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"Dead men tell no tales! So, I'm forced to let ye live."
This article covers content from an electronic game which is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and yet may also contain some inconsistencies and contradictions to established canon.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online, sometimes called Pirates Online or POTCO, was an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It was developed and published by Disney Online, in conjunction with SilverTree Media, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, with additional post-release content developed by Schell Games. The game was first announced by The Walt Disney Company in April 2005, but its release was pushed back multiple times until 2007, in which the game had two beta testing phases and was officially released in October of that year. On August 20, 2013, it was announced that the game would be shut down on September 19, along with Toontown Online and Pixie Hollow. Until then, all players had free membership benefits.

In response to the closure, former players have created multiple private servers of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the most successful one being The Legend of Pirates Online, commonly referred to as TLOPO. The project so far has released videos of the Character Creation, Potion Brewing, Fireworks, Multiplayer, Questing, Sailing, PvP, SvS, and much more. The project is currently in Open Beta stage, which was released on September 19, 2017, exactly 4 years after the closure of the original game.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Set sail on the vast blue waters of the Caribbean in search of adventure, fortune, and fame in the world of the infamous Jack Sparrow and the evil Jolly Roger. Create and customize your own Pirate, captain your own ships, and In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a massively-multiplayer online game for the PC and Mac, you, alongside thousands of other players, will be able to fully experience the adventure of the films and explore beyond these boundaries to discover new myths and untold stories. Forge alliances, collect legendary weapons, battle evil undead forces, and use cunning and strategy to outwit your foes - all to become the most legendary pirate on the high seas. Assemble a crew of your fellow rogues. Set your own course, your own adventure, and truly live the Legend!



Navy Soldiers patrol and defend their forts against interloping player characters.

"Legend has it that there's evil lurking in the Caribbean. A menace so vile it devours the souls of men... and he leads an army of the Undead, set to exact revenge on his old nemesis... Jack Sparrow."

The game takes place a few months after the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The player first gets hands-on in a jail with the player and Jack Sparrow. Jack shows the player how to escape and tells them to meet Will Turner at an old warehouse. Will gives the player their sword and tells them to meet Bo Beck at the docks. The player and Bo Beck set sail, and the player is taught how to use a cannon to take out an enemy ship. As the player sinks the ship, Jolly Roger intercepts them. Jolly Roger confronts Bo Beck and demands to know why Jack has not been delivered to his custody. Bo Beck tells Jolly Roger that Jack Sparrow paid double and offers Jolly Roger's money back. Angered by Beck's disloyalty, Jolly Roger turns him undead and presses him into service.

EITC Mercenary

The EITC Black Guard usually accompanies British Soldiers.

"Dead men tell no tales, so I'm forced to let ye live.", Jolly Roger tells the player, who is left alive to pass a message to Sparrow that Jolly Roger is coming for him. The player washes up at Port Royal. The player then meets Tia Dalma who tells them that both Lord Cutler Beckett and Jolly Roger are growing in power, but in the end only one can survive. She tells them that they must get the papers for the release of the Black Pearl. The player then heads to the Governor's mansion, where Elizabeth Swann has the papers. The player then heads back down to the dock where their very own light sloop is waiting. On the way to Tortuga, the player stops by Devil's Anvil where Barbossa is waiting for them. He gives the player a pistol and teaches them how to use it. He warns that guns can only be used on the undead or animals, and graphically demonstrates to the player the cursed coins that, by transforming their bearers into the undead, allow pirates to fight each other. Once at Tortuga, the player finds Jack at the Faithful Bride. Jack tells the player that he's going to go after the Black Pearl and then tells them to talk to Joshamee Gibbs. Joshamee Gibbs tells the player that he has to find a crew for the Black Pearl and gives the player a list with the names of 9 pirates that can be trusted.

The kraken

The Kraken attacking a Frigate seen in one of POTCO's early trailers, but has never actually been released.

Finally, after Jack's crew is found and bribed into joining, Gibbs tells the player were the Black Pearl is located, and the player heads to the location.

