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"Live and die by the sword!"

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is a Pirates of the Caribbean video game developed and published by Buena Vista Games. Released on May 22, 2007, it adapts and follows the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and includes additional content, missions and characters. The game was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PSP, PlayStation 2, Windows PC, andNintendo DS

The game adapts and follows the events of Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, and includes additional content, missions and characters. It centers around Captain Jack Sparrow in uneasy alliances with his friends and enemies as he is sent to find the Pirate Lords of the Pirate Brethren and rally them for a Conclave to be held in Shipwreck City, while also finding a key that opens a chest which holds the heart of Davy Jones. However, in the old generation console versions (PlayStation 2, Windows PC, PSP, and the Wii) there are 12 levels, while the new generation console versions (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) has 11 levels with the omission of the Isla de Pelegostos level, among other differences.


The following plot outline is for PC, PS2, Wii, PSP, and Nintendo DS versions only.

Prison Fortress[]

"There's only one hour until daylight, Jack. One hour to escape the hangman's noose."
"Escape? My favorite two syllable word. You have a plan?"
"Always. Just follow my lead, eh?
Edward Teague and Jack Sparrow[src]

The plot starts with the events of Dead Man's Chest, beginning with the Turkish Prison. Captain Jack Sparrow was lying on his bed in the prison, where he was awaken by Captain Teague, who claims he has one hour to escape the hangman's noose. After being given a sword by Teague, Jack Sparrow flees the prison, steals a cloth with the image of a key from the warder. Jack meets up with Teague outside the prison. Teague tells Jack that he must find Tia Dalma so she could help him rally the Pirate Brethren. Though Jack was skeptical of how he would do it without a vessel, Teague sends him in a coffin, which drifted Jack to the middle of the sea. Grabbing the leg of a skeletal corpse, Jack sailed towards his ship, the Black Pearl, where he was confronted by Bootstrap Bill Turner, who warned him of Davy Jones coming for his debt. Jack then orders to make sail.

Isla de Pelegostos[]

"Good to see you, mate...pray tell what brought you here?"
"Looking for you and...now...saving you apparently!
Jack Sparrow and Will Turner[src]

In a longboat, Will Turner rowed to Isla de Pelegostos, where he finds Jack Sparrow about to be sacrificed by the cannibalistic natives. Fighting off the cannibals, Will was able to rescue the Pearl's crew and help Jack escape on a makeshift raft to the Black Pearl. As the Pearl sailed, Jack ordered the crew to sail to Port Royal with post haste, but with a shorter time on the open ocean. Will questioned Jack's next course, in which Jack responded that they have a need to find Tia Dalma and rally the Pirate Lords.

Port Royal[]

"Port Royal?"
"Aye, Will...we have a pressing and unyielding need to find Tia Dalma...and rally the Pirate Lords.
Will Turner and Jack Sparrow[src]

The Black Pearl arrived to Port Royal, where Jack Sparrow and Will Turner discovered that Lord Cutler Beckett Jack then sought out to find the elusive gypsy Tia Dalma, who told him that the Pirate Lords must rally in a Conclave had to be held at Shipwreck City or piracy would vanish from the seas. Tia Dalma also helped Jack with his debt with Davy Jones, by telling him of the chest that contained heart of Davy Jones, which could control Jones. 

But before Jack Sparrow could continue on his quests, Tia Dalma also told Jack the whereabouts of the Pirate Lord known as Capitaine Chevalle, who was due to be hanged at Fort Charles. Jack Sparrow then makes off to the fort, where he was able to rescue Chevalle from being hit by the groceries the townspeople kept throwing at him. As Jack made his escape from Port Royal, he met up with Governor Swann, who told him of Elizabeth Swann being declared as a pirate. In response to this, she fled to Tortuga to find Will Turner. Jack bade the Governor farewell as he began fighting off the Red Coats before escaping aboard the Black Pearl. Jack then told Gibbs to sail for Tortuga.

