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The Brightest Star in the North: The Adventures of Carina Smyth

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


Ken Radley


"Congratulations! It's your wedding day."
―Pierre Kelly to Jack Sparrow[src]

Pierre Kelly, better known as Pig Kelly, was a pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the 18th century.


Early life[]

It is unknown when Pierre Kelly was born or where he came from, however when he grew up he became a pirate in the Caribbean. He and his pirate gang resided on the island of Hangman's Bay, where Kelly captained at least a few small ships. The inhabitants were known to have hosted weddings and other such ceremonies in the large skeletons of whales. At some unspecified point in his life he settled a deal with the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sparrow ended up owing him a plunder of silver.[1]

Jack's wedding[]

By 1751,[2] Pierre Kelly was still growing his pirate gang, and had gained the nickname "Pig Kelly" from his snorting laugh. His sister, Beatrice, had recently been widowed and was residing on the island with Pierre and her two small children. However, Jack Sparrow, Carina Smyth, and Henry Turner soon appeared on Hangman's Bay, having been caught in one of Kelly's traps in the nearby woods and subsequently found by Pierre's gang. After awakening from being knocked out by the gang, Jack found himself in a large whale skeleton with Kelly, his gang, and Henry and Carina in best man and bridesmaid costumes. Jack recognised Pierre as "Pig" Kelly, and immediately attempted to convince the fierce captain that they were at good terms. Kelly only guffawed and declared that, in order to settle his debt, Jack must marry the widowed Beatrice Kelly. Jack refused to marry her, but Kelly threatened him with a flintlock pistol.[1]

Jack still would not marry her, but ended up accidentally saying "I do" after Henry asked if anyone had any objections. However, before Beatrice could kiss him, a gun was fired by Hector Barbossa and his pirate crew, who had arrived to "rescue" Jack.[1] Barbossa proceeded to shoot Kelly in the leg with his blunderbuss, leaving the captain lying crippled on the ground. Kelly was then hauled away by his men, though his further fate remains unknown.[3]

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