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"Pig? Pig Kelly? Me old mate."
"Mate? You hear that, boys?
Jack Sparrow and Pierre Kelly[src]

Pierre Kelly's gang was a gang of outlaws who served under Pierre "Pig" Kelly. They were residents of Hangman's Bay in 1751.


At some point before Jack Sparrow arrived at Hangman's Bay, Pierre Kelly brought together a gang of loyal pirates. In 1751, Carina Smyth, Henry Turner, and Jack Sparrow arrived at the bay, however to their dismay, they managed to be fooled into the gang's traps. These men brought them to their captain, Pierre Kelly, and Pierre decided to have Sparrow marry Beatrice, Pierre's recently-widowed sister. Later, soon after other pirates brought the wedding to an abrupt end, Pierre Kelly was shot by Captain Barbossa in the leg, bringing him to the ground. His gang subsequently scrambled to haul him away before they left.[1] The gang's further fate remains unknown.

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