Pearl vs Dutchman[]

"They'll come after me. You board the Dutchman. Get me that key!"
Jack Sparrow to Will Turner[src]

As the Black Pearl sailed to their next destination, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner saw a scuttled ship in the distance which Will believed to be the Flying Dutchman until Jack pointed out the real Flying Dutchman arrived. Davy Jones sent his men after Jack while Jack himself sent Will to find Davy Jones' key aboard the Dutchman. While the Jack's crew fought the Jones' crew, Will was able to find the key in Jones' organ room. It was here that Will encountered his father, Bootstrap Bill Turner, whom he thought to be dead. After Bootstrap told Will of his servitude aboard the Dutchman and that Will could escape, Will promised to free Bootstrap from Jones' curse.

Fighting off Jones' crew, Will returned to the Black Pearl with the key. As the Pearl sailed away, Davy Jones discovered that the key was stolen and promised Jack that nothing could save him from Davy Jones' Locker. With the key in their possession, the Black Pearl proceeded in sailing to Tortuga.


"You think we'll find Elizabeth here?"
"As good a place as any to start, and an even much more better place to look for Pirate Lords...
Will Turner and Jack Sparrow[src]

Arriving in Tortuga, Jack and Will begin their search for Elizabeth Swann and other Pirate Lords. Jack soon encounters Lords Mistress Ching and Villanueva, and reminded them of the Conclave they needed to take part in. In response, Ching asked Villanueva to kill Jack, in which Jack and Villanueva engage in a duel. After Jack defeats Villanueva, Ching agreed to prepare for the Conclave, saying "it is a long way to Shipwreck City."

With the issue of Lords finished, for now, Jack met with Will, who found Elizabeth in a bar fight with the local pirates. After defeating the pirates, Jack, Will and Elizabeth manage to escape the town and prepared to set sail, with the disgraced James Norrington joining them. The Black Pearl then head to find the chest of Davy Jones.

Isla Cruces[]

"Sorry Jack. But I have the key."
"Sorry, William. But I have the chest."
"And I...have a sword.
Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, and James Norrington[src]

The Black Pearl sailed to Isla Cruces, where Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and James Norrington attempt to find the Davy Jones' chest. The crew would evade traps and legions of Jones' crewmen in order to find the chest. Will fights off Jones' men as the chest is dug up by Pintel and Ragetti. Jack takes Jones' heart from the chest until Will challenges him. The two prepare to fight until realizing that Norrington took the chest and ran away. Elizabeth goes after the three until facing Jones' crewmembers. Jack and Norrington soon fight in a duel on a nearby waterwheel. By the end of the fight, Norrington was able to slip away with the chest, and Jack thought the heart was in a jar of dirt.

Pearl vs Kraken[]

"Summon...the Kraken!"
Davy Jones to Maccus[src]

As the Black Pearl prepared to sail, the Flying Dutchman appeared from the depths. Jack Sparrow accidentally breaks his jar of dirt in his attempt to show off that he has Jones' heart until he discovered that James Norrington has the heart. The crew manage to fight off Jones' crewmen until the wind was able to get the Black Pearl to sail away from the Dutchman. With the Pearl having escaped, Davy Jones ordered the Kraken to be summoned. As the Kraken attacked the Pearl, its crew fought the Kraken with heavy casualties. With Jack Sparrow's help, the Kraken was subdued for the time being. It was at that moment that Elizabeth Swann thanked Jack for his bravery and kissed him, tricking Jack to where she could handcuff him onto the Pearl's mast. Elizabeth then left with the rest of the crew with haste, as the Kraken dragged Jack and the Black Pearl to the depths of the ocean.

"Where's Jack?"
"Fell behind.
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann[src]


"Wait! Hold on, Sao Feng! You have the charts to Davy Jones' Locker that we need, and a ship to sail. We can offer you something in return."
"Such as?"
"Revenge on a living Jack Sparrow.
Will Turner and Sao Feng[src]

The game concludes the Dead Man's Chest storyline. James Norrington at the office of Lord Cutler Beckett. Norrington gives Beckett the heart of Davy Jones, giving Beckett command over Jones and the Flying Dutchman. Beckett praises Norrington, claiming that he had changed the course of history. Meanwhile, at Tia Dalma's shack, Elizabeth Swann laments the death of Jack Sparrow. Tia Dalma herself scolds Elizabeth for sending him to the depths in the first place, shocking Will Turner. Elizabeth expresses her desire to do anything to bring Jack back. Captain Barbossa appeared, saying that she wouldn't do it without a guide, Barbossa himself, and a map to Davy Jones' Locker, which he intended to get from Singapore.

