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"I'm gonna teach it to the whole crew.
We'll sing it all the time!"
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"There be no place like home..."

This man was a pirate captain, active in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy.


"A man o' delicate taste, the cap'n—'is quarters rigged with the finest furnishin's money did not buy."

Not much is known about this man's life. It is known however, that he became a pirate, and that he was capable enough to become a captain. His skeletal remains would reside in a finely appointed private Captain's Quarters; an ornate, subterranean chamber, surrounded by the spoils of a lifetime of treachery and ill-gotten gains. The Pirate Captain was known to be a "man of delicate taste", mainly because his quarters was rigged with the finest furnishings money didn't buy. This bony buccaneer lied in bed holding a magnifying glass over his reading material, a treasure map, while a nearby harpsichord plays a melancholy rendering of a famous pirate chantey.[2]

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