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"Him? Churchly fellow. Always going on about the Lord Almighty."
"Bible-thumper on this ship?"
"A missionary is the story.
Scrum and Jack Sparrow concerning Philip Swift[src]

This Bible was a leather-bound, cracked and weathered copy of the Holy Bible owned by a missionary named Philip Swift.


It is unknown when this leather-bound Bible with impression of cross was made, but it is known that Philip Swift would be given it in his position as a missionary. This Bible was one of Philip's few possessions. Despite the painful ordeal of being lashed to the mast of the Queen Anne's Revenge, Philip still managed to cling to his precious Bible.[2]

Philip still had the Bible during Jack Sparrow's mutiny, which was soon foiled by Blackbeard. As the Cook was about to be fired upon by Blackbeard, Philip slammed his Bible down as he tried to convince Blackbeard to not fry the Cook. Philp later used his Bible to the glass coffin, which contained the mermaid named Syrena, so that the mermaid could have air.[3]



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