Arriving to Singapore, Barbossa and Elizabeth meet with Pirate Lord Sao Feng, who is reluctant to a gathering of Pirate Lords, saying he preferred Jack Sparrow dead. A battle immediately ensued between Sao Feng's Chinese pirates and Barbossa's crew, in which Barbossa would fight Feng's bodyguards, Lian and Park. At the end of the battle, Will Turner made a deal with Sao Feng: if he would give them the charts and a ship to sail, he would let Feng have "revenge on a living Jack Sparrow." After an attack from the East India Trading Company soldiers, Sao Feng gives the charts to Will, who told Feng that he will keep his side of the bargain after they meet at the Conclave. Barbossa's crew then made their way to one of Feng's ships, the Hai Peng, in which they sailed to find Davy Jones' Locker.

Davy Jones' Locker[]

"No point all of us wandering this foul wasteland in search of our beloved Jack and the Pearl...I will go and find him."
Hector Barbossa[src]

Sailing the Hai Peng through the waters of World's End, Will asked Barbossa if he was sure that they were going the right way. Barbossa told Will that he had "no other destination in mind" as the Hai Peng fell over a waterfall, crashing into Davy Jones' Locker. Seeing no point in the everyone wandering the desert, Barbossa volunteers to go find Jack, despite Will's doubts over the Barbossa's allegiance and Tia Dalma's warnings of the creatures that inhabited these lands. After fighting through hoards of demons and undead pirates, Barbossa was able to find Jack and the Black Pearl. With the help of crabs that lived the Locker, Jack and Barbossa manage to bring the Black Pearl to where the rest of the crew could climb aboard. Tia Dalma told Jack that she sensed another Pirate Lord within the Locker and told Jack that he must rescue him. And so Jack found the lost Lord Gentleman Jocard and saved him from demons.

As Jocard let off to join the Conclave, Jack defeats more demons as he races to the Black Pearl. Though the crew were skeptical of how to escape Davy Jones' Locker, especially with Tia Dalma's cryptic messages, Jack attempted to rock the ship after hearing her say "up is down." Elizabeth, who understood what was going on, joined Jack and soon the rest of the crew helped to where the Black Pearl flipped upside down and escaped the Locker.

Sea Battle[]

"Tell me. Am I about to die...Calypso?"
"Calypso? But I'm not really..."
"Here. Take this. My Piece of Eight. Who better to own it? Calypso you are now...a Pirate Lord! You must go to the Conclave in my place.
Sao Feng and Elizabeth Swann[src]

Upon returning to the mortal world, the Black Pearl faces an attack by the Empress, Sao Feng's flagship. Feng wants his revenge on Jack Sparrow, either that or that Elizabeth Swann, whom Feng believes to be Calypso, accompanies him to the Empress. Elizabeth proposes a duel. If she won, the Pearl's crew goes free, but if Feng wins, they are handed over to Beckett. Either way, Elizabeth had to go with him aboard the Empress. Despite Will Turner's disagreement, Elizabeth and Feng would fight, in which Elizabeth would win the crew's freedom, but was forced to join Sao Feng. The Empress would soon be attacked by the Flying Dutchman, now under Beckett's control. In his dying breaths, Sao Feng gives Elizabeth his piece of eight, telling her that she must go to his place. Accepting her new duty, Elizabeth fights off Davy Jones' crewmen until Davy Jones himself arrived, taking the surviving members of the Empress crew into captivity.

Shipwreck City[]

"We must have arrived early."
"Let us meet at the Pirate Hall and in the meantime, I'm sure we can find our own...diversions.
Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa[src]

After the Black Pearl arrives at Shipwreck City, realizing they must have arrived early, Jack Sparrow and Barbossa agree to meet at the Pirate Hall, believing that they would "find their own diversions." Jack would meet up with Captain Teague, who informed Jack that two of the Pirate Lords were missing, and that some of Lord Beckett's men have infiltrated the city. While fighting Beckett's Black Coats, Jack Sparrow manages to rescue the drunken Ammand, and freed Sri Sumbhajee from being blown to smithereens. With his mission of rescuing Pirate Lords finally finished, Jack made his way to the Pirate Hall with Barbossa, who also had to fight Beckett's men on his way to the hall.

