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The Pirate Lords of the Fourth Brethren Court.

"The Brethren Court is composed of the nine Pirate Lords, the greatest pirates in all the Seven Seas."
Hector Barbossa[src]

The Pirate Lords were nine powerful pirate captains who each claimed territories around the world. They were known for creating the Pirate Code[1] and binding the Sea Goddess, Calypso in human form. They again united against the threat of Lord Cutler Beckett.

Pirate Lords[]

Dominions of the various Pirate Lords.

The nine Pirate Lords as of the meeting of the Fourth Brethren Court.

Former Pirate Lords[]

First Court[]

Second Court[]

Third Court[]

Other Lords[]

Prospective Pirate Lords[]

Becoming a Pirate Lord[]

The title of Pirate Lord was bestowed when a former Lord gave his piece of eight to a successor. Generally one had to be a pirate captain, usually a powerful and/or famous one, to be considered worthy of the position. Pirate Lords tended to be the most powerful captains of their respective regions and commanded the respect of their fellow pirates. However, some Pirate Lords, such as Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, retained their titles even when they didn't have so much as a single ship to their name.

Behind the scenes[]

"The Pirate Lords, from the four corners of the Earth, must stand together."
Hector Barbossa[src] (trailer)
  • The original opening of At World's End was to be a montage depicting the Pirate Lords each receiving a piece of eight from Hector Barbossa as a sort of invitation announcing the convening of the Brethren Court. However, the scene of the hanging at Fort Charles, in which Hoist the Colors was sung, ended up being the opening in the final cut of the film. All that remained of the original opening was a shot of Barbossa with a piece of eight in his hand, which only appeared in the opening clip of the At World's End deleted scenes.[7]



Notes and references[]

Members of the Brethren Court

First Court
Pirate Kings
First Pirate King
Pirate Lords
First Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean
Aides: Davy Jones

Second Court
Pirate Lords
Henry MorganBartholomewGrandmama

Third Court
Pirate Lords
Sao Feng's father
Others: Tartaglia

Court of inquiry
Pirate Lords
ChingBoris PalachnikRafaelEdward TeagueEduardo Villanueva
Aides: Davy Jones
Keeper of the Code: Edward Teague
Others: Hector BarbossaJack SparrowEsmeralda
Prison Dog

Fourth Court
Pirate Kings
Elizabeth Swann
Pirate Lords
AmmandSumbhajee AngriaHector BarbossaChevalleChing
Sao FengJocardJack SparrowElizabeth SwannEduardo Villanueva
Aides: AskayPusasn
Keeper of the Code: Edward Teague
Others: Prison Dog