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"He's a mute, sir. Poor devil had his tongue cut out."
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"Smith. Or Smithy, if you like."
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This man was a pirate Captain serving on an unnamed vessel in 1751.


At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became a pirate, sailing the seas in quests for treasure. By 1751, he held the rank of Captain aboard an unnamed vessel. As his ship was traveling in convoy with several others including the Wicked Wench near the Devil's Triangle, they suddenly came under attack from the fearsome Spanish Royal Navy ship, the Silent Mary.

After his vessel was destroyed and most of his crew killed, this man was left floating in the ocean on a piece of driftwood along with a few other survivors. They surrendered, and begged for mercy. After being informed of their pleas, the Captain of the Silent Mary decided to have the Spanish marines execute them by shooting. His body was left floating in the ocean with the others, after his brutal killing.

Behind the Scenes[]