The Conclave commenced, in which Barbossa called for an election, in which each Pirate Lord would vote for a new Pirate King. Each Lord voted for himself or herself, including the newly arrived Elizabeth Swann, who at this point was rescued from the Flying Dutchman by James Norrington who was killed for that action. Jack Sparrow then votes for Elizabeth as the new Pirate King. As the Pirate Lords celebrated their new King, the City was being attacked by Beckett's men. As they made their escape, Elizabeth proposed that the pirates prepared for war.


"We had a deal. I made you live again and in exchange..."
"Aye, but strictly for your own purposes. I release you from this human form! Unbound, transformed to the goddess...Calypso! And as I have fulfilled my vow to you, I now ask for your favor as you promised. Spare myself, my ship, my crew...and unleash your terrible fury upon those who dared pretend themselves your masters!"
"Pirates. So predictable.
Tia Dalma and Hector Barbossa[src]

As the pirates prepared for battle, Barbossa and Tia Dalma revealed their true motives. Tia Dalma raised Barbossa from the dead, and so Barbossa intended to settle his debt by releasing Calypso from her human form—Tia Dalma. Free from her human bonds, Calypso creates an enormous maelstrom, in which both the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman engage in a battle within the whirlpool. During the battle, Will Turner fights Davy Jones in a duel. Upon seeing Jack Sparrow climbing on the Dutchman's mast, having managed to steal the chest, Jones goes to the mast and fights Jack himself. The fight would lead to the deck of the Dutchman, in which Will fought Jones and Jack was able to take Jones' heart. After Will stabbed Davy Jones; Jones, gloating that Will forgot that he was "heartless", stabbed Will. However, with Jack's help, Will manages to stab Jones' heart. Jack was able to escape to the Black Pearl as the Flying Dutchman goes down.

The pirates' victory is short lived, as Lord Cutler Beckett ordered the HMS Endeavour to attack the Black Pearl. This left Jack Sparrow and other pirates to fend off the best of the East India Trading Company soldiers, including Jack swordfighting with Beckett himself. After returning to the Endeavour, Beckett prepared the final blow until the Flying Dutchman resurfaces, now captained by Will Turner, and destroys the Endeavour. Will Turner goes to Elizabeth telling her that he has taken Davy Jones' place and has to serve the duty aboard the Flying Dutchman, promising that he would return for her, and she also promised to wait for him.

At the helm of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow was confronted by Barbossa, wielding a pistol. Despite Jack's protests, Barbossa took the Black Pearl while Jack drifted away on a longboat. In the middle of the ocean, Jack arrived to a ship captained by a man calling himself "Black Bart".

"Well, if it isn't the renowned Jack Sparrow."
Captain...Captain Jack Sparrow."
Black Bart and Jack Sparrow[src]

Differences between versions[]

Another version of the At World's End game, seen on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, is the same storyline but with some differences from the other version. Differences include slight change in quotes said by characters and some side-missions that expand the story.

Prison Fortress[]

"Where precisely do you think you're going, gentlemen? This is a prison, not an inn."
Mordillah to Jack Sparrow and Teague[src]
Pirates III Game 04

Jack Sparrow fights against the prison guards.

At this level, Jack Sparrow and Captain Teague are imprisoned, until Jack sets himself, Teague and other prisoners free. Unlike the other version, Jack does not retrieve the cloth with the drawing of a key with Teague instead handing it to him before Jack returns to the Black Pearl. Jack also defeats Mordillah the warden in a duel. The ending of the level is slightly different. with Jack Sparrow meeting Bootstrap Bill Turner aboard the Black Pearl, who ended up being a hallucination with Will Turner standing in Boostrap's place.

Port Royal[]

"From the first day that dog, Vasquez, sailed into Port Royal, he be collecting payment thought of what he be calling 'protection'."
Hanrahan to Jack Sparrow[src]
Pirates III Game 05

Will Turner and Jack Sparrow in Port Royal.

