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Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer Mobile logo

Logo for the mobile game

Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer Mobile is a Massively Multiplayer Mobile Game based on the Pirates of the Caribbean films. It was released in the US by mDisney and Floodgate Entertainment in July, 2006.

Plot synopsisEdit

Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer is a multiplayer mobile game that starts you off as an inexperienced captain of a pirate ship – with no reputation, no gold and minimal knowledge of the seas around you. But don't despair, Mate! Build up your infamy score by creating alliances with other players, fighting fierce battles and embarking on all manner of adventure and exploration. You'll soon be one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean!

System requirementsEdit

Currently available for these Verizon handsets:

  • LG VX6000
  • LG VX8000
  • LG VX7000
  • LG VX4700
  • LG VX6100
  • LG VX8100
  • LG VX5200
  • The V
  • LG VX4650
  • LG8100VCASTMusic
  • Samsung SCH-N330
  • Samsung SCH-a570
  • Samsung SCH-a950
  • Kyocera KX2
  • Kyocera KX1
  • Motorola V260
  • Motorola V265
  • Motorola v710
  • Motorola E815
  • Motorola V325
  • Motorola V276
  • Motorola RAZR V3c
  • Motorola RAZR V3c w/LBS
  • Motorola RAZR V3m
  • VZW CDM8940
  • VZW CDM-180
  • VZW PN-215

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