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Capitán Armando Salazar decides to give no mercy to his defeated opponents.

"If Chamba hasn't explained, this is what's happening. We've got a rogue pirate closing in on us, and he's made his intention to attack us clear. The rogue pirates are the ones that give no quarter, savvy? That means they take no prisoners. If they capture us, we're all dead."
Jack Sparrow to Amenirdis, Tarek, and Shabako[src]

A victor gives no quarter when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life in return for the surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender) of a vanquished opponent.


Blackbeard tells his men to give no quarter to Barbossa's crew.

"To arms! We give no quarter!"
Ian Mercer[src]

The term may originate from an order by the commander of a victorious army that they "will not quarter (house)" captured enemy soldiers. Therefore, none can be taken prisoner and all enemy combatants must be killed. The notorious Spanish Royal Navy pirate hunter Armando Salazar was well known for giving no mercy to the pirates he defeated in battle.[1] Prior to the battle around Calypso's maelstrom, Cutler Beckett ordered his men to signal the Flying Dutchman to give no quarter, which was passed on to Ian Mercer, who passed on the order to the crew.[2] When Hector Barbossa's crew confronted Blackbeard's crew at the Fountain of Youth, Blackbeard gave the order to his crew immediately before the battle.[3]


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