Instead of going to Isla de Pelegostos, the second level begins at Port Royal. Jack Sparrow finds the elusive gypsy Tia Dalma, who gives Jack a jar of dirt. After meeting with Governor Swann, Jack confronts Vasquez, who attempted to have Jack killed in a trap. Jack and Vasquez dueled in the blacksmith's shop, in which Jack defeated Vasquez. Jack Sparrow also enlists the help of the smuggler Montanari to help him free Chevalle, but not before defeating Lieutenant Floyd. Instead of Jack fighting the Royal Marines on his own, Will Turner helps him fight at Fort Charles, where they made their escape.

Dutchman Encounter[]

Scuttled ship game

Jack Sparrow sees a scuttled ship through his spyglass.

In this level, Jack Sparrow's crew and Davy Jones' crew fight aboard the Black Pearl, with Jack engaging Jones in a duel. After defeating Maccus, Will Turner goes aboard the Flying Dutchman and, after encountering his father Boostrap Bill Turner, retrieved the key. The level ends instead with Will taking the helm of the Dutchman steering it away from the Pearl, forcing Jones and his crew to return to the Dutchman. Will returns to the Pearl where Jack orders to sail for Tortuga.


Jack Sparrow and Will Turner begin their search for Elizabeth Swann and other Pirate Lords, until Villanueva sends pirates to kill them. Jack and Will chase Villanueva until Will joins Elizabeth in a bar fight with pirates, while Jack chased Villanueva to a brothel owned by Mistress Ching. The level ends with Jack defeating Villanueva and Mistress Ching in a duel before meeting with Will and Elizabeth, who were joined by James Norrington.

Isla Cruces[]

Elizabeth vs Davy Jones Crew4

Elizabeth Swann and Ragetti fight against Davy Jones' crew on Isla Cruces.

In this level, characters face various cannibals and their traps. Upon finding the chest, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and James Norrington begin fighting for the chest. However, Elizabeth goes after the chest itself, which was taken by Pintel and Ragetti, leading to fighting Davy Jones' crew on the beach. Jack fights Will and Norrington at the island's church until dueling on a waterwheel, which they crashed. Jack made his way to the beach to unlock the chest until he was knocked out by Norrington; though he had no recollection of it, Jack fought Jones' crew. By the end of the level, Norrington was able to slip away with the chest, offering it to Jones' crew, while Jack believed he had the heart was in his jar of dirt.


The Kraken attacks.


"Bosun! Summon the Kraken!"
Davy Jones[src]

As the Black Pearl sat at the sea, Jack discovered Norrington's treachery as the Flying Dutchman appeared from the depths. The crew manage to fight off Jones' crewmen until Davy Jones ordered the Kraken to be summoned. During the Kraken's attacked the Pearl, Elizabeth Swann tricked Jack to where she could handcuff him onto the Pearl's mast. Elizabeth then left with the rest of the crew with haste, as the Kraken dragged Jack and the Black Pearl to the depths of the ocean.

In a cutscene, James Norrington hands Lord Cutler Beckett the Heart of Davy Jones and is assured that he has "changed the course of history." In Tia Dalma's shack, Tia Dalma reveals that Elizabeth left Jack to die and expresses her wish to bring him back. Hector Barbossa emerges and tells the crew that to do so, they will need a captain and a map that they can get in Singapore.


Arriving to Singapore, Barbossa, Elizabeth and Will fight off Chinese pirates as they go to meet with Sao Feng. While Barbossa and Elizabeth were able to get inside, Will had to go around and look at the meeting at the rooftop with Pintel and Ragetti. A battle soon ensued between Sao Feng's Chinese pirates and Barbossa's crew, until the East India Trading Company soldiers burst in. The level ends with Will fighting EITC soldiers as Barbossa's crew prepared to sail aboard the Hai Peng.

Davy Jones' Locker[]

"I fear one of your unwanted guests has to toodle-oo to the Brethren Court. So, mate, if you'd be as kind as to unlock his cell..."
"So much blathering, blah, blah, blah. You're a pirate. If you want something, don't ask for it. Take it!
Jack Sparrow and Black Bart[src]
BlackBart Jack Duel AWEVG

Jack Sparrow fights against Black Bart.

