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This article covers content from an electronic game which is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and yet may also contain some inconsistencies and contradictions to established canon.
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Dead Man's Chest game cover.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is a 2006 video game published by Buena Vista Games for PSP, Nintendo DS, and Gameboy Advance.


The game follows the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

A deal[]

The game begins with Jack Sparrow imprisoned in the Turkish Prison. Davy Jones somehow communicates with him and reminds him about the deal they made: Davy Jones would raise the Black Pearl from the depths and Jack would be it's captain for thirteen years, then Jack would serve aboard the Flying Dutchman for 100 years. Jack then escapes the prison, fighting dozens of guards until he reaches a coffin, which he uses to get to the Black Pearl. Bootstrap then appears and informs Jack about the deal. When Jack responds that the Dutchman already has a captain and he is thus not needed, Bootstrap says he was afraid he'd say that, and that Jack knew what would happen now- Jones' leviathan would find him and drag him and the Pearl to the depths. The Black Spot then grows on Jack's hand.

Chief of the pelegostos[]

Jack sails to Isla de Pelegostos in hopes of escaping the kraken. After fighting many of the cannibals, he is forced to become their chief. Will Turner travels to the island to find him, but he is captured, after Jack escapes and reaches his ship, Will informs him that Elizabeth Swann is in prison due to helping him a year ago.

The Lost Amulet[]

Jack visits Tia Dalma in hopes of getting useful information that would help him defeat Davy Jones. After battling many of Davy Jones' men, he reaches Tia Dalma's shack. Tia Dalma demands that Jack go find the Lost Amulet if he wants information.

Jack travels to a graveyard. After facing many monstrous enemies and solving puzzles, he finds it and gives it to Tia Dalma as payment. Tia Dalma then tells him about the key and the Dead Man's Chest.

Settling the debt[]

Jack travels to a mysterious place where many broken and destroyed ships are lying in the water and land. After slashing his way through undead skeletons, he gives Will Turner to Davy Jones, leaving him with 99 more souls to settle his debt.


Jack travels to Tortuga in hopes of recruiting a crew. Much to his disappointment, the pirates do not wish to join his crew, and instead fight him. After jumping and slashing his way through the landscape of the town, he finds Elizabeth and James Norrington.

Isla Cruses[]

Jack arrives to Isla Cruses, and unburies the Dead Man's Chest. A fight then ensues between Jack, Norrington and Will, with Jack defeating both of them and Davy Jones' men but the crew of the Flying Dutchman eventually gets the chest back.

The Kraken[]

The Kraken attacks the Black Pearl. Jack attacks it with cannons, barrels and sword attacks against it's tentacles. But despite his best efforts and the Kraken temporarily retreating, he ultimately loses the battle. The Kraken quickly manages to attack the Pearl again and drag it back to the depths along with it's captain. As Will and Elizabeth are watching while seating in a boat, mourning the death of Jack, Jack's compass comes out of the water, as Davy Jones maniacally laughs.


Dead Man's Chest is a third-person action-adventure game, though the Gameboy Advance version is a 2D side-scroller. Minigames include Shoot the Monkey, Walk the Plank, and Boom Barge.

Jack Sparrow is the main playable character, though Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are also playable in the DS version of the game. Lord Cutler Beckett, James Norrington, a Mortician, a voodoo doll, a pirate captain, and a Pelegostos warrior are also playable characters in the DS version of the game.

Dead Man's Chest follows the main events of the film, with some minor changes and additions. Players begin by helping Jack Sparrow escape from the Turkish Prison, and then go on to control Will, Elizabeth, and Jack in numerous other locations, including Tortuga, Isla de Pelegostos, and Port Royal. Enemies range from a wide variety, including British soldiers and Davy Jones' Crew. The game features numerous unlockables found both during the first playthough and after replaying levels, including storyline concept art and new characters.




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