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"Hurry, Papa! Or we'll miss the hanging!"
"It's not a hanging, dear, it's a trial. The hanging comes this afternoon.
A girl and her father[src]

The Old Bailey courthouse, commonly referred to as the Old Bailey, was a court building located in central London, one of a number of buildings housing the Crown Court. Trials that occur in the Old Bailey deal with major criminal cases, particularly such crimes that involve piracy. Local townspeople could tell of the courthouse by Lady Justice, who stood atop of the Old Bailey holding a sword in one hand, and the scales of justice in the other.


Joshamee Gibbs' trial[]

In 1750, crowds thronged toward the Old Bailey courthouse in London to witness a pirate's trial. A little girl and her father made their way to the courthouse as the town crier advertised a pirate execution amidst the crowd. The main courtroom was filled with an angry crowd who wanted to see a pirate's hanging. The trial focused on Joshamee Gibbs, who was tried for a cruel case of mistaken identity as he was mistaken for Jack Sparrow. The attitude of the court in London is to hang first and ask questions later. Luckily for Gibbs, the real Jack Sparrow managed to turn up disguised as the judge of Gibbs' case, after having hid the real judge. However, he changed Gibbs' sentence from a hanging to life imprisonment.[1]

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