The level begins after the Hai Peng fell over the waterfall, in which follows Jack Sparrow's adventures in Davy Jones' Locker. Jack talks with a hallucination of Tia Dalma that tells him to find a missing Pirate Lord in the Locker, after which crabs moved the Black Pearl away from Jack. Traveling through the desert wasteland and cliffsides of the Locker, Jack found the missing Lord Gentleman Jocard, imprisoned by Black Bart. To save Jocard, Jack defeated Black Bart in a duel. Oddly enough after being stabbed by Jack, Black Bart only laughed and simply disappeared, leaving only his boots and sword behind.

After freeing Jocard, who ran off to join the Conclave, Jack finds the Black Pearl. As the Pearl sailed, Barbossa's crew climbed aboard, starting a pistol standoff between pirates. Shortly afterwards, Elizabeth sees her father Governor Swann among the lost souls. The Governor revealed the nature of Jones' heart before Elizabeth vowed to have revenge on Beckett. The crew of the Black Pearl then fights another band of undead pirates. The level ends with Jack looking at Sao Feng's charts and, to the bewilderment of Will Turner and Barbossa, rocking the Pearl by himself to where it flipped upside down and escaped the Locker.

Sea Battle[]

Sao Feng attacks the Black Pearl, wanting his revenge on Jack Sparrow. After Barbossa whispers to Sao Feng, Feng decided to take Elizabeth Swann, whom Feng believes to be Calypso, and let the rest of the Pearl's crew go free. In the captain's cabin of the Empress, Elizabeth engages Sao Feng in a duel until the Empress was attacked by the Flying Dutchman. Going outside of the Empress Elizabeth sees Davy Jones' crewmen under the command of Admiral James Norrington, who took Elizabeth and the other surviving members of the Empress crew into captivity.

With the help of Norrington, Elizabeth was able to escape and help the other Empress crewmembers escape the Dutchman, fighting Jones' crew and EITC soldiers along the way. As Elizabeth sailed away on the Empress, she saw Norrington killed by Bootstrap Bill Turner.

Shipwreck City[]

"Alright, Sparrow - I'm done. Enough! I'll attend the accursed Conclave. But hear me now ... the fresh blood of those who don't make it out of here in time will be on your hands, Jack Sparrow! You mark my words!"
Ammand to Jack Sparrow[src] (PS3/Xbox 360 version)

In this level, Jack Sparrow had two objectives before meeting with the Pirate Conclave; finding Sri Sumbhajee's piece of eight, stolen by "Stupid" Barnaby, and convincing Ammand to take part in the Conclave, despite his plans of leaving. Jack found Ammand leaving aboard his ship. After being defeated by Jack in a duel, Ammand said he would go to the Conclave. Jack found "Stupid" Barnaby shortly afterwards with Sumbhajee's piece of eight, and defeated him and his band of pirates before returning it to Sumbhajee.

The Conclave then commenced, in every Pirate Lord voted for a new Pirate King, which ended with Jack voting Elizabeth as the new Pirate King. Though Elizabeth asked Jack why he voted for her, Jack simply said that he "mistrusted her the least." The City was then being attacked by Beckett's Black Coats, led by Mercer, in which all the Pirate Lords had to fight their way out of the City. Making their way to the ships, Elizabeth proposed that the pirates prepared for war.


After Barbossa freed Calypso from her human form, Tia Dalma, an enormous maelstrom was formed, in which Davy Jones knew that it was Calypso's doing. As both the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman engage in a battle within the whirlpool. During the battle, Barbossa, Elizabeth, and Will Turner fought aboard the Pearl, while Jack went to find Davy Jones' chest aboard the Dutchman. After finding the chest, Jack fought Davy Jones in a duel at the masts of the Dutchman. The fight would lead to the deck of the Dutchman, in which Will Turner fought Jones. After Jones stabbed Will, Jack slid Jones' heart to Will across the deck, allowing Will to stab it with his sword. With his heart stabbed, Jones slumped over with a cry of pain, dead. Jack was able to escape to the Black Pearl as the Flying Dutchman goes down.

As the HMS Endeavour attacked the Black Pearl, Jack, Barbossa and Elizabeth defended their ship. This left Jack Sparrow and other pirates to fend off the best of the East India Trading Company soldiers. Eventually, Beckett has riflemen fire on the pirates from the Endeavour, forcing Jack to use grenades and the Black Pearl's cannons to kill them. As the fight continues, Beckett gloats that the day has seen the end of both piracy and Jack Sparrow, not noticing until the last moment the Flying Dutchman rising up behind him. Together, the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman fire upon the Endeavour, sinking it and killing Beckett. Now in command of the Flying Dutchman, Will tells Elizabeth that he has taken Jones' place and has to serve the duty aboard the Dutchman, promising that he would return for her. In return, Elizabeth promises to wait for Will.

