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"Do you remember what happened to Sven, Jackie?"
"They didn't force him into servitude as a cook on a navy vessel, where he would be forbidden to ever prepare that lovely raksifsk again, did they?"
"Almost as terrible. They hanged him at the docks of Port Royal, under a huge sign that read, Pirates, Be Ye Warned!
Edward Teague and Jack Sparrow[src]

This simple wooden sign was a message for those engaging in piracy, "Pirates Ye Be Warned", should they should be near to the town of Port Royal. A gruesome display, the sign accompanied three swaying bodies of executed pirates seen at the harbor, hanging from gallows erected on a rocky promontory.


Commodore James Norrington showed off the bodies of the executed pirates near the docks. He hopes that this grisly spectacle will encourage passing sailors to obey the law. To preserve the corpses, they are lightly boiled in seawater and dipped in tar before being put on display.[1] When Captain Jack Sparrow was arriving to Port Royal aboard the Jolly Mon, he saw the corpses of Sven the Vicious[2] and two other unlucky pirates, with the sign "Pirates, Ye Be Warned" hanging next to them.[3]

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