The player and others board the Pearl, and fight off the navy soldiers on the deck, then steer it through many obstacles, including navy Frigates, bridges, and the Goliath, and finally frees the Black Pearl from the Navy's clutches.

For more info please visit: Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki


Pirates of the Caribbean Online has two modes: land and sea. While on land, players can talk with each other and non-playable characters. Non-player characters (NPCs) will give them Quests such as gathering a certain amount of an item, killing a certain amount of an enemy, or talking to a certain character. Other characters offer to sell players items or services. Both land and sea modes are viewed in the third person, that is, the camera angle is behind the player character; in sea mode, when piloting a ship, it is far enough behind so that the camera view sees the entire ship.

In battle, player's can choose between weapons. The left mouse button is always to attack. When using the sword, players can do more damage by timing their clicks correctly or by using a special ability. [7]When shooting, the player must aim as well as shoot.

At sea, one player is put in charge of the wheel. That player steers the ship as well as controls all cannons below deck. Other players may take the on-deck cannons. The on-deck cannons reload faster and can be aimed more accurately. Shooting the sails and mast will make a ship lose speed while aiming at the hull will damage and eventually sink the ship.

After having been knocked unconscious, or caught cheating at cards, players awaken in jail and must kick down the door to escape. Additionally, there is a small penalty to health points and voodoo points, which remains for a set length of time, itself reducible by engaging in combat.

The Notoriety system is a combination of level-based and skill-based advancement. Notoriety is always added to the player's pool, with a certain amount required to reach the next player level. Additionally, notoriety obtained by the use of a skill, whether ship piloting or weapons, is applied to that skill's advancement. Notoriety not obtained by the use of a skill, for example, that obtained by completing tasks or quests, does not add to skill advancement, but the player still benefits from the additional health and Voodoo points when they advance to the next player level.

The next thing is the Loot system. Loot drops are found after killing enemies, which may be weapons, charms or clothing. This update came by March of 2010 and made a drastic overhaul to the game play. Loot drops may be Loot pouches, Loot chests or Loot skull chests. Also amongst the rare, common or crude weapons, certain of the Lost Relics' weapons (as part of additional storylines involving a conquistador name El Patron) can also be found. These are very affective in the perspective of damage, as well as providing rare Break Attacks or Defense Attacks

Another part of the game play is Invasions and Expedition Fleets. Invasions are the attacks of the undead army of Jolly Roger upon the main cities of the game, which players will have to ward off, eventually ending with Jolly Roger himself coming into the forefront. Expedition Fleets are gigantic fleets of ships led by the deadly Ships of the line. Both these important elements of the new gameplay developed by the POTCO team have their own storylines (view POTCO Wiki)


Obtained near the start of the game, from Will Turner


Found throughout the game

Found throughout the game

Me ' Boardin' Musket

Obtained early in the game, from Barbossa on Devil's Anvil

  • Bayonet

Collected throughout the game from enemies

Collected from enemy drops as well

Found throughout the game, from enemies

  • Voodoo Doll

Obtained after character level 5 is reached, from Tia Dalma in Cuba

Obtained after character level 10 is reached, Elizabeth Swann in Port Royal

  • Grenade

Obtained after character level 20 is reached, from Captain Jack Sparrow in Tortuga

Obtained after character level 30 is reached, from Tia Dalma

Quests and Missions[]

Pirates Online provides a great quantity of quest content when compared with other MMORPGs. The quest for "Jobe Armor" in Anarchy Online, for example, a popular quest which provides a penultimate set of equipment, that is to say, a huge reward for a player nearing the apex of their power in the game has but three steps. [8] In contrast, "The Black Pearl" quest has eight primary parts, the first of which is composed of 14 tasks, including one to kill a total of 9 creatures of three different types. [9] The quest information in the link below is by no means a "walkthrough".



Sample screenshot from Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

The game is being developed by the VR Studio, a group of technologists and artists that are part of the Walt Disney Internet Group. It will be the second MMORPG developed by the VR Studio, the first being Toontown Online, which was launched in 2003.

