A gallery of images from the deleted/extended scenes from At World's End.


These images are from the deleted/extended scenes that appear on the DVD pack.

The Canaries

A Pox on Us All

You're a Pirate

You Weren't Supposed to Get Caught

It's a Two-Part Plan

Swann Song

I Like Riddles

Two Captains, One Ship

Kraken Slayers

It's Just Good Business


The Thing You Want Most

Grammatically Incorrect


The Devil's Throat

Honest Streak



The World We Know Ends Today

I Miss Him Already

Ring Around the Capstan


These are scenes that never made it neither in the film or its Blu-ray and DVD. They appear in moments from the At World's End trailers and featurettes or from any At World's End-related material.

The following scenes are listed according to where the scenes would appear in the final cut of At World's End, with the titles having originated from the scene selection from the At World's End Blu-ray and DVD.

A Jack of All Trades

The Last Pirate

An Old Friend


Brethren Court

The Exchange

Pieces of Eight

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