At the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow was confronted by Barbossa, wielding a sword. Despite Jack's protests, Barbossa took the Black Pearl while Jack drifted away on a longboat. In the middle of the ocean, Jack arrived to a ship captained by Black Bart, who mysteriously reappeared and met with Jack again.


  • Rene Auberjonois...Additional Voices
  • Rosalind Ayres...Wenches, Townsfolk
  • Gregg Berger...Additional Voices
  • Steven Jay Blum...Palifico, Pirates, Additional Voices
  • Ron Bottitta...Various characters
  • George Kee Chung...Sao Feng's Henchman
  • Jim Cummings...Additional Voices
  • Alastair Duncan...Townsfolk, Penrod
  • Greg Ellis...British Officers
  • Nicholas Guest...Pirates, Townsfolk
  • Vanessa Marshall...Wenches, Townsfolk
  • Richard McGonagle...Cannon Arm, Pirates
  • Nolan North...Pirates, Redcoats
  • Robert Picardo...Singapore Townsfolk
  • Dionne Quong...Singapore Townsfolk
  • Clive Revill...British Officers
  • Hellena Schmied...Townsfolk, Cannibal Woman
  • Dwight Schultz... Montanari
  • James See...Sao Feng's Henchman
  • Kath Soucie...Wenches
  • Fred Tatasciore...Pirates
  • Marcelo Tubert...Town musician, Ratlin, Additional Voices
  • Jim Ward...Prisoners, Black Coats
  • Dave Wittenberg...Pirates, Townsfolk

Playable Characters (Story Mode)[]




Objects and weapons[]



Vehicles and vessels[]




At Worlds End Game Trailer (HD)

At World's End video game Trailer

At World's End is a third-person action-adventure game, though the Nintendo DS version is a 3D side-scroller. Apart from the main game, minigames including multiplayer sword dueling, the card games Hearts, Texas hold 'em-style Poker and Pirate Dice can also be played.

In all versions of the game, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner are all primary playable characters. Hector Barbossa is also playable in either story mode or a mini game. For the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, there are many playable characters in different battles. Aside from Jack, Will, Elizabeth and Barbossa, Gibbs, Pintel, and Ragetti are also temporarily playable characters in the game.

The Wii version of the game features sword fighting moves that utilize the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote. It also features interactive scripted sequences called "Jackanisms". The DS version utilizes the stylus and touch screen for inventory management, a lock picking minigame and the dueling minigame.

The DS version also has a special feature. Taking advantage to the portability and the Wi-Fi connection of the DS, some content is only unlockable by visiting certain places at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. Naturally, the spots with downloadable content are marked with an X. Among the downloadable content is cheats for unlimited health and savvy, costumes for the characters, and new locations, weapons, and characters for multiplayer.

Special Features[]

In some versions of the game, after completing certain challenges and sub-missions, characters, weapons and other secrets are unlocked. Unlockable characters and weapons may be used in replaying levels or any challenge mode, consisting of fighting a group of enemies or one-on-one duel.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, however, are completely different. The only features they have are the "replay story" mode as well as unlockable Jackanisms chests that show either concept art, character models or the game's soundtrack. There is also a series of Calypso chests that are needed to find in order to unlock the story of Davy Jones and Calypso.

There also was a nokia version of the game.[2]





  • There are many differences between events of this game and the events of the Dead Man's Chest and At World's End films.
  • The name "Edward Teague" was first revealed in the older gen version of the game, but only if you replayed a level as Captain Teague.
  • While the character Mordillah played a role in the story of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game as the warden of Prison Fortress, he was only featured as an unlockable character in the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions, and never showed up in the main story.
  • In the game, Will is shown to have his father's knife on his belt during the whole game, even before he met his father on the Dutchman, this is possibly a design error because Will was given the knife by his father.
  • If one was good and determined enough at the game back in 2007, they could receive spoilers on the film as the game was released 3 days earlier.

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