The game was first announced by The Walt Disney Company on April 26, 2005. It was originally scheduled to be released in summer 2006 to coincide with the release of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. But in April 2006, the company announced that the release date would be pushed back. Disney's Mike Goslin said the game would be available well before the third "Pirates" movie was released in May 2007. News about the game has been released via a couple of email newsletter updates from Disney.

An early demo of the game was shown at the E3 trade show in May 2006. The game's official website was also redesigned at that time to include a trailer, some screenshots, and some concept art.

On January 8, 2007, Paul Yanover of Disney Online showed video footage of the upcoming game during Disney CEO Robert Iger's keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show. He also announced that "we’re going to let you play this massively multiplayer online game for free for as long as you want." Also, several press accounts of the event state that the game will debut during the second quarter of 2007.

On July 8, 2007, Disney Online announced that they are pushing the game back to Fall 2008. He cited the need to incorporate user feedback from the beta test as the reason for the delayed launch.

On October 18, 2007, Disney Online gave players the option to preorder Unlimited Access. Those who preorder are given 50% off their first month, a limited edition certified cloth map, and an exclusive founder title for each pirate on that account.

The game was finally released on October 31, 2007. To celebrate, a special event was held in California. Among the events were a costume contest, trick-or-treating, the Black Pearl, and a chance to get autographs.

Account types[]


Player characters are displayed on the starting screen

  • Basic Access - It's free to play with Basic Access. Players, however, are limited to three of the six available weapon types, which they can raise to skill level seven out of a possible 30. As raising weapon skills and performing tasks in quests are the only way of obtaining Notoriety and therefore character levels, free players are limited in their maximum character level. Because of the weapon skill cap, and the fact that they cannot proceed past recruitment of the first Black Pearl crew member in that quest line, the maximum possible level for a free player is limited to level 14 out of a maximum of 50. They are limited to Light Sloop, Light Galleon, Light Frigate and Light Brig. ships out of the range of twelve ship types. They can't start a guild, are unable to do certain quests. These limitations are also imposed upon characters of accounts that were previously paid but have lapsed. Character level is retained.
  • Unlimited Access - Unlimited Access lets the player experience everything that the game has to offer. The price is $9.95 for a month. Game cards (which can be redeemed online) have recently been issued in specific Target stores, where a card for a thirty-day period is $9.95, and a card for a ninety-day period is $24.95.But if you pay online its $9.95 a month, Semi-Annual is $49.95 and Annually is $79.97.

Non-player characters[]

Hector Barbossa, Tia Dalma, Elizabeth Swann, and Will Turner are "persistent" in the game world; they are always present in set locations.

Jack Sparrow and Jolly Roger are inserted into the game world infrequently; they appear primarily as participants in quests. Lord Cutler Beckett serves as an antagonist though he doesn't actually appear in the game. But Jolly Roger can be found at the near ending of an invasion and in Murky Hollow on Port Royal.

There are also several characters played by Game Masters (developers of the game) which bring about the continuity in story lines and events: There are the "good" pirates of the Marceline guild who were led by the honorable Captain Walter, the leaders of the East India Co.'s Black Guard, the undead Casa de Muertos guild who serve under Jolly Roger, ghosts of war and many others.

What A GM looks like

This is what a Game Master looks like.



  • Blacksmith: Sells swords
  • Gypsy: Sells Voodoo Dolls, Staves, and potions
  • Jeweler: Sells and equips player jewelry
  • Shipwright: Sells, repairs (even sunken ships) and customizes ships.
  • Tailor: Sells and equips player clothing
  • Gunsmith: Sells gun & ship ammunition, guns, and grenades

Outdoor Merchants[]

-Indoors vendors selling guns, swords, clothing, jewelry, and ammunition are listed under Indoor Zones >Merchants' Buildings


Will Turner gives player characters (PCs) their first weapon, the Cutlass. He can be found, anytime, in Port Royal


