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The Fourth Brethren Court in Pirate Hall.

"We must have arrived early."
"Let us meet at the Pirate Hall and in the meantime, I'm sure we can find our own...diversions.
Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa[src]

Pirate Hall, also known as the Great Chamber or the Pirate Council Chamber, was a large chamber in Shipwreck City in Shipwreck Cove on Shipwreck Island where the Brethren Court convened.


"He's heading for the Great Chamber."
Jack Sparrow[src]

Pirate Hall was formed by two abandoned ship hulls whose curved spars surrounded the historic meeting table that had hosted all four meetings of the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court. A large globe of the Earth was located within this chamber, into which all attending Lords were required to thrust a sword into—not only symbolizing their right to plunder the world, but also to sheath their weapons during the meeting. The Pirata Codex, presided over by Captain Edward Teague, was known to reside somewhere in Pirate Hall.

The Pirate Lords' swords embedded in the globe.

Behind the scenes[]

  • This chamber of the Brethren Court had various names. It was called the Pirate Hall the At World's End video game[1] and the Great Chamber in The Price of Freedom.[2] In the first screenplay draft of At World's End, it was called the Pirate Council Chamber[3]
  • For At World's End, scenes at Shipwreck Cove, including this chamber, were filmed at Walt Disney Studios as one of the last sets built on Disney's Stage 2 for the Pirates trilogy. "Shipwreck Cove was conceived by Gore as kind of a retirement home for old pirates, comprised of the wrecked hulls of various ships hidden in a volcano," notes production designer Rick Heinrichs. "The Brethren Court meet in one of those hulls, and outside of the structure we've extended the set with a 300-foot-long painted backing which has been beautifully designed and painted in the good, old-fashioned Hollywood tradition."[4]
  • The same set, just outside of the main meeting hall, would be used again as a location for the filming of the short film Tales of the Code: Wedlocked. However, while the story takes place at Shipwreck City, the locations would not be so close together in-universe and so the two locations are an unspecified distance apart. The cast and crew of Wedlocked had only three days to shoot because the set would be destroyed afterwards.[5]



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