"It's the happiest day in a girl's life."
―Oona to Scarlett and Giselle[src]

Oona was a one-eyed wench who lived in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. She mainly resided in Shipwreck Cove.


Not much is known of Oona's life, but it is known that she would still live in Shipwreck Cove by the mid-1720s. One night, she would join a group of wenches as the Auctioneer led an auction on two wenches, Scarlett and Giselle. Oona would pop in between the two and tell them that being auctioned was "the happiest day in a girl's life". The bidding would end with the Marquis D'avis winning with seven hundred and two goats. After accidentally shooting at the Pirate Code, a pirate named Mungard ordered the Code locked up and strike the wenches.[2]

Oona's further fate is unknown.

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