  • Gypsy Macomo
  • Shipwright Carlos Cienfuegos
  • Peddler Monger Morton

Ile D'Etable De Porc

  • Gunpowder Sam
  • Shipwright Veronique Roux
  • PvP Infamy Rewards Basil Calledougal

Isla De La Avaricia

  • Gunpowder Stan
  • Shipwright Gabriel De Martillo
  • PvP Infamy Rewards Bartholomew Pugfury

Padres Del Fuego

  • Gypsy Romany Bev
  • Gypsy Valentina
  • Shipwright Balthasar Bollard
  • Peddler Phillip
  • Fishmaster Sven Hooksilver

Port Royal

  • Gypsy Angel O'bonney
  • Gypsy Grace
  • Gypsy Lucinda
  • Shipwright Darby Drydock
  • Peddler Bargain Billy
  • Fishmaster Old Greg


  • Gypsy Fabiola
  • Shipwright O'Malley
  • Peddler Davy Doubloon
  • Fishmaster Ray Fishlander

Elizabeth Swann gives players the Dagger weapon. However, she has a few things she needs the players to do first... She can be found anytime inside Weatherby Swann's mansion in Port Royal


(Alphabetical by assumed last name/nickname/profession)


Jack Sparrow is characteristically elusive. After releasing player characters from jail in the introductory sequence before Bilgewater, he disappears, although the wheelings and dealings of the Black Pearl Quest find him returning frequently to his favorite table in the Faithful Bride tavern in Tortuga

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

For a complete list of Pirates Online characters, click here.


As is common in computer and console games, creatures vary greatly in their attacking and defensive power, to offer a challenge and Notoriety reward to all levels of players. The same model, often resized, is reused with a different name for higher 'level' versions of the same creature, e.g. Dread Scorpion has a higher level range than Giant Scorpion. Note that this does not hold true of the humanoid adversaries such as the Undead and Soldiers, who are many and varied in their appearance and weaponry. Enemies such as Ghosts have silhouettes of bodies surrounded by a fog of red or orange fog

The only creatures that can not be found on the main islands of Cuba, Padres del Fuego, Port Royal, and Tortuga, are Terror Wasps found in the Queen's Nest on Isla Perdida, French and Spanish undead found on Isla Cangrejos and Cutthroat Isle respectively, Davy Jones's Crew on Isla Tormenta, El Patron's Ghost Crew on Raven's Cove Fire Bats also on Raven's Cove, and Jumbees on the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Species/Type Location Level Range
Swamp Alligator Misty Mire, Pantano River, Wicked Thicket, Governor's Garden 1-5
Big Alligator Misty Mire, Cuba (Swamp), Pantano River, Cutthroat Jungle 6-14
Huge Alligator Misty Mire, El Sudoron, Pantano River, Tortuga Graveyard 13-19
Cave Bat Wildwoods, Thieves' Den, King's Run, Pantano River, Lava Gorge, Wicked Thicket, Murky Hollow, 1-6
Vampire Bat

Beckett's Quarry, Thieves' Den, Murky Hollow

Fire Bat Raven's Cove, Cave of Lost Souls 28-35


Sand Crab Misty Mire, Devil's Anvil, Rumrunner's, Driftwood, Isla Cangrejos, Cutthroat Isle 1-5
Rock Crab Misty Mire, Isla Tormenta, Devil's Anvil, Cutthroat Isle, Isla Cangrejos, Driftwood, Rumrunners, Outcast, Isla Perdida, Las Pulgas (PDF) 6-10
Giant Crab Misty Mire, Isla Tormenta, Isla Perdida, Las Pulgas (PDF), Rumrunner's, Driftwood, Isla Cangrejos 17-25
Flytrap (1 Species) Misty Mire, Pantano River, El Sudoron, Cutthroat Jungle 9-20
Crew Ghost El Patron's Ship 30-40
Devious Ghost El Patron's Mine, Cave of Lost Souls 34-40
Mutineer Ghost El Patron's Mine, Cave of Lost Souls 33-40
Rage Ghost Raven's Cove 48-56
Traitor Ghost

