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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a junior novel based on the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was released on May 27, 2003.

Publisher's description[]

Readers can set sail for adventure with this full-length retelling of the latest live-action Disney film. They’ll follow every swashbuckling step as a brave young man teams up with a high-seas scoundrel to rescue the woman he loves from the clutches of a band of cursed pirates. This Junior Novelization features eight pages of full-color movie stills straight from the big screen!

Differences between the film and the book[]

  • Jack Sparrow never steals the Harbormaster's purse after bribing him with three shillings at the docks of Port Royal.
  • During his conversation with Murtogg and Mullroy, Jack mentions that he visited Singapore.
  • John Brown is sleeping at the corner instead at a seat in his smithy.
  • Will Turner and Jack Sparrow find a guard aboard the HMS Interceptor when they board the ship and throw him overboard.
  • Elizabeth's dinner with Barbossa is set right after Jack Sparrow's escape from Port Royal. When Elizabeth stabs Barbossa with a knife the pirate doesn't bleed.
  • While searching for Joshamee Gibbs in Tortuga Jack Sparrow calls him "their quartermaster".
  • Barbossa steers the Black Pearl during the chase of the Interceptor. The Jolly Roger raised on the Pearl is the typical skull and crossbones flag.
  • During the battle the Interceptor's mainmast is broken, not the foremast.
  • When Jack the monkey brings Will's medallion to Barbossa the pirate captain shouts "The prize is ours!"
  • When Will negotiates with Barbossa he insists that Barbossa frees Jack Sparrow along with Elizabeth. Barbossa gives Will his word as gentleman of fortune. When Elizabeth states Barbossa can't be trusted the pirate threatens to torture Elizabeth if Will kills himself.
  • Jack is the first to walk the plank and Elizabeth the second. Elizabeth doesn't take off her red dress. During the swimming Jack and Elizabeth have to evade the sharks.
  • James Norrington orders Gillette to take Sparrow to the bridge so he could lead the Dauntless to Isla de la Muerta. Jack steers the ship during the journey.
  • Pintel's story about Bootstrap Bill's participation in the mutiny and the curse is omitted.
  • Jack's theft of one cursed coin is omitted.
  • During the battle of Isla de Muerta Weatherby Swann briefly exits the cabin and informs Norrington about Elizabeth's disappearance.
  • Jack Sparrow's curse is lifted separately from the curse of Barbossa's crew.
  • Jack the monkey's return to the treasure cave is omitted.

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