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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a 2003 video game published by TDK Mediactive for the Gameboy Advance.


The games plot follows Jack Sparrow in his adventures immediately after being marooned by Hector Barbossa on Rumrunner's Isle. He collects pieces of Barbossa's chart and pieces of Aztec gold so he can get revenge. While doing that, he searches for buried gold, steals ships, sacks Hispaniola, and does favors for the governor of Port Royal.


The Curse of the Black Pearl is an adventure game with an overhead, isometric view. The levels of the game switch between a mode with Jack on foot and a mode with Jack on his ship. While on foot, Jack can use his sword to defeat enemies and can jump over obstacles.

The ship levels let Jack sail around and sink other ships. To fire, he must charge cannons. There's a separate button to charge for each side.

For an unknown reason, Jack has no long hair, his beard is not braided, and he wears a blue bandanna. Another difference is that Jack is marooned with only his sword and finds his gun later. Also, there is no Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs, Marty, Cotton, Pintel, Raggetti, or Governor Swann, although there is a governor whose character is important.





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