El Patron's Mine, Cave of Lost Souls

Jumbee Swabbie Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Jumbee Cook Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Jumbee Lookout Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Jumbee Officer Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Jumbee Thrall Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Jumbee Thralldriver Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Jumbee Thug Queen Anne's Revenge 10-50
Dread Scorpion El Sudoron, Rumrunner's Isle, Queen's Nest, Outcast, Cutthroat 14-24
Giant Scorpion Wildwoods, Devil's Anvil, Wicked Thicket, Driftwood, Rumrunners, Outcast 1-5
Soldiers, Royal Navy
Cadet Port Royal, Fort Charles, Thieves Den, Governor's Garden, Wildwoods, Wicked Thicket 1-5
Guard Fort Charles, Thieves' Den, Royal Caverns, Wildwoods, Wicked Thicket 5-8
Marine Fort Charles, Thieves' Den, Royal Caverns, Governor's Garden, Kingshead 6-10
Sergeant Fort Charles, Thieves' Den, Catacombs, Royal Caverns 9-12
Veteran Fort Charles, Kingshead, Fort Dundee, Catacombs, Beckett's Quarry, Royal Caverns 14-18
Officer Royal Caverns, Fort Dundee, Kingshead, Beckett's Quarry, Catacombs 25-30
Dragoon Kingshead, Beckett's Quarry, Catacombs 24-30
EITC Soldiers
Thug Thieves' Den 6-10
Grunt Fort Charles, Royal Caverns, Kingshead, Beckett's Quarry 8-18
Mercenary Fort Charles, Royal Caverns, Kingshead, Beckett's Quarry 26-32
Hired-gun Beckett's Quarry, Fort Charles, Kingshead 20-25
Assassin Beckett's Quarry, Kingshead 32-40
Twisted and Corrupt Stumps El Sudoron, Outcast, Cutthroat Jungle 28-40
Isla Cangrejos Undead
French Undead Capitaine Isla Cangrejos 25-30
French Undead Lieutenant Isla Cangrejos 20-25
French Undead Maitre Isla Cangrejos 15-20
French Undead Quarter Master Isla Cangrejos 10-15
Cutthroat Isle Undead
Spanish Undead Bandido Cutthroat Isle & Jungle, Lava Gorge 15-20
Spanish Undead Captain Cutthroat Isle & Jungle, Lava Gorge 25-30
Spanish Undead Conquistador Cutthroat Isle & Jungle, Lava Gorge 10-15
Spanish Undead Pirata Cutthroat Isle & Jungle, Lava Gorge 20-25
Davy Jones crew
Brinescum Cursed Caverns 30-35
Dregs Isla Tormenta 23-30
Flotsam Cursed Caverns 28-35
Kelpbrain Cursed Caverns 30-40
Mollusk Cursed Caverns 38-45
Thrall Captain Cursed Caverns 43-50
Seabeard Cursed Caverns 38-45
Spineskull Cursed Caverns 28-35
Urchinfist Cursed Caverns 43-50
Undead Bandit Tortuga Graveyard 2–5
Undead Brigand Misty Mire, Thieves Den, Murky Hollow, Cutthroat Isle, Rats Nest 9–14
Undead Captain Tormenta Isle 32–38
Undead Gravedigger Next to Port Royal jail, et al 1–3
Undead Grenadier Misty Mire, Murky Hollow, Cutthroat Isle, Rats Nest 17–23
Undead Gypsy PdF Catacombs & Beach, Cutthroat Isle & Jungle 22–28
Undead Pirate Tortuga Graveyard 4–8
Undead Raider Catacombs 27–33
Undead Witchdoctor Tortuga Graveyard, Murky Hollow, et al 7–11
Dire Wasp King's Run, Rumrunner's Isle, Queen's Nest et al 5-12
Terror Wasp Isla Perdida, Queen's Nest 12-20

Creature locations: [11] . Undead levels : [12] . Fly Trap: [13] (First appearance)



Outdoors zones[]

