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"I'm gonna teach it to the whole crew.
We'll sing it all the time!"
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Pirate Captain[1]

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Wicked Wench


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Crew of the Wicked Wench

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Pirates of the Caribbean (ride)

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Pirates of the Caribbean (ride)


Paul Frees (voice)


"Strike yer colors, ya bloomin' cockroachers! By thunder, we'll see ya to Davy Jones! They needs persuasion, mates...Fire at will!"
"Two shot holes, Captain! One clean through the mizzen mast!"
"Cut the ruddy wreckage away! Stand by as yer guns bear! Surrender, ya lily-livered lubbers! Another broadside and ya goes down with the tide!
―Pirate Captain and a pirate crewman[src] (pre-2006 revamp)

This man was a pirate captain who operated in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy.


"Give it to 'em again lads...Aye, that'll show the bilge rats. Avast, ya scurvy scum! Run up yer white flag!"
"We will never surrender! Cobardes!"
"Very well, then! Give 'em a broadside! Pound 'em lads! Pound 'em!"
"We're gonna sink your stinking ship yo!"
"Take 'em below! Clear the decks, lads.
―Pirate Captain and Spanish soldiers[src] (pre-2006 revamp)

At some point in his life, the captain led an attack on the Spanish port of Puerto Dorado. Though the Spanish managed to damage the pirate ship, the Wicked Wench, the pirate crew successfully invaded the town and captured its magistrate, Carlos[2].

Behind the scenes[]

Pirate Captain concept art.

  • The Pirate Captain was voiced by Paul Frees in the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He was featured on the ride until the 2006 revamp of the ride, in which he was replaced by Hector Barbossa.
  • This character was based on the infamous, real-world pirate Edward "Blackbeard" Teach.[3]
    • The Captain identifies himself as Blackbeard in the non-canon novel Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark where the figures from the ride magically come to life at night. The 2012 video game Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two also makes reference to "Blackbeard" having recently arrived in Wasteland, a fantasy world inhabited by "forgotten" Disney characters; the implication is that he is the original Pirates of the Caribbean character following his removal from the ride.
  • The pirate captain's appearance appears to have inspired the design of Captain Teague. Notably both pirates wear similar forms of hats, have braided beards with ornamentation, a brown strap going from their right-shoulder to their waste, and red coats with gold ornamentations. The name Edward Teague is also likely a portmanteau of Edward Teach, the name of Blackbeard whom the pirate captain was modelled after.
  • One of the Pirate Captain's lines from the ride were used in At World's End in the blackout transition from World's End to Davy Jones' Locker.
  • In 2006, the toy figure of the Pirate Captain was released under the name "Captain".



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