it in pieces to Europe.[7]

For several days, Minuit, Louis, Silverback, and their pirates forced the city's inhabitants to work as slaves on breaking up the city. However, Jack Sparrow and his crew returned to the city in search of their missing friend, Arabella Smith. Soon, when they got into trouble, Arabella and her mother Laura appeared to save them. Later, the young adventurers fought against Madame Minuit and her minions at their headquarters. Though Madame Minuit transformed herself and her two allies into a giant, three-headed serpent, Jack and his friends ultimately won the battle, turning the city to its original state.[7]

A few years after the battle of New Orleans, during Jack Sparrow's quest for the Shadow Gold, the Black Pearl docked in New Orleans, where Jack's old friend, Jean Magliore, and his cousin Marcella joined the ship's crew. Some time later, the city became a home port to the New Orleans pirates, led by Gentleman Jocard, the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean.

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