Indoor zones[]



  • La Bodeguita

Ile D'Etable De Porc

  • Porc's Tavern

Isla De La Avaricia

Padres Del Fuego

Port Royal


Raven's Cove

  • Clubheart Tavern

Merchants' Buildings[]


  • Daggerflint's Tattoo Shop
  • Pugpratt's Tailoring

Padres Del Fuego

  • Anton Levy Smithery
  • Cesar's Barbershop
  • Corazon Tattoos
  • Deaf Gunny's Weapons Shop
  • Ferera's Blacksmith Shop
  • Grimsditch Gunsmithing
  • Perla's Jewellery & Gems

Port Royal

  • Basil's Barbershop
  • Fuller's Blacksmithing
  • McCraken's Weaponry
  • R.Smith, Pewterer
  • Smitty's Jewelry Shop (irregular spelling)
  • Tattoo Parlor
  • Truehound's Tailor Shop
  • Turnbull's Weaponry


  • Bonita's Tattoo Parlor
  • Callecutter's Tailor Shoppe
  • Daniel Vallance Weaponry
  • Lockspinner's Barber & Beauty Shop
  • Ming's Jewellery Shop
  • Seamstress Anne's Shop
  • Wright's Blacksmithing
  • Thayers Weapons Shop


Forts, Residences, Etc.[]


  • Jail

Padres Del Fuego

Port Royal

  • Fort Charles (no 'zoning' to enter; part of the same outdoor zone as Port Royal)
  • Graham Marsh Residence
  • Peter Blakeley Residence
  • June Greer Residence
  • Old Warehouse
  • Weatherby Swann's mansion
  • Jail (next to fort)


  • Boatswain's house
  • Bowdash Mansion
  • Flatts & Flatts, Importers
  • Doc Grog's
  • Millie's Cottage
  • Orinda's Shack
  • Trading Co. Building
  • Unnamed Building
  • Unnamed Building (there may be a few more unnamed buildings)
  • Jail

Raven's Cove

  • Jail (No Navy Inhabiting it, It seems abandoned)
  • Threadbarren's Tailor Shop (No Items for Sale, ghost of Threadbarren haunts the building)
  • Fantifico's Manor
  • Clubheart Tavern (Abandoned, ghosts of the Clubheart couple haunt the building)
  • Thomas Fishmiester's Shack (Abandoned, ghost of Thomas Fishmiester haunts the building)
  • Zigana's Gypsy Shop (No Items for Sale, ghost of Madam Zigana haunts the building)

Caverns, secret valleys, etc[]

Cavern zones are arranged by the island from which they must be accessed. In the case of multiple cavern zones on one island, the zones are numbered. Numbers in parentheses indicate links to the cavern zones corresponding to that number, names indicate they link directly to the main island zone. Generally speaking, the more zones away from the primary island zone, the higher level the enemies therein.

Port Royal Access

  1. Wicked Thicket (Port Royal Southwest),(4)
  2. King's Run (Port Royal South),(6)
  3. Governor's Garden (Port Royal Southeast)
  4. Royal Grounds (1)
  5. Royal Caverns (3),(4)
  6. Murky Hollow (2),(3)

Tortuga Access

  1. Tortuga Graveyard (Tortuga),(2),(5)
  2. Thieves' Den (1),(3)
  3. Wildwoods (Tortuga), (2)
  4. Misty Mire (W. of Jail, westernmost along Tortuga shoreline)(5)
  5. Rat's Nest (4),(1)

Cuba Access

Padres Del Fuego

  1. Lava Gorge (Padres del Fuego),(2)
  2. Catacombs (1),(3)
  3. Beckett's Quarry (Padres del Fuego), (2),(4)
  4. El Sudoron (3),(5)
  5. Las Pulgas (Part of Padres del Fuego)(4)

Raven's Cove

  1. El Patron's Mine
  2. Cave of Lost Souls

Wild Islands

Cavern locations: [11]



A pirate frigate.


Small War Galleon

A War galleon


2 customized brigs sailing.

British Royal Navy ships[]

East India Trading Company ships[]


The EITC galleon attacked by a pirate ship

Skeleton ships[]

French Undead ships[]

Spanish Undead ships[]

Bounty Hunter ships[]

  • Battle-Royale - Ship of the Line
  • Century Hawk - War Galleon
  • Cutter Shark - War Sloop
  • En-Garde - War Frigate
  • Flying Storm - War Sloop
  • Killyaded - War Galleon
  • Red Dervish - War Frigate
  • Scorned Siren - War Frigate
  • Tally-ho - Ship of the Line
  • Vengeance - War Frigate


Black Pearl and Goliath

The Black Pearl readying itself to fight the Goliath


different type of ships in potc online gameplay

Foto pirates of the caribbean online

two Frigates are fighting.


  • Tortuga Hold 'Em[10] (First appearance)
  • Blackjack
  • Privateering
  • Potions
  • Cannon Defense
  • Fishing
  • Undead Poker
  • Ship Repairing


System requirements[]

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium 3 800Mhz processor (P4 1Ghz rec.)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 recommended)
  • 400 MB disk space available
  • 32MB graphics card (64 MB recommended)
  • DirectX 9 or better
  • Broadband internet connection

Pirates of the Caribbean Online (UK version)[]


An example of some skeletons in this version.

The UK version of POTCO was announced. It appears that the version of the game is completely different from the US version. No more information is known about this game, other than the idea was scrapped and US and UK players play in the same game.

Test Server[]

The Test Server is part of Pirates of the Caribbean Online where only players with access to it, can test new parts of the game such as new content/updates, new weapons, new quests, etc.

Timeline in relation with the films[]

The events of Pirates of the Caribbean Online which include the British Royal Navy stealing the Black Pearl, several pirates helping to bring it back, Jolly Roger searching for Jack Sparrow and his several invasions and raids on the many islands and settlements of the Caribbean seem to have occurred somewhere in between The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest.

Here are the reasons why this statement is verified :

  • Captain Jack Sparrow is alive and well, hiring pirates to do his deed of saving the Black Pearl and running away from the hands of Jolly Roger. Jack has also not yet gone to search for the drawing of the key of the Dead Man's Chest. He also wears his piece of eight, which has not been burned in the release of Calypso.
  • Hector Barbossa has already been resurrected by voodoo mistress Tia Dalma, who sees the results of Jack Sparrow's search for the Dead Man's Chest, as she seeks to rally the Pirate Lords of the Caribbean.
  • Will Turner is alive, and has not yet gone in search of Captain Jack Sparrow in his deal with Lord Cutler Beckett.
  • Davy Jones has not yet sought Jack Sparrow's payment of his debt, and his crew is still cursed and exists in the heart of Isla Tormenta.
  • Elizabeth Swann is not yet in captivity under Lord Beckett, and has not yet gone to look for Will Turner with the help of Jack Sparrow. She is also not yet the Pirate King and stays in her mansion wearing her normal British clothes.
  • Governor Swann has not surrendered to Lord Cutler Beckett and he has gone on a journey outside the Caribbean, and is yet to come back. He will be dissatisfied to hear the news of an undead Jolly Roger attacking his mansion.
  • Lord Cutler Beckett is alive and has not gained control of the Dead Man's Chest. It can be assumed though that he has not yet landed on Port Royal, while the East India Trading Company is still active under his orders to destroy the pirates. Another fact is that islands of Port Royal and Tortuga could not have self-destructed under his watch as this does not happen yet during the movies.
  • Tia Dalma has not yet been freed as the goddess Calypso, and has also not gone in search of Jack Sparrow into Davy Jones' Locker.
  • The Queen Anne's Revenge is Blackbeard's ship, and has yet to be claimed by Barbossa. However, in the game, the Revenge is under Jolly Roger's control, and Blackbeard's whereabouts are unknown.
  • The Black Pearl is still in sailing condition, and has not yet been shrunken into a ship in a bottle.


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